Trump Campaign Restructuring Is Not A Pivot

Trump Campaign Restructuring Is Not A Pivot


The Donald J. Trump campaign did a corporate-like restructuring NOT a pivot.   He is extraordinary NOT ordinary.   The media doesn't get-it. The establishment doesn't get-it. The mediocre & status quo thinking isn't working well in their categorization of the Trump effect.


The 'Trump Effect' is akin to a multiplicity of mergers where the outsider movement has leveraged the sorted frustrations among the masses.  Some of the frustrated people feel deeply disenfranchised because they can clearly see that they were left behind by ‘high-tech or bust thinking’, and ‘white-collar or bust thinking’.


‘High-Tech/White-Collar or Bust’ mentality is the current establishment thinking that rejects and ignores U.S. factories, manufacturing, and a wide variety of labor-intensive income streams. This thinking turns its back on learn-by-doing jobs, and on-the-job-training, as well as apprentice opportunities (Union & non-Union).


The Trump Effect has tapped into some extremes and into some very sensitive core feelings that are widely dispersed. 



Autumn Cote Added Aug 19, 2016 - 11:18am
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John Minehan Added Aug 19, 2016 - 2:43pm
But, he is behind in every poll and this shows no sign of doing anything(but getting worse).
John Minehan Added Aug 19, 2016 - 3:15pm
Well, it wasn't "sarcasm."  It was "hyperbole." 
Bill Kamps Added Aug 19, 2016 - 4:33pm
I dont think anything will change, and I dont think Trump wins.  He could get a lower % than Goldwater, who got 39%.  In politics you cant just order people around like you can in business, if they dont choose to follow your  lead, you cant get anything done. 
Opes Added Aug 19, 2016 - 7:11pm
John, You trust the pollsters in deciding the victor..  Maybe actual votes will some day become antiquated, lol.  It does not appear that playing the regular odds of conventional wisdom with emphasis on averages will be much to count on this time around because the candidates within both major parties seem widely distrusted.  But that should surprise us all, because trusting politicians has become synonymous with the trust of an average salesman, car salesman, or lawyer.
Maureen Foster Added Aug 19, 2016 - 10:47pm
The media and the establishment don’t get what?  Speaking of the establishment, who exactly are talking about and what specifically have they said to make you think they don’t get it? 
Opes Added Aug 20, 2016 - 12:20am
Maureen, Thanks for the questions.
The media in general at the start of the Trump campaign did seem to agree that Trump was not only a long shot of winning the GOP primary, but also a joke for trying.  It turns out they were wrong about who would win.  The experienced politicians were also very wrong about who ultimately was suppose to win the GOP primary.
Who is the 'Establishment'?  That answer varies depending on several issues, but can we agree that the term includes people who are viewed as influencing public opinion,  and people in leadership of major sectors of society?
Each of the experienced politicians in the primaries are of the establishment, and that does include Bernie Sanders.  But Bernie ran an outsider movement campaign just as Trump, and they both seemed to tap into the frustrations of a mass movement to propel them.
What is it that Trump and Sanders understood that the rest did not is fascinating to ponder, but the frustrations of many people seems to be involved.
Bill Kamps Added Aug 20, 2016 - 9:09am
Opes, polls are not completely accurate agreed.  But Trump is falling so far behind in the polls, that even if he does quite a bit better than expected, it wont be good enough.  Trump may still get his right wing supporters, but he is failing badly to capture the middle.  The winner will be the one capturing the most voters in the middle.
Opes Added Aug 20, 2016 - 11:31am
Bill, You said - "The winner will be the one capturing the most voters in the middle."
Maybe you are correct, but maybe not.  What if the winner is the one who causes the most people to stay home (not vote at all) or vis versa?  It's twisted to think about I know.
Admittedly, I favor analytics as better than opinion polls. In other words, I strongly value conclusion derived from analytical data over conventionalism.
Conventionalism pertains to:
“a. Devoted to or bound by conventions to the point of artificiality: ceremonies. B. Unimaginative; conformist” {}
Analytics pertains to:
“Often involves studing past historical data to research potential trends, to analyze the effects of certain decisions or events, or to evaluate the performance of a given tool or scenario. The goal of analytics is to improve the assessment of knowledge which can be used to make accurate conclusions and expectations for future outcomes.”
The Gallup Poll decided NOT to participate in doing any polling for the elections this time for a reason. The main reason is problems with reliability.
Generally, the masses are convinced that the ‘polls’ presented in the media are the holy grail to predictions on outcomes on all types of issues in the lives of the multitude.   In fact it is a collective of opinions from a very small sample that is very restrictive with artificial limitations.   The sample is also extremely biased in the formation of questions and limited to only the people who volunteer to answer poll questions, and additionally there is a percentage of people that do provide untrustworthy responses or might change their mind later.   The media loves the poll results most likely because it is easy and there are numbers that can be analyzed, but many people ignore the factoring in of garbage data gets garbage results.
Opes Added Aug 20, 2016 - 11:42am
Samuel, The personality of Trump as you described it may be true to a certain extent.  However, the election (as usual) seems to be all about comparisons of personalities among the limited offering of the candidates available.
It is standard practice to hear the over-promising of candidates. Perceptions of trust are relative, but can also be subjectively clouded by self-interest..
Opes Added Aug 20, 2016 - 6:35pm
Jim, The extreme case of redistribution efforts can truly reduce the value of some of the ideals for the mechanisms of capitalism especially if it means taking money away from people who worked hard to succeed rather than inherited.
 Your mention of vocational education/ training programs matches my thoughts.
Opes Added Aug 21, 2016 - 9:32am
Samuel, Your depiction of the ease for running a business is different than what seems to be the perceptions of many people.
Are you aware of the rate of success for people who attempt to start a business?  How about the rate of sustainability of a new business to last 2 or 3 years?
Additionally, Samuel do you really have any idea of the intellect and know-how necessary for starting/running a business that might be extremely challenging to the 'average Joe'?
There are more sorts of businesses, some are sole proprietor or ma&pop operations, plumbers, handyman, but then there are the others such as the hardware store, real estate, etc., etc.  
What might seem simple and easy for you might not be so easy to others.
Bill H. Added Aug 21, 2016 - 11:39am
It is not what a President says they will do, it is what they do.
Trump says "I alone can fix all of the problems", and states basically what everyone in his support base wants to hear.
The big picture with Trump is that if he were to get elected, he would only make moves to satisfy his own wishes and maneuver the system to work in favor of his financial empire for himself and his family.
He will listen to no one, take no advice, and project his unending ego during his entire term (or until he is impeached).
His supporters will be left with "What happened to the wall", "Where are all of the jobs he promised?", and "How come my taxes are still high?".
Hillary is no shining star for sure, but at least she will seek input from her advisors and staff.
Pick your poison.
Bill H. Added Aug 21, 2016 - 6:04pm
We are still awaiting the release of Trump's tax returns.
Every presidential candidate since 1976 has released their returns.
Trump's failure to do so should disqualify him from being a candidate at this point.
The IRS has stated that even if a tax return is undergoing an audit, that does not prevent the release of the return at any point in the audit process.
Bill H. Added Aug 21, 2016 - 10:34pm
SOT - It's pretty obvious to me.
Why are others still on the Trump train?
Is the average person this dense?
Opes Added Aug 22, 2016 - 12:35am
You said pick your poison, while there are others who say choose the lesser of 2 evils.  
It might be impossible to compare the current political choices to anything in the past.  How can we categorize any of this to make it more simple to comprehend?  Well, it seems that many sources are trying to help with the simplification by saying one choice is a tyrant, dictator, and megalomaniac.  The other choice is mostly said to be the next history making event for the USA in having a female president.
It would seem natural that most people running to become president would have enormous egos as a prerequisite.
My cheat sheet on the voters in general is that it's almost an even split that people want changes to accelerate vs slowed down in the USA socially, culturally, and economically (redistribution etc.).  But it also seems like some are looking for chaos towards a total reset.
Opes Added Aug 22, 2016 - 10:21am
I agree that the highlighting of continued status quo attached to Clinton is likely going to attract the most support of the voters ultimately, but support has to be strong enough that those people will actually vote.  In addition, there have been theories postulated over time that 3rd party voting does have an effect on the ultimate outcome of close races.  In the minds of some people, Ross Perot, & Ralph Nader did likely help to cause the wins for Bill Clinton over G.H.Bush; G.W.Bush over Al Gore.
The U.S. has had a wide variety of personality types in the office of president.  It seems impossible to extrapolate about those of the past up to the present day because of the many different circumstances.  It is evident that personal lives seem more visible of the candidates now.  Reagan was the 1st divorced -remarried president.  Prior, there was at least one who was unmarried in office.  There were some very interesting characters in the likes of Cleveland, McKinley, Taft and others.
Opes Added Aug 22, 2016 - 10:44am
The side-show of irrelevance seems to have so many entities/people chasing their tails.  Kicking the dust up can be blinding.  Some voters will not vote at all because they thing the choices are horrible for them as they see it.  Some live in states that are a given to vote in certain ways, so they have no expectation that their voting matters for them.
Political rallies are a visual that causes attractions both good and bad.
Opes Added Aug 25, 2016 - 10:10am
It looks like the restructured campaign of Trump has been characterized in 2 different ways. 1) Reset, 2) Pivot.  But some call it a shakeup.
Regardless of what it is called, there is a lot of excitement!
The upcoming Presidential Debate on Sept. 26th will be a doozy.