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I read George's latest article where he tells us his story of job searching and the chance to even get one at a certain age in one's own country, and I thought of the possibilities that may exist abroad.


Jeffry then, as if he had read my thoughts, proposed a job for him, and I really hope George gets it - given he has the courage to let it all behind and start anew.

That brings me to the question HOW it is possible that millions of people live in working conditions in the West they can barely support mentally, who have enough to live on and often even quite some cash in the bank but.....don't find the courage to say STOP ! that's it - I quit ?


I understand that there are several factors, like the love of the country, the common language, family ties and friends....but they do NOT help you to get out of your constant struggles, right ? They can't help you to become your own boss and get rid of the burden of being commanded around by a boss which might be the biggest ignorant asshole, but you shut up because you're AFRAID to lose.....they can't help you to stay sane and enjoy your OWN life.


There IS an own life, and it's the only one you have. And whether you're a father, a brother, or even a grandpa, you won't be a good one to your people when you 're fighting with depression or even drugs because you KNOW you want to get out but you tell yourself you can't because of your OBLIGATIONS.


I'm in the same situation, and that's why I'm SLOWLY building up the last chapter in my life - working for MYSELF and decide what I do, not what an external creep wants who has been put in front of my face. Slowly, because I struggle too - not with my determination but with the not yet existing financial possibilities.


And I've been trying that for a while, believe me. Don't matter. Persistence is the word, because you've got nothing to lose but only to gain. When you have family, start slow. Go for 3 months to start with, or two. Then come back home to the family. Step by step extend your working stay, wherever you are, and when your family sees that you can support them, they will be more proud of a daddy who made it abroad than of one staying and complaining at home.


Finally, given your kids are not too young, get the family over to where you are.


The Internet opens doors, as it seems to have here. If I were George, I'd fly over and give it a try for sure. Even more so because he seems even younger than me - I mean, I'm getting 59 in 2 weeks, and he's in his forties. But I don't care about my age, and when I can work in a country where age is an asset not an obstacle, what should I wait for ??


Good luck George - grab the fucking thing LOL 


Autumn - put a new item into WB - jobs and possibilities. There isn't a better site around where people get to know each other so well - and can judge if a guy fits to what is needed ;-)


George N Romey Added Feb 17, 2017 - 5:57pm
SEF I'm just two years behind you, 57.  In the US we were taught from grade 1 to go to college, then go work for the "man" and if you work hard enough then the "man" will take care of you.  That was true for my parents.
Starting 30 years ago that began to change.  By 2008 it was the man is going to screw you and treat you like a chump.  Eventually he will get rid of you, particularly if you are over 50 (and the stats bear that out) and no other "man" will want you.  If I knew then what I know now.
The thing with Jeffry, I hopeful (waiting for a response). I'm at this point not afraid to leave it all behind; relations, family, bills and all for the last possible chance at happiness. I would be more than happy to go back to a simple lifestyle with hard work, some good friends, a very modest home and plenty of good times.  Screw the oversized material world.  And the hell with this country that is getting closer and closer to meltdown.  Just look at what is going on between Trump and the press.  A good time to bug out and leave the US as it turns into one big sewer drain.  
Stone-Eater Added Feb 17, 2017 - 6:10pm
You speak what I feel too. Exactly. But I tell you: It's a hard way with lots of setbacks. I'm on it since 15 years....but I had successes with my NGO in between, so I can't complain. I know Africa by now, and I feel at home.
But now I said I need to go professional and work for MYSELF instead of putting all I have into other people, if not, I will end poorer than they are LOL
That's why I'm networking like mad. I work from 10am to 6 pm in a "work integration program for the elderly" which pays 200$ surplus on welfare a month, and then, from 6 pm to 2 am I'm home networking.
Luckily I don't need much sleep. But I cal tell you: I lived in Asia as well, like Jeffry, though not so long. The way I know you, you won't have problems with integration. And life is MUCH easier than anywhere in the West. Trust me.
Stone-Eater Added Feb 17, 2017 - 6:18pm
BTW: Don't laugh but whenever you might think of Africa as an alternative give me a hint on LI. There's no only Senegal. You might fill a position I can't (or don't need), and I have lots of friends, f.e. in Nigeria or Ghana, where people speak English.
George N Romey Added Feb 17, 2017 - 6:22pm
SEF Africa not a problem.  You can email met romey1487@gmail.com.  I'm open to all new experiences.  Lately I feel done with this country.
Stone-Eater Added Feb 17, 2017 - 6:39pm
Check the box !
Stephen Hunter Added Feb 17, 2017 - 9:37pm
George wishing all the best, you have the right attitude, just throw what you want out to the universe and it will work out for you. 
Stone your thoughts on the job networking are bang on. And you are so right, many of us are approaching the back third of life, and we deserve to live it WELL. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. 
Stone-Eater Added Feb 18, 2017 - 6:58am
No choice buy to try :-)
Stone-Eater Added Feb 18, 2017 - 6:59am
BUT to try. When do we get the "edit" function  here LOL
Stephen Hunter Added Feb 18, 2017 - 9:41am
Stone rather than an "edit" button, how about an "accept" button. Now that does mean that we roll over and play dead when bad shit happens. It means we accept it and figure out ways to deal with it. But without suffering! 
Stone-Eater Added Feb 18, 2017 - 10:06am
Hmm.....isn't the Submit button the accept button ?
Stephen Hunter Added Feb 18, 2017 - 10:42am
The ego wants us to believe that. Submit has a defeatist connotation. Accept is at a higher level spiritually. 
Stone-Eater Added Feb 18, 2017 - 10:53am

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