Atmospheric Layers and Thermodynamic Ping Pong
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Apr 27, 2017 - 10:15pm
Atmospheric Layers and Thermodynamic Ping Pong

I was studying the ACS Climate Change tool kit sections on the single and multilayer theories (what I refer to as the thermal ping-pong ball) of upwelling/downwelling/”back” radiation and after seeing a similar discussion on an MIT online course (specifically says no transmission) have some observations. These multi-layered models make no reference to conduction, convection or latent heat processes which leads me to conclude that these models include no molecules, aka a “non-participating media,” aka vacuum. This is a primary conditional for proper application of the S-B BB ideal, i.e. ε = 1.0, equation. When energy strikes an object or surface there are three possible results: reflection or ρ, absorption or α, transmission or τ and ρ + α + τ = 1.0. The layered m…

The Trumplandia Review – Fake News You Can C…

In This Issue:  US Has Make-up Sex with China   It was another amazing week here in the magical kingdom of Trumplandia – where all your dreams become fake-facts.   After months of sniping and arguing and threats, the United States finally invited China to Mar-a-Lago and it was s…

Apr 27, 2017 - 9:06pm
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  • - Apr 27, 2017 - 9:55pm
  • - by Bill H.

ARM YOURSELF WITH THE FACTS   This year there are persistent efforts afoot to change & trim Social Security benefits .. the very benefits that we working types have been paying for our entire careers. There are the usual tinkering at the edges like reduced cost of living adjustments…

Apr 27, 2017 - 5:23pm
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The Phenomenon: TrashingTrump

Donald Trump’s stunning win that fateful Tuesday, defying all the estimates – suggested there were was a shift in thinking. 2016 was really a humbling year for the reporter and journalist, and democrat. Predictions were shattered, polls discredited, facts eschewed and rationali…

Apr 27, 2017 - 12:28pm
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  • - Apr 27, 2017 - 9:59pm
  • - by Bill H.
Sorry, Identity Politics Doesn’tSell

Ugh… I’d really hoped we were done with this. I really did.   I’ve already railed about why Spider Gwen is lackluster at best, despite every will in me in the world wanting to love it.   We’ve also seen how Sony and Paul Fieg’s insertion of gender politics in…

Apr 27, 2017 - 11:31am
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Cops BUSTED combat training anti-White Communists…

In Phoenix, Arizona, anti-White leftists who are members of the ‘John Brown Gun Club’ are undergoing firearms and combat shooting instruction by local law enforcement officers. Maricopa County Sheriff deputies secretly lead these violent insurrectionists, who take their name from the mur…

Apr 27, 2017 - 10:38am
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  • - Apr 27, 2017 - 5:52pm
  • - by EXPAT
The Mother of All Warnings North Korea

Armada was an apt description by President Donald Trump for his naval campaign against North Korea,a fleet of warships.”an armada of destroyers, minesweepers, and gunboats” since the term originated with the royal fleet of the Spanish Empire that was set ablaze and blown to smithereens o…

Apr 27, 2017 - 7:53am
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Stopping the Flow of Illicit Substance from Mexico…

The Wall was proposed to stop the illicit flow of murders, rapist, drug dealers, and tuberculosis carrying Mexican from entering America. Based on such descriptor, Mexico is a horrible place in that even rapists and murderers want to flee.  Therefore, Marty Robins' and other great western ball…

Apr 27, 2017 - 4:49am
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  • - Apr 27, 2017 - 5:57pm
  • - by EXPAT

How to balance the Budget Way back when LBJ invented Medicare without a way to pay for it. Remember GUNS and Butter? Well he hit the Social Security fund. They were buying Treasuries and suing the interest tp pay. It was supposed to  be just for SS and nothing else. Well LBJ starting using the …

Apr 26, 2017 - 10:09pm
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When the PC culture goes toofar…

I read the post and then reread it… twice, unable to believe my eyes. A teenager in the States had poured out his heart explaining how he understood how marginalized a teenager in Canada felt. He was gay, his family would not accept that and treated him badly. His peers at school thought he…

Apr 26, 2017 - 9:08pm
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Spring Has Sprung – Time For Snowflakes To M…

Happy Spring, everyone! It is official – Spring has sprung. Of course, in my neck of the woods (Lowcountry, South Carolina), our azaleas and Carolina Jessamine have been blooming for a few weeks now, so we have been having Spring already. Not that we didn’t get a bit of a cold snap when…

Apr 26, 2017 - 5:03pm
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  • - Apr 27, 2017 - 9:45pm
  • - by Bill H.
Chaos overwhelms the poor

Some weeks ago, I stood in line awaiting check-in at the shelter. This place charges $3 a night. I was holding my money in my hand, and someone playfully tugged at it. I snapped. I said, "You don't value your life much, do you?"   Minutes later, I explained this to someone else. I said, "Don't …

Apr 26, 2017 - 12:01pm
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Refugees: The Tip Of The Iceberg For The EUGo

The 2016 most used word:  refugees – The inflow of refugees from the neighbouring Turkish coast is impressive. Sleepy, self-satisfied Europe eyes incredulously the surge of uprooted people from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on. European citizens or I should say West European …

Apr 26, 2017 - 5:43am
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I was walking out of a restaurant recently when I overheard one of those “Make America Great Again” hat-wearing clods complaining loudly. He was ranting and raving about “liberal snowflakes” who “love gender-neutral bathrooms” and don’t realize that terroris…

Apr 26, 2017 - 5:34am
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  • - Apr 27, 2017 - 9:51pm
  • - by Bill H.
What does the Fed actually do?

It runs the interbank payments system. It lends the commercial banks and LFIs reserves on demand at interest. It does not lend the government $US to spend. It cannot spend into the private sector. It cannot increase the 'money supply' whatever that is. It can only set interest rates in complian…

Apr 26, 2017 - 3:56am
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  • - Apr 27, 2017 - 3:55am
  • - by John G

LESSON UNLEARNED   The mantra rang across the land and echoed with astounding reverberation. “Hope and Change”. The simple sound byte that swept a relative unknown into the highest office in this nation.   Eight years after a mixture of failures and successes another mantra ro…

Apr 25, 2017 - 10:40pm
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Why Americans are so gullible

Is it easy to manipulate people who know a lot or a little?     A little, of course.  Americans have been trained that if you watch the idiot box, and read the New York Slimes or Washington Compost, you must be well educated.  Also, if you went to college and got a piece of paper…

Apr 25, 2017 - 9:45pm
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Battle for Berkeley - View from ground

I went to the rally.  While I do not agree 100% with Trump, I detest and despise violent efforts to suppress free speech, which is what has been happening all over our nation.  A Trump rally in Chicago was shut down last year by leftist anarchists.  A Milo Yiannopoulos rally was shut …

Apr 25, 2017 - 9:03pm
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  • - Apr 25, 2017 - 10:56pm
  • - by EXPAT
President Trump - It's Time for a Third Party

As the 100th day of the Trump Presidency approaches, it strikes me at just how openly partisan our mainstream media has become, and how foolish at least 50% of our electorate is for believing so much of what is broadcast.   "President Trump has Record Low Approval afte…

Apr 25, 2017 - 6:12pm
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Giving and Taking, Psychology, BS

Having studied psychology at the college level and gotten all A's, I think my thoughts in this area should be respected. Oh, and since college I have actually spent time thinking about this. Real time. Quiet time. Deep thoughts. Here goes.   I do not think it is valid to say that giving is bett…

Apr 25, 2017 - 4:45pm
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“Jesus Will Judge You?”

So, about the Berkeley meltdown, what can I say, there’s just something in the water. Berkeley is infamous for frequent foolishness. There’s something I want to say however about some aspects of the alt-right, especially the red pill Christians. Currently quite a few of them are busy glo…

Apr 25, 2017 - 12:50pm
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Michael Savage thinks O'Reilly's the victim here

[Cross-posted at .]   Feels like it’s better to stand back and observe things these days rather than plunge into the world of “alternative facts.” The other day, for example, I observed on the radio, if that’s possible, irate conservative callers on the Michael Savage s…

Apr 25, 2017 - 10:40am
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A friend with whom I have an on-going converation about whether 9/11 was an act of terror or a conspiracy by a "sinister thrid party" sent me the following reading, . Here is what I wrote him:   "Yes, we have been here before, and clearly the issue is not about to go away.   "Th…

Apr 25, 2017 - 8:36am
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