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I don't know who said it and I don't care.  In the course of interaction on here, someone called my daughter fat or implied such.  Now she can defend herself...she is going to be a mother (again) and has no problem doing that as I have had to ask her to curb her opinions more than once.


But I will not shut her up completely. If you are a racist or a sexist, that is her opinion and she has a right to voice that within reason.  I am sure its nothing you have not heard before, most of you.  However..she doesnt post her picture because she is pregnant and EXTREMELY self conscience of her weight right now.  She suffers from an eating disorder in which we had to FORCE HER TO EAT until she was about 21 and was hospitalized several times.


Weight is a issue in my family as is health. To be perfectly honest, I dont like posting my picture either because I am no longer my perfect size 7 or 9 anymore since going through menopause which upsets me and all I eat is salad or small portions, I drink water.  Its terrible, the judgement women get, she was just fired from her job for being pregnant ( I know the law on this better than anyone on here).  But in truth, she wasn't there long enough and it is VERY DIFFICULT to prove.  SO SHE IS SUPER SELF CONSCIOUS right now. 


But to actually call a pregnant person you do not know fat?  Are you crazy? I don't men insensitive... I mean crazy. Some of you are actually educated people on this site.  She is a young person venting against racism and sexism. It is a generational thing and I believe from what I have seen lately anyway it will get worse, not better and by far more outspoken people than my daughter.


I honestly don't care what you think, but I have been on this page a long time.  If you want to label her as a non-racist in some slur fine, its deserved.  Also I don't want her to stop eating over something some insensitive person said to her which I actually understand, BECAUSE WOMEN ARE SEVERELY JUDGED.  Have some common decency. This is my daughter and I expected that from all of you. 


There is no need to comment because I will not answer you... I will be back in January or February depending on my glass work and other obligations.  I just had to say something.  I'm really sorry and I will speak to her also, but you have to have some respect.  If you have something to say to me, tell me then or don't, but please do not do this to my child who is trying to defend her rights as a woman.






wsucram15 Added Dec 13, 2016 - 1:38pm
I believe this is for Billy Roper and Tom Purcell. 
Billy and Tom...we have had some good discussions. Review what you said to my daughter and read what I wrote. Realize words can be very damaging and I doubt they did as much to you... as they did to her.
Take it easy...please.
Stone-Eater Added Dec 13, 2016 - 1:48pm
Sorry. I mean it. My daughter is 13 and I'm afraid that she's starting to have such an eating problem as well. I try my best to prevent further damage.
I'm not intending to mix into that matter, really, all I'd like to say is I miss Jeanne's musical taste and anecdotes - I think we got some things in common there, and I'd like to see you back here again some time.
Sara - I was young once and can understand what you think or feel. I was once an idealist as well, I hope that some of it is left, but one has to be careful not to go too far. I was a progressive at one stage, but when I see now how the world operates on PC and that LGBT stuff you got over there in the US
....while on the planet millions still have no proper existence...
...I think something is terribly wrong. 
I hope you see what I mean...
Have some nice holidays though, and a beer or more on me LOL
wsucram15 Added Dec 13, 2016 - 1:59pm
Tom..I am still on here. She wished you a Merry Christmas.  Im not a cry baby. I think you know better than that.
However, without further going into my family history (I have given you enough explanation), I see your response.
You didnt even come up with the insult yourself yourself, it came from Billy Roper, who I gave more credit than that.
If you dont like what she said, then dont insult her weight, she is pregnant you single minded, uneducated twit.  Which I am having a difficult time with.  I know she has discussed this previously.   SHE IS NOT FAT....NOT BY ANYONES STANDARDS..but hers.
Now Tom, you live in Oregon correct? Beaverton..right? Leave my kid alone. IT IS THE ONE THING I WILL GO TO JAIL FOR...COMPRENDE? 
I asked nicely. Now Im telling you I will spend every resource I have and do what ever I can to get directly at you in every way.  Leave my kid alone, she will do the same to you..I would rather not waste my money on an idiot like you.
wsucram15 Added Dec 13, 2016 - 2:18pm
Its jeanne..I am sorry for the confusion. Sara is very upset. You didnt say anything to offend her at all. 
This was Billy and Tom copied and pasted his remarks. I mean she weighed under 90lbs at one point.  It was horrible, getting her to eat from stuff just like this.
Stone..thanks..miss you too. We will talk music when I come back. I was just dancing the other day in the glass studio to some cool stuff (I think it drives my kids nuts). lol.
She will hopefully be fine, she is just so opinionated and wanted to be heard. She does not have the avenues I do so I wanted her to start somewhere, just give her some time to iron out her frustration.  Its not easy here right now...too much crazy social media I believe.  Fortunately, right now, with the exception of what the family and some friends advise me on, I dont pay any attention to it, unless I have to.  It did catch my ears about Mnuchin though, I know a little something something about that guy. But another time, I think he will show his colors, we will have to see.
See you soon.
wsucram15 Added Dec 13, 2016 - 2:22pm
Stone..there are programs that will help you to help your daughter to eat, before it gets bad. is a good place to start to understand.
Stone-Eater Added Dec 13, 2016 - 2:33pm
Thanks ! Especially for that website. It's not bad yet, but she's the same size as me now, grew too fast, ate not enough for that, and I'm just afraid. She likes junk food (Mac and KFC) and doesn't understand yet that this is not food.......well, kids. Can't stay apart when your best friends do the same.....;-)
She used to eat African and all other stuff no problem, but now she's getting fussy.....Dad, I don't like that, and that, and that, but eating Sweets and shit all the time *sigh*
Billy Roper Added Dec 13, 2016 - 2:40pm
I live in Mountain View, Arkansas. It's a very small place. I'm not hard to find. ;-> If anybody wants to play with grown-ups and throw around insults and names, then they should be able to take it, or not play.
wsucram15 Added Dec 13, 2016 - 3:13pm
Billy..I expected more from you. I already know where you live, exactly.
Now you know me from my comments, do you think for one second I would threaten to beat someone or have them beat up on the internet? Seriously? Nothing like that, thats kid stuff.
If anything happens to her or her unborn baby,I have made you aware of this issue.  I have put it into print. Let me be very clear.
If she voices her opinion, and you object to that based on her wording or whatever.  Tell her so, point out why she is wrong. Dont be ignorant...I know better as do you.
I thought Tom did as well. But its whatever...I have nothing more important than my kids and all you are doing is ruining an otherwise good day for me, which is why I hate coming on here anymore.
There are a couple of exceptions and when I am done doing what I need to do, I will be back.
Just leave my kid alone.
Donna Added Dec 13, 2016 - 3:23pm
Jeanne, Stone, My sister is dying from this disease..Please tell Sara, and Stone your daughter. 
We have dealt with this for the point where her heart in enlarged, she weighs 88 pounds, is 5'7, i am 120 and 5'4. I look thin, can you imagine???
Jeanne i am so sorry for the family struggles, this i can say with all my heart, has not been good here either.
Now onto Billy and Tom, I do not care whom started what maybe start with some thought and a little compassion..
My picture is not posted either, for the exact reasons Jeanne stated and for how You men react!!
Shame on you both..
Do either of you have a daughter?? How would you feel?? 
Just because we can not see one another does not mean we can not make an attempt to TRY to be somewhat nicer...
Jeanne i can not wait until you are back full time..Miss the hell out of you..
Best of luck with all you are doing...Peace, and love to you...
Billy Roper Added Dec 13, 2016 - 3:24pm
Yeah, I've never been shut up by threats, yet, and am not likely to ever be. ;-> That's what's funny about real life politics, when it comes down to their children's futures, and both sides are literally willing to kill or die, then debating is kind of moot. When people have mutually exclusive interests, sometimes it just gets that way. Do what you want. I'll do what I want. C'est le guerre.
Donna Added Dec 13, 2016 - 3:38pm
Did you even read what was said?? She let her daughter on here due to the fact that she thought we would be good for her, not to have her ripped apart, even if she came on strong, now that it is all explained you still have the same attitude, no compassion left in you? Damn!!
Donna Added Dec 13, 2016 - 3:43pm
Please tell Sara when i was pregnant i like i said am 5' 4, so not to tall, i weighed in at 98 pounds at the time, when i was 9 months i weighed 192...All was healthy, but as they said i ate for 2, and then some..It is all in how she feels...healthy is best, all that matters is her health and her babies...
wsucram15 Added Dec 13, 2016 - 3:47pm
Stone..that sounds exactly like my son, empty calories and not much of that.  He is tall but very thin. He scares me now, but is solid muscle so his karate instructor says he is fine. (I cant get him to go to the doctor).
My son used to eat all kinds of food..but he wont anymore.  Just Chipotle, Taco Bell (in a pinch), and a place like KFC called Popeyes chicken.  Oh yeah and pizza.  He makes the pizza (fresh dough and all items prep) for a popular Italian restaurant about 15 minutes from my house. (the owners make fresh sauce- very good)
Oh and he will still eat subway turkey subs. But thats it.  We had Thanksgiving dinner and he ate a roll, some mashed potatoes and green beans.   They served chicken and ham, and he wouldn't eat it. Go figure. IDK
Mark Klaers Added Dec 13, 2016 - 3:58pm
Jeanne, you honestly thought coming on here would be good for her when you knew she was this hot-headed? No one here is going to put up with the insults or look the other way. Sending a son/daughter here is equivilent to putting an alligator in the pool for extra incentive in regards to teaching your kids to swim.
wsucram15 Added Dec 13, 2016 - 3:59pm
Billy and Tom:
People die from this. My daughter was talking to you in a context of politics. You made this a personal attack that could at the extreme, kill not only her but a baby. Read Donna's post and be careful, you could also affect her. You guys need to be more sensitive. What if this was your child? 
Back off and I dont threaten. Ever, especially where my children are concerned. 
Donna..I told her that Billy and Tom were ignorant and to pay no attention. But something apparently that I am not seeing or understanding was said, that really upset her.  She got sick once and I am hoping it is just nerves. Now she is asleep. 
She didnt get big with my Grandson, maybe 25 lbs in weight. She is ridiculous about her weight.  But this time, she is already 15lbs over, and of course, you cant say anything.
So everyone..look. Leave the girl alone.  If you want to battle politics, fine. If she calls you a name, call her one back, just leave her weight alone. I am asking nice for the last time.  You could seriously hurt her and a 12 week old baby.
Donna Added Dec 13, 2016 - 4:13pm
I get going back at someone, i completely get debating, but see no need to attack a person ..
I was guilty of this when i first started here,( Ryan had a way of pushing every button i had) then i thought before i responded, this is a persons view, why is theirs of any less value than mine?? Simply due to the fact i do not agree? No that makes no sense,so i think before responding...
I don't agree with Billy on a lot of things, however i do not attack him, i try to understand his point a little better...
Expat explained to me once that using a real picture or name could be a bad thing on here, so maybe this is why they chose the opposite..
Jeff Michka Added Dec 13, 2016 - 7:15pm
Tom bravely writes: to have us squabbling with each other, instead of directing our dissatisfaction where it should be. - You mean, Tom, telling Nazis and their sympathizers to get stuffed and do it today? To not think your crap and Billy's bilge are not "normal", but just hate junk now "authorized" by Steve Bannon and the Orange excrement blob?  Seems wsucram15 and Donna have tried to make their case, and I'm sure Tom will keep whining about ME being the problem, but he does always, show his little hand.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 13, 2016 - 8:46pm
Having read the exchange, seems Billy and Tom were engaged in their usual garden variety anti-Semite ranting, which obviously pee'd Sara off. She responded, and you two did your usual usual.  Sounds like Sara has some challenges, and with love and care from those around her, may she be well and hopefully have a healthy child. Leroy ought to keep his corncob though process (only one thought at a time) to himself.
wsucram15 Added Dec 13, 2016 - 11:04pm
I came back on to thank you for your comments and I did talk to her. I am sure she will thank you, she was happy to see you and SEF understood.  I had a group meeting tonight and worked in my shop so I could fire some glass tomorrow .
Yep...I was trying to encourage her to write.  She has written a nice piece of fiction and needs some critical thinking skills.   Getting criticized and taking knocks is sometimes part of that...although I do realize that some on here, don't stop with criticizing your opinion, article or ideals. There is a self esteem issue that makes them have to put others faces down in the dirt to feel better.  Just sayin...not engagin..
I understand she is aggressive, but this is an aggressive world these days. I also don't disagree with what was said by either party until I politely asked them to stop and explained why.  Which in all fairness is NOT something they initially knew, but they know now.
She wont engage either Tom Purcell or Billy Roper again in a cultural manner.  She will discuss other topics and has been told to ignore them with nazi stuff. I dont agree with either of them on most of what they say, but I can have a discussion, she just does not understand their cultural bias.  Both of my kids are like that.  I raised them to hate no one.  Hate is only good for war and then only if you want to lose. Right now, she is slightly upset and now a little sick. Im sure she will be fine.
If I don't get a chance Donna and SEF..Merry Christmas.  TTYS, miss you guys...
Jeff... Sara has mentioned you, lol.  Thanks as always for being a voice of reason..Merry Christmas.
Tom and Billy, even though you disregarded my thoughts on this completely and showed me no where near the respect I have shown you...have a good holiday season anyway.  "Fröhliche Weihnachten" or "God jul" or for Michael Loffe..."С Рождеством"

Have yourself a Merry Christmas...:)
Stone-Eater Added Dec 14, 2016 - 5:02am
Donna (and the ladies)
Really sad to hear this. Seems that anorexia problem is more widespread than I thought. Gotta be even more careful now because my daughter got a modeling contract for teens here in Switzerland, and I have to be very prudent on what happens....seriosity, contract hints, even sexual assaults....drugs all over the place in that "profession".
But I think with proper guidance it can work out. We've got a very close relationship, and she knows she can come up to me with every problem there is to discuss without getting into accusing or emotional heat-ups.
Donna Added Dec 14, 2016 - 10:22am
I think she has a dad that will take very good care as to what she will get involved with. You are no stranger to the ways of this world..I wish her the best of luck..what a great profession to get into..must have her dads looks  :) 
Jeanne, Marilyn,
Merry Christmas to you both. Sara, i hope you are feeling much better, Merry Christmas to you as well.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 14, 2016 - 11:08am
I like this view of Billy the Nazi:  Billy's Mom should watch this on an endless loop.
Donna Added Dec 14, 2016 - 11:13am
If a writer becomes known for a certain perspective and you don't agree or enjoy that perspective, perhaps skip over their articles for a bit
Roderick words form his own article because he hates this type of article, yet he finds he must i guess you do not head your own words..even though you felt a need to write an article so against this one and any like this..LMDAO
Stone-Eater Added Dec 14, 2016 - 12:42pm
Hey, it's NOT fucking funny ! WTF is going on here ? I mean, we all had our bashing from here and there for what some people thought they had a reason, but that is really off-key.
Either nobody here except the ladies had a kid, or if the ones who think this is a joke were not quite what parents should be like.
There IS a line which should not be crossed, even here. And this line is where people are in sorrow of their kids. It's not about whining or pussy or any shit.
It's about feelings and fucking empathy. 
Stone-Eater Added Dec 14, 2016 - 12:46pm
BTW: It's not about the way this article is written, or about what insults were used.
Can you imagine when people are thin-skinned because of personal problems, that they might use non appropriate words ? They are upset, so are we now and then. We have to accept that.
But when the first comments which concerned the insults are extended to REAL problems, and these are made the subject of jokes .. is THAT fair ? 
Think !
Stone-Eater Added Dec 14, 2016 - 12:48pm
If a parent really wants to help their children, they should prepare them for REALITY, not coddle and shelter them and come to their rescue when those kids open their mouth and stir up trouble. 
You parent ? 
And WTF have DEMOCRATS to do with that ? Seems like you mix up simple human life with labels......
Stone-Eater Added Dec 14, 2016 - 1:00pm
Sure. But there has to be made a difference if someone is just an asshole and needs to be corrected, as we had some here, like Mark David, or people who seem in trouble. One can say ok, they should stay out for a time, but they still have the right to join and hope for people who understand them and give them a little hand.
We can't look into other people.
And Jeanne was and is a nice person, politics has no say in that, actually. This is about a human, not about his POV. Basics, so to say.
And in that light we should all be a bit more reflected and don't treat people like her the same way as people who deserve to be called what they are.
Stone-Eater Added Dec 14, 2016 - 1:06pm
BTW: Insults are a sign of emotion and frustration in some cases, in others they are just insults because some LIKE to insult. We just need to see the difference and act accordingly.
Mark Klaers Added Dec 14, 2016 - 1:54pm

Billy Roper Added Dec 14, 2016 - 10:58am

This is Billy's mom. He was very hurt by the mean attacks on him.
Where this could've been funnier, Billy, would be to say "This is Billy's mom, Eva.
Folks, I have never believed Sara to be anyone other than Jeanne. No one is that much a "carbon copy idealogue" of their parent or anyone else for that matter. And having seen pictures shared by Jeanne of her son this "daughter of mixed race" is from a different father. No offense Jeanne, but your son is a "straight-up cracker!"
Stone-Eater Added Dec 14, 2016 - 3:45pm
I largely agree with your Dem definition, as we have the same tendencies here. Democrats (here it's the leftist socio-democrats) invented PC and the roots of newspeak are visible. Hide and pretend instead of open talk.
But I don't agree on "downplaying". As I said, I don't give a shit about the insults, I have seen worse ones here with less response, to me the anorexia thing has become the subject, and since I might be concerned with that too as a father, I don't see it as something to joke about, or mix it together with the original article.
Maybe an article about anorexia would have served better.
But however - personal attacks to people who have apparently a hard time are a no-winner for nobody.
Donna Added Dec 14, 2016 - 3:46pm
It means laughing my DAMN ass off...
You ASSUME i am something i am not..
Gilbert you are the only delusional one.. 
Jeff Michka Added Dec 14, 2016 - 5:12pm
SEFa writes: Hey, it's NOT fucking funny ! WTF is going on here ? I mean, we all had our bashing from here and there for what some people thought they had a reason, but that is really off-key. Either nobody here except the ladies had a kid, or if the ones who think this is a joke were not quite what parents should be like. -  I have grown children, and can empathize with Jeanne and Co., even you SEFa, although my kids, fortunately, never had eating disorders.  My son has read WB, and when Ryan Messano began attacking my family, let my son read it.  He too one look at Ryan's picture and said, "There's nothing left to scalp."  So save the anger and cast none in this direction.  When families get attacked here or online elsewhere, the "humor" dries up pretty fast.  Quicker than in a Gilbert article about who you wake up next to. 
Jeff Michka Added Dec 14, 2016 - 5:33pm
sefA writes:But when the first comments which concerned the insults are extended to REAL problems, and these are made the subject of jokes .. is THAT fair ?  Think !- Oh, Tommy does think when he feels the receiving end of what he calls insults, then cries about it, but when he dishes it out, other should just take it and shut up.  BS.  Tommy has revealed himself as a complete and total punk. 
Jeff Michka Added Dec 14, 2016 - 7:22pm
Piss off, Nazi dog.  Stop commenting like a hypocritical moron, abd I won't call you out, but since you can't resist, if you feel I'm "stalking you, narrow your comments to one, maybe two articles, but your narratives won't change. And you're still a complete and total cowardly punk.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 14, 2016 - 8:38pm
Perhaps you ought to think about Nazi dog as your WB name.  All your Jew this Jew that make you a one trick pony, or in your case a one trick phony. And you're still a complete and total cowardly punk, even if a phony punk.  You should engage your Seig Heil hand in your lap and motion hard over some pics of Eva Braun.  She'd have liked you, dog, as a dog. 
Jeff Michka Added Dec 15, 2016 - 11:06am
Nazi Tom writes: Creative - Sure is considering it's about you, bow wow.  You need a little Xmas in your miserable life.  Why don't you and Billy connect over SKYPE and perform, humming  "die Horst Wessel Lied" for old time sake.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 15, 2016 - 11:09am
Maybe you two can conjure the ghost of Horst Wessel and the ghost can pimp Eva to NA and Xtian Identity: Members.
wsucram15 Added Dec 16, 2016 - 8:49am
SEF, Donna, Marilyn, Jeff.  Thank you. I come on here for intellectual discussion with people like yourselves. When I dont feel I can do that anymore, there is NO purpose to be here, it is a writers page with intelligent people.  Those people DO NOT have to agree and it is part of the attraction of this page.  Learning to confront adversity is difficult and VERY few people do it well or with any skill.  I know you have had to belittle yourselves at times, dont do that.  Do things for you, not for approval of a few.   But if ppl dont like something I wrote tough shit. they don't need to comment it. I DO NOT CARE, I dont write for them, I write for me.  I know Billy and Tom saw this article and that was all I needed.
With that being said, this is NOT the real world. This is a web page, a social media site.  Something that acts without restraint and therefore any anger and resentment can be brought forth in an article or comment on this page.  It then stands to reason that  anger and resentment felt in life, is expressed on these pages towards others because there is NO consequence.   This is not acceptable to most people, which is why they leave.  Most people even online exhibit some form of courtesy and manners.  The people on this page who primarily do the bashing hide their identities, which I have always found interesting and I never understood why they picked on Marilyn so much.  Its her avatar or the fact she uses the name of a favorite author, PERHAPS, OMG ITS BECAUSE SHE STANDS UP FOR HERSELF. GOOD LORD..What has she done?  LOL.
People, this is a social media website with NO restrictions and no rules..remember? Why are there rules for some pushed on us, but no rules for others?  I don't know that anyone's name is who they portray it to be and their pictures might not be them.  This is the internet as such, very deceptive.   Lastly, as a woman, I have the inherent right after hundreds of years of oppression, to think and do as I please.  So to be truthful, and in solidarity with Marilyn ( she had no idea)..I changed my page completely including the name (which is still VERY representative of me).  The fact that you dont get it, makes me smile.  I didnt change it for my daughter, she just took the page over.  I decided to take my stuff down weeks ago. I kept the site, to say hi to Stone and a couple of others. Thats it.
I come on here for real people like Stone and Expat who for many years now, have been writing and commenting along with so many different people.  There is also Marilyn who has also been on here a very long time who has written and commented on so many articles.  These people are very intelligent, they didnt stay on this page and have the debates they did because they were stupid, they did it because they have the ability to confront adversity and also the skill to navigate those waters which can be very difficult.  Donna is always a calming voice, and I respect that about her. But when people say anything against the abusive force on this page...the 3 or 4 abusive people slam everyone else....why? Are you really that weak?  You know control issues are a sign of insecurity, right?
Jeff Mitchka is also intelligent, his views differ from yours but why is he a "jew".    Where does that hate come from? These people only debate and oppose your views, disrespect should not come with that. Intellectuals and intelligent people do not have these types of discussions. They don't, I literally cannot get anyone with any writing chops at all to even consider this page as a place to write. 
If you want to hate people, be accountable, the only person on this page accountable for his hate (and I have always said this) is Roper. He comes by it honestly.  But I know his position and I am pretty sure he is aware of mine. Although, I am sure neither one cares.
Now as far as my daughter...Mark klaurs is it? Sara is my eldest child. She does not use her first name,  she really hates it and even in life only uses it on legal documents.  Everyone knows her as Sara.  She is named after a song.   I also have a son who is 7 years younger, who is NOT named after a song of any kind.  Some how you were confused on if I had a son or a daughter maybe?  Ive posted pictures of both at various times on this page.  I again dont care much about what you think..but since I was on this tirade I thought I should mention I spent 48 hours in labor with her, and 27 with my son.  They are real, and actually both have been on and viewed this page. My daughter being the only one I let comment.
Im not going to further explain why I let her come on here, except to say I wa
wsucram15 Added Dec 16, 2016 - 8:55am
 warned her, perhaps over prepared her. She wrote actually almost a book and a half now and I thought she should get some exposure to writing online articles first.   Articles...guys, she never even got out of the gate.  You literally ripped her to shreds.  Yes she was angry.  But have you read some of the things you commented that she reacted to...I have. Look at them from the perspective of a normal person.  I mean a person not used to the abusive nature on here.
Once the abusive men on here found something to pounce on, you fed on her like wolves.  Im sure when you look at your kids and things happen to them (like in life things do), you will remember karma.  In that respect, I didnt create the did. Everything you put out in this world comes back at you. Everything.  My daughter ended up at the hospital, we brought her home, she just needs to rest. No one wants or needs your sympathy.  I just want you to remember that you attacked a young pregnant woman when you found out she had a weak spot, over a writing blog.   Perspective.  Wow..anyone ever heard of the telecommunications harassment statutes? I guess not. Research it.
I can take your crap, because I have done it in life for years.  I will beat you in any little battle or discussion you drum up..because I have fought so many of them and I never take on anything I cannot win. Also, I have as little regard for you as you do me, with VERY few exceptions..and those people know who they are.
Just so we are clear....
Gotta go, this is a busy rally weekend. 
wsucram15 Added Dec 16, 2016 - 10:35am
a poor rural white boy, is a cracker.  My son is a middle-class, suburban half white and the rest is a mish mosh of culture.  But mostly Indian.
 When he was born, he had a full head of long black hair and  his eyes were almost black.  The nurses and doctors called him the eskimo baby. He still looks like that but often dyes his hair for his band.  So Im not sure where you got the "cracker" thing from.  ??
He doesnt look much like me (I have light skin)..more like his father.  My son has more Indian in him than I do because it comes from both sides.  But make no mistake we are both Indian as is my daughter.
But as far as him being white..well, he would rather say he had none in him.  If he has to identify with people like you, he will deny he is a white man completely. 
Jeff Michka Added Dec 16, 2016 - 1:27pm
wsucram15 writes: He doesnt look much like me (I have light skin)..more like his father.  My son has more Indian in him than I do because it comes from both sides.  But make no mistake we are both Indian as is my daughter.
But as far as him being white..well, he would rather say he had none in him.  If he has to identify with people like you, he will deny he is a white man completely. - Can you blame him?  Mark Klarified claims he's a black man. I'll take his word for it, but that doesn't buy him a pass, and he's still a charter member of WB's rightist club.  Now why would your son "want" to identify with Mark, the Nazi crowd or other rightists in profusion here. I'm suppose to spend time composing articles here tht others won't even read or understand--been there done that with my first article, but I WILL COMMENT on the words and works of others. 
Jeff Michka Added Dec 16, 2016 - 1:30pm
Billy the Nazi finally gave up on trying to angry me with comments about Native Americans when I wouldn't bite save pasting urls to the Southern Poverty Law Center's hatewatch that had the orgs Billy claimed membership in squarely in their sights.  Funny how Billy would always shut up.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 16, 2016 - 1:35pm
wsucram also writes: Jeff Mitchka is also intelligent, his views differ from yours but why is he a "jew".    Where does that hate come from? - Judaism is Tom', Billy's  and the WB gentleman's anti semite club's default hatred setting and explanation for anyone not supporting their silly narratives.
Mark Klaers Added Dec 16, 2016 - 2:57pm
Jeanne, "cracker" is any white guy. If your son is Indian, and by that I assume you don't mean Native American, why would he wish to look white in order to play in a band?
Leroy Added Dec 16, 2016 - 3:25pm
Looks like we have another Pocahontas.  Maybe she is actually Elizabeth Warren.
Leroy Added Dec 16, 2016 - 4:30pm
Tom, what happened to the days of, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."
I don't get bent out of shape by comments from people I don't know.  I don't even hate them.  I simply can't.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 16, 2016 - 5:08pm
Occasionally lucide Leroy writes: Looks like we have another Pocahontas.  Maybe she is actually Elizabeth Warren. Looks like Leroy is being a WB rightist asshole, per normal.  How original. I was the target of that comment by Billy the Nazi sometime back.  Like most of Billy's bilge pumping, it didn't get me all angry, and it won't anger Jeanne.  She realizes the idiocy of the corncob that said it.  The biggest cracker here is you, Leroy boy howdy.  You look like an escapee from the set of "F*** dynasty."
Jeff Michka Added Dec 16, 2016 - 6:05pm
Tom the wannabe Nazi writes: In a word, "dysfunctional".  I'm sure that word applies to her household, as it has reflected in her/their comments and articles.  The word "dysfunctional" by default, describes your anti semetic dialogs, and Think you using it to describe anyone other than yourself a joke. But then you're a joke to begin with.  I'm waiting for you to call Mark some of your classic names and he'll agree with you. Poor Mark.  He can't tell who he really is but wants to be a good WB rightist first and foremost.
Mark Klaers Added Dec 19, 2016 - 5:58am
Like most of Billy's bilge pumping, it didn't get me all angry, and it won't anger Jeanne
L'il Jeffy, did you read this article or did you just happen to see that myself, Billy and Tom were on it and as the stalker you are (probably a Peeping Tom when you're not on line) started your tiresome ,gay and lame attack. This is all about how much it bothers Jeanne (Sara).
I have a brother just like you. A Contrarian, someone who takes the opposite side of anything just to be noticed or heard. Doesn't matter how ludicrous he just wants desperately to be thought of as important. Overcompensating for the realization that he wasted his life being wrapped up in causes only he and no one else thought of import. 
You always say I'm the one here trying to join "the Club". Why don't you ask these "members" if they think that? No, I've "got you pegged" L'il Jeffy, because I've seen your sad little type many times before. Deep down, you're the one begging for acceptance. 
Jeff Michka Added Dec 20, 2016 - 11:48am
Mark in the Dark Klaerified pouts:You always say I'm the one here trying to join "the Club". Why don't you ask these "members" if they think that? No, I've "got you pegged" L'il Jeffy, because I've seen your sad little type many times before. Deep down, you're the one begging for acceptance. - Really, corncob?  You don't have anything pegged except your backside.  With your nasty post, you've been given membership in the WB rightist club.  You should go out, wave a firearm around and fire some "joy shots," leamo. I haven't seen the normal spat of "pat on the back" posts yet, but we might.  You're another phony, Klarified.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 21, 2016 - 11:01am
Mark Klarfied  butter whines: L'il Jeffy, did you read this article or did you just happen to see that myself, Billy and Tom were on it and as the stalker you are (probably a Peeping Tom when you're not on line) started your tiresome ,gay and lame attack. This is all about how much it bothers Jeanne (Sara). - Yeah, I read it, did you or "the Usual Suspects?" Per normal you immediately went into "asshole mode," and somehow we are suppose to believe you care about anyone?  You spew the same old rightist crap, and that is supposed to pass for enlightened comments?  don't think so, corncob.  It suits your narrative about me butter-brains, and that is the only reason you wrote what you did.  As said. you are a two-bit phony, Klarified, along with your pards.  You claim to be black, and I can only guess you have nieces and nephews...change that first name to Tom, and that should do you. Everyone needs an Uncle.
Mark Klaers Added Dec 21, 2016 - 1:48pm
Like most of Billy's bilge pumping, it didn't get me all angry, and it won't anger Jeanne mean?

Hey, Dipshit...what do you think the title of this article, 
Jeff Michka Added Dec 21, 2016 - 3:37pm
She's not mad at Billy, but she may hate you, Markie.  Billy was typical in his comments, you came on as a huge, flaming asshole.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 21, 2016 - 3:40pm
And you resort to your Flush Limpjaub impersonation when you try to be "biting" and "cutting,' but you're just revealing, Markster.  The biggest "Dipshit" here seems to be you.  Have a crappy Xmas and lousy New Year, jerkoff.
Mark Klaers Added Dec 22, 2016 - 5:48am
Oww! That hurt! Guess I better find me a "Safe Zone" and "Care Kitten".
Mark Klaers Added Dec 22, 2016 - 11:19am
Checking out for the long weekend, kiddies. Merry Christmas to all!
Except you, L'il Jeffy, that is.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 22, 2016 - 12:31pm
Like I SAID, Klarified butter-brain, shitty, awful Xmas and really crappy new year, scumbag. Don't drive carefully, Markie.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 22, 2016 - 7:30pm
Not having Xmas with you is top of the list, Nazi Tom.  P[st that, my holiday plans I only share with friends, not boys in the Bund.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 22, 2016 - 7:53pm
Markie Klarified butter brain whines: Oww! That hurt! Guess I better find me a "Safe Zone" and "Care Kitten". - Gotcha, Flush...Better wave a firearm around so the kitten "knows" you're serious, or a walking joke.
Pamalien TW Added Dec 23, 2016 - 11:46am
I'm with you honey.
I do realize I had called Billy a cousin fucker but, it occurred to me that he's just a roper.
Pamalien TW Added Dec 23, 2016 - 11:49am
I haven't contributed much, due to lack of desire to associate with most of the right wing Neanderthals on this site but, I visit from Autumn's well curated emails.
The crazy people here call me sane. The sane people call me crazy. The cousin fuckers won't call me pretty because I still have all my teeth.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 23, 2016 - 7:06pm
All hail, PWT when se writes:  The crazy people here call me sane. The sane people call me crazy. The cousin fuckers won't call me pretty because I still have all my teeth. - and you aren't all black, blue and broken being beaten by the cf's here or hoprully elsewhere, either.  Merry Xmas and all that!

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