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Sadly, the peddled lies to the disenfranchised in America and in Britain have caused the lurch to the right wing of politics. That the so called "balanced" politics and its politicians have lost the vote this time around is the legacy of the epoch beginning with Reagan and Thatcher.  From this point onwards in the late seventies, deregulation and no investment in the public infrastructure from the social services through to the civil engineering and public institutions including schools, has left a huge gap and great needs for the general good of the whole of the nations.

That there is a lack of good housing in  Britain as well as universal health care, as well as inadequately funded schools has been blamed on immigrants. They have become the scapegoats for policies from the seventies onwards, irrespective of which political coat was in power.


We need only look at the mainland continental Europe to compare the state of the infrastructure in Britain.  Outside of London, infrastructure and public institutions have never been kept up to date, let alone had investment for the future. The problem is that the ordinary folk of the UK and of the US will be unaware of the fact that some of their more socially advanced European neighbours across the North Sea have had good social housing, social policies and a more balanced approach to the whole of the society.  In the UK, the coterie of politicians and its journalists, cumulatively, the politocracy, have served themselves and about six miles around the City of Westminster.


The ignorant, the disenfranchised and the uneducated are completely aware of the fact that they have been short changed.  They are just not aware that it is their own country and its politicians, not the immigrants and "foreigners" in general.


The saddest parallel between the US and the UK in 2016:  the disenfranchised, the ignorant and the uneducated do not know that their enemies are not the immigrants or foreigners in general, but their own leaders who have not acted for the love of their country or in its best interests, but for their own self-serving desires.





Minister Peaceful Poet Added Nov 14, 2016 - 11:44am
They blame the immigrants, the unemployed, those on state aid and they're threatening to take our social security.  But they fail to tell you how much war costs and how much it is costing each of us, nor do they even mention who is profiting from it.  Since the beginning of the Iraq war, I've been saying this over and over.  We will go bankrupt, but you are right, instead, they blame the immigrants, the poor and the unemployed.   
Leroy Added Nov 14, 2016 - 11:47am
"...but their own leaders who have not acted for the love of their country or in its best interests, but for their own self-serving desires."
The Americans realized quite clearly that Clinton acted in her own self-serving interest and not out of love of country.  Otherwise, she would have been elected overwhelmingly.
Dino Manalis Added Nov 14, 2016 - 12:10pm
Prime Minister May should pursue pro-business pro-consumer policies to stimulate the private sector and achieve stronger growth and boost tax revenues for needed investments in people; health care; and other areas.  Brexit is not limited to Britain,  that's why the European Union must respect members' national sovereignty and allow them to deal with economic and security concerns both independently and jointly with other EU countries.
Mircea Negres Added Nov 15, 2016 - 10:17am
During the Great Depression many people lined up for every job available and more walked past countless "No Work" and "No Jobs" signs. These days, many of those jobs are taken up by illegal immigrants because the locals haven't wanted to do them for decades, be it because of low status or poor pay- then they wonder why they can't find work when times are hard once more.
I remember reading a story about jobs unfilled because unemployed citizens were unwilling to go from earning a six figure salary in a brokerage to earning low four figures for fixing lawnmowers. There are exceptions, of course. An American CEO lost his job and after looking around, found work in a pizzeria. He lived in a small apartment above the joint, didn't have to answer late night phone calls anymore and all the B.S. that came with his previous post was gone, leaving him a much happier man who now had time to read and think what he wanted.
Blaming immigrants and the unemployed is easy, though not always aimed at the parties actually responsible, like corporations which moved their factories to Asia, crooked politicians, lobbyists and lawyers who enabled all the exceptions in the tax code, irresponsible speculation on debt and real estate, easy loans for those who wouldn't have normally qualified, until you get to the most expensive and longest running wars in American history and the effects everything had on the economy.
Eileen de Bruin Added Nov 15, 2016 - 12:07pm
Minister Peaceful: if you see Michael Moore's last two documentaries on Trump and on "where to invade next" you will find out how much is spent on war..... worth seeing.
Leroy: yes, this is the sadness.  Struggling to choose between the lesser of two evils gives little choice really.
Dino:  the social infrastructure has been deliberately starved since the early eighties so it is not about May choosing to spend money on much depleted services. The UK has gone the way of America as in " can have anything you want if you pay for it yourself..". The truth is that a good tax system is the only way of redistributing the wealth of a country so that everyone can have the basics of a modern life in a wealthy country and not have to depend on the trickle down effect - which is what existed in Dickensian Britain and which is now what we have effectively returned to.
Mircea: Blaming immigrants and the unemployed is the scapegoat tactic used by governments, nay, it is the strategic tactic used by them and they have roped in the media including the BBC and the most influential newspapers. Hence the polarisation which I have seen occur in the past thirty years, literally.
Mircea Negres Added Nov 15, 2016 - 12:54pm
Eileen, to be honest, you're one of the very few who see the lie peddled by governments in Europe and elsewhere, and as a naturalized citizen of South Africa who has endured more than enough jibes about stealing jobs, women and God knows what else, I thank you for telling it like it is.
Stone-Eater Added Nov 15, 2016 - 5:35pm
That's why the Anglophones call us other Europeans "socialist" - they never figured to even reflect WHY they're going downhill. Thatcher's "philosophy" of ultracapitalism paved the way for all the problems you see now in the anglophone world.
And weapons won't replace brains.
That's what linked the US and the UK. Nothing else. It's the anglophone elite. Because the Brits were not the only early immigrants to the US. It was a lucky draw that the US actually uses English as main language. German almost made it LOL