Triumph Of The Turtle: Why Mitch McConnell Is Already On Top of It All

Triumph Of The Turtle: Why Mitch McConnell Is Already On Top of It All



With little to no fanfare this week, the Senate Majority Leader proved that he and his leadership team have already strategically lapped Sen. Chuck Schumer and their other Democrat counterparts in gaming-out how to balance a feisty, impatient White House with a Democrat Senate minority of 48 relatively consistent votes. Often seen as understated rather than confident, Sen. McConnell whipped-out Rule XIX of the Standing Rules of the Senate like Wyatt Earp, and with lightning speed has shown everyone where to find the real sheriff of Washington D.C.



Being from Kentucky originally, and besides one championship match loss, an undefeated amateur wrestler are two facts often overlooked in the life and evaluation of the personality of President Abraham Lincoln. I am sure as a native Kentuckian and a fierce grappler Honest Abe is smiling down on the arm triangle Majority Leader McConnell has sunk in nice and tight along the corridors of power in Washington D.C.

The More You Fight The Tighter It Sinks In


1. The Senate Majority Leader will be rightly credited for the eventual confirmation of future Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch and seemingly all of President Trump’s cabinet appointees now that Secretary DeVos is on the job, and he appears set to accomplish it without nuking the filibuster.


2. Anything Speaker Paul Ryan wishes to get accomplished on his well-known set of issues first has to pass through McConnell’s Senate before it can get to President Trump’s desk. The Senate Majority Leader may indeed have Speaker Ryan’s political future in the palm of his hand. With the Senate Republicans having a pleasant enough 2018 map all in all, a strong rebuke by voters would likely only reach the level of flipping control of the House of Representatives.


3. Senate Majority Leader McConnell and President Trump have every incentive to work and succeed together, hopefully picking-up a couple of Senate seats in twenty months no matter the House results. However, if the manure truly hits the turbine on Pennsylvania Avenue it will still be the Kentuckian with the sugar hold on the investigation situation.



Utpal Patel Added Feb 16, 2017 - 11:05pm
I couldn’t tell are you a fan of McConnell or not?  As it relates to the remaining Filibuster rules Harry Reid didn’t trash, I think McConnell would do the country a great service if he proposed a Constitutional Amendment that preserved the Filibuster in perpetuity.  If the Democrats don’t vote unanimously on such a measure he should nuke the Filibuster, as the Democrats would surely do it if the balance of power were reversed. 
For whatever it's worth, I consider McConnell to be the smartest politician of the lot.  Trump and Ryan would me smart to follow his lead.  
Mike Haluska Added Feb 17, 2017 - 11:50am
I don't see how a republic is served by someone standing for 18 hours reading the phone book.  Filibusters only serve to waste the time of the entire nation to appease the obvious few.  No rational need for it - get to the point and make a cogent argument or let somebody else speak.