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What has been special about the United States of America is our peaceful transition of power with our Presidential elections. It doesn't matter who wins, that elected individual is the President of the United States and represents the entire nation. Historically, most citizens get behind their President for at least four years. Then if they do not agree with what has been done, they vote for someone who they think will do a better job.
I did not vote for President Obama, but President Obama was MY President. I did not like what he did, and I voted for someone else each election. But after President Obama was elected each time, I got behind him because he was MY President.
I did not vote for President Trump, but President Trump is MY President. I believe it is UnAmerican to NOT get behind our President. Liberals said it was racist to NOT get behind President Obama. So why is it not racist or at least UnAmerican to NOT get behind our current President?
I recently saw a great analogy of the stupidity and ignorance of those who wish failure of OUR President, from any party. Wishing our President ill or trying to cause our President to fail, is like wishing the pilot of an airplane in which we are riding to fail and actively work to cause him to fail. These people are working hard to cause the plane to crash! This is our snowflake generation that does not have the analytical thinking skills and historical perspective to realize what harm they are doing to our nation.
The problem with our Snowflakes is that they have LEARNED this behavior somewhere. We need to study to know from where they learned that this kind of stupid UnAmerican activity is acceptable, and eliminate those who teach this, maybe liberal college instructors teaching anarchy? We need a citizenry with a backbone and not snowflake or jellyfish population. What do you think?


EXPAT Added Jan 21, 2017 - 6:08pm
Joe. Progressives don't like America! It is evil and persecutes minorities and women. They would rather destroy it than live as tradition has dictated for millennia. They are the children of the 60's who never got over hating the government.
They have destroyed the Democratic party, and cannot accept that Liberty and Justice for ALL has returned.
Next we need to Flush out the Universities who made radicals, professors for life. One way would be no diversity/no funding!
Joe Chiang Added Jan 21, 2017 - 11:56pm
Thanks Expat.  I always enjoy your input.
"They" have already destroyed the Democratic Party.  But they are now the leadership of the Republican Party and taking it down the same road.
I believe the way to fix higher education is to eliminate student loans.  The reason idiots are able to run the colleges is because they have an income source that is irrelevant of the quality of the job they do.  If people have to fund their own education, they will pick the colleges that provide the best education.  That will eliminate the BS colleges that do not get students ready for life.  College rates would become competitive and idiot professors would find themselves on the unemployment line as college fees become reasonable again and what is taught will have relevance again.
EXPAT Added Jan 22, 2017 - 12:11am
How about having Businesses offer scholarships to students in exchange for employment agreements. They would of course have a say in the curriculum to ensure their needs are met. Sort of a training program.
Business of course, along with Government are the greatest beneficiaries of an educated work force.
P.S. I am dead against a general voucher program. Making kids commodities, to be bartered can only leave the most difficult to public care. I don't want a Muslim Student going to a Madrassa on my tax dollar either.