think deeper..

Sometimes I write because I need to express my feelings with some words hardly to be understood from anybody. Actually, I would like that everyone understands and be aware of what is written here, anyway . I am not a genius , and I do not know more than anyone, I do not pretend to be the most intelligent and wisest girl but I can see what the others cannot, I accept the reality while the others don't, I can smell the situations , and I can think besides what is in front of me, I am not genius but I USE MY BRAIN. I know this life will always have its flaws, the stupidity, ignorance and arrogance. But we are not doing enough to avoid these, we are thinking only of ourselves and the present time, we are destroying our own lives with our own hands. We are rushing to work, working for some CEO-s whose only aim is profit maximizing, and what are we doing for our lives,and next generations ? One day when we grow old , will we really feel that we have lived ? What are we gonna tell our nephews and nieces? What is the aim of coming to this world if we do not change something ? At night, when we go to bed, what is that thing we are thinking of ? Are we proud of ourselves, or are we just lost in time ?

I am not unique, I know people who sacrifices their lives for the others and for their countries, maybe I would not, I know people who are wise and have too much knowledge, while I spend time for my own pleasure. Nobody can be perfect because perfectionism is not for us, it is not for this life, I do not know the meaning of perfect, the perfect does not exist. I know the meaning of family, love, passion, conscious, modesty, honesty, respect, dignity...

We are making sure that these kind of habits are disappeared, unconsciously or consciously we have made things in way so as in the future to kill us. What matters most in these times is material, that fucking piece of shit. Parents have forgotten that raising a child does not mean feeding him and giving him money, buying advanced technology and hiring them a nanny. We are raising a generation of machines and robots, that finds everything ready, with no need to think, imagine and create. I am not talking about innovation and technological advance, no one can deny the fact that the life has too much facilities now , we communicate easily , we travel , we can gain information easily etc. But has we ever thought that maybe the world was better before, maybe what we call facility actually is not a facility? Obviously these objects has made us more closer but in what meaning ? We are pretty close but we do not” see” each other, we don’t listen to each other and we don’t care for each other, because we are focused in only one direction. We have too much machines for our eyes but we are “blind” , we are “deaf”, we care and listen what is in our interest. Because facilities has made us act in this way , since we have found everything ready we do not know the meaning of struggle , effort and fighting. We are used to some routine and we follow, we do not have the courage to deviate because we are cowards or we don’t want, whatever. People are duplicating, individuality is of no value , because going toward the wind direction is something the others will accept, you are out of fashion when you disobey. Modernism means degeneration, and everything I can never explain here by these simple words. I am not fanatic and conservative , but I am against absurdity, destroying societies, paradox situations and people who no more have conscious, and feelings. I am against fighting for some piece of shit because at the end it will destroy us. This is not developments, this is backwardness.We cannot feel the real taste of something in case we do not fight for it, we do not know the real taste of something in case we have abundantly, because the first chocolate is delicious but the second is random,like every abundant amount. I can guarantee for sure that struggling and suffering gives more pleasure than being the son or the daughter of a rich , I can guarantee that everything earned by your own sweat makes you proud of yourself , makes your family and relatives feel proud of you, at the end of the day you feel peaceful , the others will respect you for who you are and will love you as you are, they will not stay will you only in your happy days, they will stay will you forever. I can guarantee that in the most terrific moments no material thing will make you happy ,you will want someone caring and crying for you. I can make sure that happiness is not having everything, but having little precious moments, moments that take your breath away, moments that can bring imaginations fly in a world where you feel the true meaning of living .


Minister Peaceful Poet Added Sep 2, 2016 - 3:14pm
You are more right brain then left brain.  Welcome!
I have to work, many of us do.  Many of us do not have a choice and some of us wished we had that choice.  However, nobody can slave our heart and our mind.  It's up to us to be free, not our circumstances.
We can't be perfect because there is no such thing.  Only change, and we are all changing. 
I think Pink Floyd summered it up in "Just Another Brick In The Wall"
Suffering builds character.  In it, we learn to find peace where there is none, and that makes us great.
Aida Curraj Added Sep 2, 2016 - 5:16pm
Thank you for your comment. I understand perfectly, because what you have summarized makes a lot of sense!
Ric Wells Added Sep 2, 2016 - 7:35pm
Aida why do you use phrases like I am not a genius and other self-depricating. phrases. You see what you see and have insights just like anyone else has insights and all are valid for discussion. I did start to read your posting but got stuck on this point. You are who you are. State as such please.
Donna Added Sep 2, 2016 - 11:15pm
Hi Aida, I liked your article. You said you don't think you write well, I think a passionate,caring writer is wonderful. And that you are , it's refreshing.   Welcome to write beat. Blessed Be )0(
Ravi BG Added Sep 3, 2016 - 1:31am
Hi Aida.., nice and loud way of expressing.
Mircea Negres Added Sep 3, 2016 - 5:54am
Welcome to Writer Beat, which I occasionally call Beat a Writer for its lively, often unsparing discussions and dissections. I think you're right about the kind of humanity we're currently creating, and the points you raised were valid.
Yeah, most, if not all of us, started life wanting to change the world. Step by step, day by day, compromise upon wearisome compromise- until one day we go to bed asking ourselves "what did I do with my life?" after a lifetime spent improving a CEO's bottom line and trying to buy our children's love.
Individuality has value, much like conscience, creativity, happiness and taking a risk to love or be loved by somebody, but I guess it's part of human nature to question it and ourselves. An Australian SAS commando once asked himself if wearing the winged dagger of Samothrace on a sandy-colored beret was worth all the pain and madness and I believe it is, because those who endured the vicissitudes of the life they chose can say "I have lived".
Aida Curraj Added Sep 3, 2016 - 7:30am
I appreciate all your comments, it is the first time I write something and public it LinkedIn and I know there are mistakes and such, English is not my mother tongue, I have never lived in country where English is first language so sorry about that, but I just wrote what is inside of me , I mean only a little part. Yeah, to live means to dare, to have the courage but what matters most to me, is caring for the others, collaborating for the better because great minds think together. I think we should think about each other, competition has blinded us and we just think of ourselves. 
Doug Plumb Added Sep 9, 2016 - 3:44pm
I like your essay and the fact that young people (a few of them) still have brains and the Progressives haven't opened up everyone's mind so that their brains spill out.
This is a place to find people who like to write and have conversations about things you care about.
For wisdom, don't read a lot of books, read a few great ones, very carefully. Read books about those books. Read the great thinkers, the ones who's books are still in print after a thousand years or more.
There is no substitute for reading original translations, don't read books about philosophers until you have read their original works.
If you are really into getting wise, read Plato and Aristotle. Then you will understand politics better than EVERYONE who hasn't read these two thinkers. Nothing else remotely compares. If you want to understand religion, read Immanual Kant's "Religion Within The Boundaries Of Mere Reason".
I hated reading Plato and Aristotle, but it gave me discrimination to pick out better books to read after these two. Plato and Aristotle will tell you everything you need to know about the modern state. I like Allan Blooms translation of Plato's Republic for the big essay at the end.
mark henry smith Added Sep 29, 2016 - 3:10pm
What you say is beautiful. Young, old, rich, poor, genius, just average, all of us can work to be beautiful. Beauty is when you hold out your hand to someone in need and say, "Take it. It's free."