Immigration Ban Goes Against Our Nation’s Values

Immigration Ban Goes Against Our Nation’s Values



It’s ironic how the United States is a country composed of immigrants who fled their home countries to seek sanctuary, freedom, and a better life in this new one, and now we are banning people who require those exact same things.


It’s ironic how Syrian and Iraqi soldiers are fighting alongside Americans against ISIS and terrorism, risking and sacrificing their lives for the very same ideals that we believe in, and now they won’t have the opportunity to find refuge in America.



The United States of America has always been a safe haven for people who’ve faced oppression, violence, and extreme poverty in their home countries.


It opened its doors to my family who’d escaped a war torn communist country and fled here to obtain freedom and a chance to live their lives without the fear of being treated with hostility because of the way they looked, their cultural backgrounds, or what they believed in.


I grew up privileged and with a minefield of opportunities available to me because America allowed my family in. My family now consists of teachers, accountants, computer engineers, postal workers, UPS drivers, dentists, and waitresses. We are all who we are and where we are because our families were welcomed into the United States.


And so as I closely follow the news covering Donald Trump’s ban on primarily Muslim immigrants, I can’t help but feel sick. He’s going against all of the values that America embodies and seems to have forgotten that America is a country mostly comprised of immigrants stemming from various cultural backgrounds. Most of these immigrants have come to America to escape repression and violence, not to spread it.


With the current refugee crisis, we see too many tragedies occurring everyday in these war stricken countries. There are too many broken families, bloodied children, and great cities left devastated in the wake of war. There are too many hate crimes, violence, and extreme racism within our own country as Donald Trump spreads his ‘alternative facts’ and attempts to instill fear in our minds about the refugees, who now, more than ever, need our kindness and compassion.


This weekend Donald Trump sparked a major public backlash with his egregious executive order that banned citizens from predominantly Muslim countries from traveling to America for 120 days, and halted the entry of refugees from Syria indefinitely. Fortunately, many Americans have banded together to make one statement clear: It’s immoral and discriminatory to ban an entire race of people because of their beliefs. Their beliefs don’t make them a threat and this anti-muslim rhetoric and action will not be tolerated.


I acknowledge that the world can be a terrifying place, especially when we don’t know where our threats are lurking, and it may be easier to point our fingers and accuse one group of people for being the sole source of our terror. Yet just because it’s simpler to accuse one group of people for these things, it doesn’t make our accusations valid or even ethical.


Many of these people who’ve been detained at airports or stopped from entering the country have already undergone thorough background checks. They have already been approved for entry into our country. They display zero threats towards us and don’t deserve this type of unjust treatment.


I understand that many of us may be afraid, but if we let our fear divide us and define our actions, then what kind of people will we be? Men, women, and children from these Muslim countries need our assistance. By alienating and vilifying these innocent victims, we will not only be creating more enemies for ourselves, but we will also be violating our duties as decent human beings.


Let’s not allow fear to dictate our decisions or our actions. Let’s fight to be the embodiment of what the United States of America is supposed to be: a welcoming nation that offers freedom, sanctuary, and opportunity for allpeople. Let’s stand united and let it be known that love trumps hate, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that no person will be discriminated against because of their race, religion, gender, or beliefs.


Steve Bergeron Added Feb 16, 2017 - 9:55am
One of the cleverest, most effective ways of promoting a lie is to take something like this topic out of context.  The ban on immigration is not forever, but for a short period of time until we can figure out how to properly vet people from countries that the previous administration and Congress have designated as terrorist producing nations.  It's not all countries.  It's not all Muslim majority countries, as the lying news media would have weak, unthinking minds believe. This is nothing but common sense, which seems very rare these days to some segments of our population.
I saw a video yesterday from an individual stationed in Iraq.  When the ban came out, he asked some of the Iraqis what they thought and they all said it made them angry.  Then, he asked them a simple question.  What would happen to him if he walked, unarmed, into one of their villages?  They said he would be captured within an hour and probably tortured and beheaded, no doubt.  He then asked them why would America want to welcome anyone from a country that would do that to him?  They had no answer.  What's yours?
Bill Kamps Added Feb 16, 2017 - 10:20am
Steve, exactly.  Right now we have a pretty dysfunctional immigration system, where we have millions of people here illegally, illegal aliens can pretty easily get work, and people with legal visas often overstay their allowed time.  Given this environment it seems prudent to deny entry to people who come from countries where their government recording keeping has largely broken down.
In countries like Libya and Syria it is very difficult to find common documents like birth certificates, and criminal records because many government buildings have been damaged or destroyed. Other countries, like Iran, have governments that do not cooperate well with our government.  Given this, it is difficult to know what to believe about people who wish to go to the US.
Notice that Muslim countries like Saudi, and Indonesia (  the most populous Muslim country) are not affected because we can get background checks on their citizens.
Will this inconvenience some people who mean us no harm ?  Yes of course it will.  However, American citizens are inconvenienced and put in danger every day because some of the people here illegally are using our government benefits, and some of them are committing crimes.
People talk about the rights of people who wish  to come to the USA, but people without existing visas or citizenship have no rights in the USA.  What we need to be talking about are the rights of US citizens to limit who enters our country.  This is especially true given that our immigration system does not work very well at the present time.
Billy Roper Added Feb 16, 2017 - 12:32pm
Hayley, have you ever read the Naturalization Act of 1790?
Henry Ortiz Added Feb 16, 2017 - 10:00pm
Harley, I completely agree with comments made by Steve and Bill, please I want to know or see your thoughts about them, I guess if you decided to write and article like this is because you have more arguments than the article itself.
Tamara Wilhite Added Feb 16, 2017 - 10:27pm
Ending immigration of specific groups for the sake of the safety of citizens has been done repeatedly, including several Democrats.

“The day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt suspended naturalization proceedings for Italian, German, and Japanese immigrants, required them to register, restricted their mobility, and prohibited them from owning items that might be used for sabotage, such as cameras and shortwave radios.”

It was in this light Carter banned bringing in Iranians for a while in the 1970s.
Obama stopped bringing in Muslim refugees in 2011 for around 6 months when revealed that terrorist sympathizers had gotten through.

Study Reveals 72 Terrorists Came From Countries Covered by Trump Vetting Order

Senate Report: 380 of 580 Terrorism Cases From 2001-2014 Involved Foreign-Born Islamists
EXPAT Added Feb 17, 2017 - 1:39am
When your parents came here from Vietnam, they came because they wanted to be Americans!  They wanted you to have a chance to be the best you can be. The irony is that the South Vietnamese who lost the war, educated the Communists and now Vietnam is a thriving Capitalist economy.
The Muslims who want to come here want to live as Muslims, not Americans. 70% want Sharia law and closed communities. This would be acceptable, as other religious groups have established colonies here such as Amish, and live in harmony.
But that is where the immigrant is different from the refugee. There are large numbers of refugee's trying to come to America that include many who hate our way of life, and want to inflict harm on American people such as women, Gays, and other Muslims who do not support them.
I don't agree with an anti refugee program, but the 7 countries Trump singled out, do not have a functioning government. Murderers, drug dealers, terrorists from any country can claim to be Syrian as an example. Since there are no records, and fake passports are as common as lice, there is no way to know who they are, or if they will be good Americans.
We owe it to YOU Haley, and the immigrants who are all ready here , along with Long Time Americans, to keep you safe. This is not against immigration, it is against giving those who slaughter innocents a chance to practice their twisted evil on freedom loving people.
You are a good American Haley to question your government, but you must understand the evil that exists in the world, and protect yourself from it.
EXPAT Added Feb 17, 2017 - 1:59am
P.S. America takes in more Immigrants every year than ANY other nation in the world. One million last year. 
Bill Kamps Added Feb 17, 2017 - 8:00am
"Its not a perfect world."  That is one of the things I learned early on doing projects outside the USA.  In many countries doing something simple like opening a bank account is massively more difficult than in the USA. 
What does this mean? it means we cant solve the worlds problems from the USA.  Even when we give aid to help refugees, aid often times falls into the hands of corrupt government leaders, and does not get to those who are in need.  It doesnt mean we shouldnt give the aid, it just means there are limits for how much good it will do.
Europe looks to be very compassionate in letting in large numbers of people who are hardly vetted at all. I was appalled by what they are doing because they are sowing the seeds for future bombings and killings in their cities since even a small number of trouble makers can cause enormous problems.  That is the difficulty of the problem. MOST of the refugees are likely law abiding people who really need help, but as we saw with 9/11 it only takes a handful to cause real harm, and figuring out  who the bad guys are, takes a lot of effort.  Much better to do as much as we can to sort out the good from bad before they get accepted into our country, and before they acquire the rights of legal residents.
The press is not helping this process.  The press focuses on the refugees who are being denied entry, rather than the citizens here are home we are trying to protect.  The press is not focusing on the difficulty of the problem or the fact that we are not excluding Muslims across the board.  Yes Trump is not helpful in the statements he has made about Muslims, since his statements are more broad than the policy.  But that is what the press is SUPPOSED to do, give us the truth about the policy, not feed the hysteria, which is what  they are doing.
George N Romey Added Feb 17, 2017 - 3:24pm
I see nothing wrong with the ban albeit Trump hasn't done a good job explaining it.  FDR stopped immigration for a couple of reasons. What I wish is that immigration policy would formulated around the needs of people doing the job. Also having no exit customs means that it is very easy to arrive by jet (which most illegal immigrants do), overstay your tourist visa and simply leave when you want with no consequences.  I can tell you that if you overstay your 90 days in Brazil when you go to leave you will be taking a visit on the upper floor of the airport to the police station to explain yourself.  If you are lucky you are put on a plane and told not to come back.  Unlucky and you will be seeing some time in a Brazilian not so nice jail.
EXPAT Added Feb 21, 2017 - 3:18am
Once again we have an author who posts and then runs away.
If she didn't want to discuss her issues, why did she bother to post in the first place?
Tamara Wilhite Added Feb 23, 2017 - 5:46pm
The desire of immigrants to have a better quality of life does not trump the right to life and safety the citizens have when some of those immigrants may be Islamic terrorists. And the San Bernadino shooters, Boston bombers and OSU attacker shows we cannot currently vet legal immigrants for Islamic terrorist ties, much less refugees who have less paperwork.