AGW (Human-Caused Global Warming)
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Oct 28, 2013 - 10:09pm
AGW  (Human-Caused Global Warming)

PrefaceFirst, listen to this youtube NASA video soundtrack and watch it show the cycle of seasonal changes and movement of CO(2) in the earth's atmosphere and where in the world it is concentrated: article titled , answered a challenge presented in another of my articles (by the name in quotes) that involved a logical loop. This made every condition depend on every other condition for its satisfaction. There was only a single, logically unambiguous answer that could possibly be correct. In contrast with my expectations, only three of many article readers took the challenge to solve this problem. There was one correct answer. Although the right answer might have been deduced using correct logic, the answerer insisted that the answer was not unambiguous, which if true would have requ…

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Keeping Counsel

Of course this is no site for shrinking violets.  Here we tend to shout first and ask questions later.  We all like the sound of our own voices.However in my work as a salesman I am continually reminded that I have two ears and one mouth and that they should be used in that proportion.…

Jan 2, 2014 - 6:29am
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Are We Living or Just Existing?A question I often ask myself.  Although I am an engineer, I chose to write my first article on Life because I feel that, in today's rapidly degenerating society, there is no other topic of similar importance to majority of the world's population. …

Mar 1, 2014 - 4:43pm
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Practical Reality Check I

In modern, developed economies and government institutions, negative human tendencies may have been constrained, but have not magically disappeared. Cheating to achieve financial and/or political power are human tendencies that did not end with slavery, child labor, and other forms of abusive …

Jun 26, 2013 - 3:01am
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Left Out: Labor Demand and the Supply Profile

Although the title of this article highlights the obvious current gap between labor supply and demand, equally if not more important is the somewhat less obvious mismatch between the profiles of labor demand and that of its available supply. We have plenty of jobs that too few are qualified to suppl…

Feb 18, 2014 - 7:17am
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. . . PWNED
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. . . PWNED

You are and always will be someone else's property.  Unless you are completely alone in the world, that is the inevitable condition for every human.   A brain is a tremendously valuable resource for anyone who can own/control one . . . or more than one.  Just as it is valuab…

Aug 6, 2013 - 5:46am
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A Disgruntled User Leaves Writer Beat

The following is the email dialogue between me and a former user of Writer Beat.  As you read the exchange there are three questions I’d appreciate feedback on. Knowing I cherish all participants, was there a better way to handle the situation?Do you agree with Sandy (not her real na…

Jul 17, 2014 - 10:12am
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Are Voters' Decisions Rational?

How rational are the decisions voters make? Are they really based on accurate information on the candidates’ positions and competency to lead in the direction voters want to go? Ned Resnikoff states in his , “…weigh the opportunity cost of driving all the way to a polling place an…

Sep 19, 2013 - 10:14pm
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Of Mice and Men

Bob enters a maze and works his way through to find a piece of cheese. Every day he restarts from the same place and works his way through to the same location to get the cheese. After a while he can navigate that maze with his eyes closed; and usually does.  A while later, Michael enters the m…

Nov 5, 2013 - 8:19am
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Dirty Laundry

This post is meant to serve as an open discussion regarding how I should run the site from the standpoint of moderation.  I figured between the private emails and discussion that sprung up on Jerry Doby’s post, it was better to get it all out in one place.Let me preface by saying I …

Jan 15, 2014 - 8:15am
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The Real Danger of Confusing Consensus With Scienc…

Most of us enjoy a spirited debate on the various topics discussed on Writer Beat, knowing that human lives don't actually hang in the balance.  However, when the debate centers around a topic with as far reaching implications as Global Warming/Climate Change, I feel obligated to make as compel…

May 19, 2014 - 1:04pm
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Challenge to Strange New Conservatives

I have a challenge for all the true believers in the likes of Rush Limbaugh, etc. Read this article: (For Limbaugh's original talk, click on this link:  Then tell me how in the world the writer and Limbaugh managed to get what they say they got out of the full text of Obama's Kansas speech on D…

Jun 8, 2013 - 2:01am
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The Right To Bear Nuclear Arms

My lovely Japanese wife frequently asks me about gun ownership in America. In Japan, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to buy a gun. So when there are incidents of gun violence in America __ and there have been many recently __ she understandably questions the prudence of having so many guns …

Jan 15, 2014 - 4:41am
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Take Heart! (New Energy & Climate)

The ideal political perspective seeks to preserve traditional values that positively contribute to the broad social good and to change those that become negative in the context of current realities. The latter, by their very definition, must change to accommodate changing realities in positive and p…

May 8, 2013 - 4:20am
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Declaration of Economic Independence/Interdependen…

Prologue:The following document represents a set of principles proposed here as self-evidently valid and practical. Following these is a second section intended to represent a set of practical principles and suggestions for implementing the core principles that preceded them. This second section rep…

Sep 8, 2013 - 12:00am
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No Poppies

In Flanders fields the poppies blowBetween the crosses, row on row,That mark our place; and in the skyThe larks, still bravely singing, flyScarce heard amid the guns below.  These words were written by a Canadian surgeon on the Western Front in 1915.  Since then the poppy, at least in…

Nov 11, 2013 - 6:04am
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America: Under Attack and Dying

In response to Nathan Kelley's bitch ass rant about smokers I have decided to publish an article on a far more deadly, and wholly preventable, practice that is killing Americans in record numbers. Yes, folks, I'm talking about stuffing your face until the girth of your ass exceeds the width of your …

Nov 12, 2013 - 4:13pm
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Minimum Wage: What Does It Try to Fix?

Whenever there is a labor oversupply, wages drop and business owners naturally make greater profits in the near term. This trend, of course, cannot continue indefinitely, since eventually the high numbers of low wage earners and unemployed begins to erode mass markets. At some point this hurts the g…

Oct 31, 2014 - 9:35pm
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The WriterBeat Menagerie

It’s now a year since I joined WriterBeat. In that time, I have learned much about the animals in this enclosure. What I have to say will probably violate libel “laws” in almost every country. Even the USA. But bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny (Edmund Burke). And they shouldn…

Sep 7, 2018 - 1:57pm
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Politics and Basic Research

Basic research in the sciences has been crucial to United States leadership in both technology and science. Basic research typically offers little if any immediate economic or social benefit, so private industry has not historically been the major source of funding for most basic research. Such rese…

Aug 31, 2013 - 5:14pm
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Removing Regulation and Free Markets

Are unregulated markets and free market economics the same? Are these ideas really synonymous? In writing a comment to another article, it became clear that it was itself actually a short article. The ideas that follow are simple, easy to understand, and anything but extreme. They are more practical…

May 31, 2014 - 3:16pm
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Conservative Heaven

A blogger recently said to me: "BBC reported in 2007 global warming would leave Arctic ice-free in summer by 2013." Followed by a second quote:“Publication of UN climate change report suggesting global warming caused by humans pushed back to later this month" The second part of this…

Jun 18, 2014 - 1:36am
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Some More About Islam

     Critics of Islam have a penchant for ignoring completeness in quoting from the Quran. To me, it also appears the critics are also rather fond of re-framing verses in a man-made (read – agenda supporting) artificial context and. herein lies the rub. It serves no deep and las…

Sep 4, 2013 - 12:00pm
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