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The righteous, angry MJ decided to write an article that she could use to attract people and comments from those on WB that don't like what I write, and she did manage to attract a few of "The Usual Suspects". MJ, the dear, decried my comments and what I say, but neglected to mention her smears against me that, on face value, weren't much different than what she whines about and those she decries, just smears, none the less, and she was so shocked I didn't beg her forgiveness, yet she should be begging apology from all you folks for her "Go along to get along" comments that are nothing but cheer leading and so meaningless and vapid, they're a total waste of time. But let's talk about MJ's smears, since I was made out to be the ultimate bad guy, as opposed to her innocence, and the things she "just forgot" to mention in her way to sainthood.
MJ commented on a thread authored by someone she called a "friend," this "friend" who had been under constant attack by a few WB rightists over an account name change and the accusation that multiple people were paid to use the account had gone on for days. There was, of course, no evidence for their attacks, but "just because." The "friend" even noted how bizarre this had become, but ol MJ expressed "how her friend had changed," and I retorted that perhaps it wasn't the friend who changed, but maybe it was MJ that had. Horrors!! I don't know, but maybe the friend got tired of MJ's glad handing and MJ never objected to the rightist comments, so much for "friendship" But not my place to judge. In reply MJ just called me gay and a couple of other choice items, I didn't even deem worth replying to. The funny thing was, MJ's "friend" picked up on her smears and called her out for making them, taking the time to explain why the smears were wrong. I didn't ask the "friend" to do that, she just did because it was the right thing to do, not because I asked. And later, MJ decided to go at me again, pretty light weight stuff, (I wasn't an American, hadn't ever written any articles on WB, I was a gypsy and "mimic" whatever that meant), but she got back what she asked for in return, then when crying out as being attacked, failed to mention her own attacks, attempting to preserve her Sainthood. Anyone who believes--and MJ does "believe", Jewish slave trading members of the illuminati (MJ believes in the Illuminati, too) are directing blacks to hack her in her sleep needs a mental health evaluation, IMO, but not innocent, pure MJ! NO "evil Jeff" should apologize. Eh? Greg "Hairy Reed" Frenher demanded I APOLOGIZE. Again, eh? He got all stressed over quotations in my comments, as did MJ. But ol MJ NEVER QUESTIONS HER OWN EMPTY COMMENTS? Let's examine a few of MJ'S "classic" normal comments, just for giggles:

BTW and as a necessary aside, I've been called on WB a Jewish/Russian/Pole/Bolshevik/draft dodging/white hating/Canadian loving/drug dealer, thief and burglar/non-American/Gay/Gypsy/stalker/Troll/and the part of me that's a natve american smeared repeatedly/ and I'm a loving member of the International Zionist conspiracy, along with a whole bunch of libelous smears made against my family and parents, and kids, and also threatened but am still here. None of it's true, but helps the leamos "explain" why I object, particular to all the pro-nazi crap WB is becoming famous for.  It also became more fun to tell them it was all true, to the extent one good soul here insisted I take responsibility as "a Jew" for not decrying West Bank settlements.  TO THOSE THAT MAY HAVE THOUGHT OTHERWISE, SORRY, I'M NOT a Jew or any of the other things I got tagged with. I've never attacked anyone's children or parentage, but some of the "Usual Suspects" do with some regularity, and I guess that's OK by MJ, who we really never know what she thinks about anything with her "deep 'I read your article'" comments like: "Deep thoughts Slade!" Thoughts on what, MJ? Or "Thanks, Stone, I always appreciate your balanced and down to earth opinions!" We don't ever know what opinions, but MJ appreciates every last one, apparently. And "Jenifer I can see you and Expat still become great friends--like you say, we don`t need more enemies!" But ol MJ will gladly help you make more enemies if she can. What a good friend! MJ tried to stir up trouble between me and Jenifer Frost, while MJ tried to stroke Jenifer's ego simultaneously: "Go to Jenifer Frost`s articles, she clearly laid down the rules: No name-calling, no slandering etc.otherwise she will delete and the person is not welcome to participate again. She gets what she asks for, the comments flow beautiful and no-one has to read through Jeff Michka`s garbage."


MJ ignoreS Jenifer's good article content, good research, and substantive comments Jenifer makes as reason why I didn't have much to comment on Jenifer's articles, let alone "attack her." Jenifer plays across a wide range of social media pools I don't swim in, as well, so am inclined not to care much. Unlike the insightful MJ, I'VE ACTUALLY READ jENIFER'S ARTICLES.


But ol' MJ's comments? Let's move on: "If we make a mistake it sure helps to say "sorry."---anything after that to try and keep face is just not on!" What? We'll never really know. And I didn't ask for an apology from ol' MJ, and she didn't offer one, I didn't expect her to, or expect others to apologize. I guess my point boils down to MJ wanting one set of rules for me, and another set for her and everybody else. Now, I'M WASTING MY TIME REPLYING IN ARTICLE, TO HER EMPTY, CHEERLEADING ATTEMPT AT MOVING opinion.


Then even more rah, rah, rah: "Jeff, thanks for standing up for me, you are a "classy" gentleman. You had me emotional seeing the stark contrast between the two of you, thanks! (It was another Jeff)" That's right up there with MJ's insightful comment on an article written by someone new to WB about urban sprawl: "Amanda, it is obvious you don`t believe in good old economic forces of supply and demand!" Of course, the article had nothing to do with supply and demand, but apparently MJ couldn't post the author the kind of comments she normally posts like: "That's the most insightful article I've ever read, " because MJ hadn't read any of it. Which is fine, but she tells everyone stuff like that knowing a stroked ego paves the way for her vapid comments, without question, and helps the "going along to get along." MJ also comments on Billy the Nazi's articles about eugenics with gushing "That's so interesting! I need to learn more", so Billy, being Billy, posts long screens of nazi symp eugenics crap in comments. And I'm very sure MJ resents my dislike of her nazi buddies and members of the WB rightist club and WB gentleman's anti-semite club here that serve as MJ's "support base.". Tough shit. So let's take a moment and looking at "The 'innocent' Usual suspects" who chimed in:

greg "Frehner": In regard to Mitchka (sic) I finally stopped responding after his rant on you and I realized we were dealing with someone who is a danger to others. - No GREG, SOUNDS GOOD, IF YOU TAKE IT AT FACE VALUE, BUT SUSPECT YOU WERE LESS THAN INCLINED TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS POSED or even question what you read. And buddy MJ neglected to even mention she threw the first mud, but what does that matter when you need to be in "fast dodge" mode, eh?

And Leroy keeps it up with his lame, typical WB rightist attack crap:"Pocahontas Michka is easy enough to ignore. Wish we had the ability to block the people we never read. It would be a lot less scrolling. But, just one click and then she goes away."- Leroy, who I CALL "the plastic bag," who, along with other WB rightists , keep trying to be little Rush Limbaughs, and never succeed, and got use to nobody throwing their "Rush" crap back at them, which angers most, including Leroy.

Then there's poor, over 50 and beset George Romey, who can't get the right job, but won't attempt to strike out on his own: "I agree. Jenifer is still young but she sure knows how to keep the conversation going and keep the stalkers away". Patronizing. Now some people here are trying to get you a job, again. But you'll find a reason not to follow through, anyway. Despite the claims, think you'd have a hard time in Asia, Geo. Maybe not getting a job, but living there. And think there's less angst of being over 50 than the alternatives. Just watched that play out with someone else, where, I'd guess the person in question would have been real happy to be any age, given the outcome.
MJ followed with even more hyperbole:

MJ:"It feels as we are all under siege and spontaneity completely disappeared." - Like her deep, well-thought comments can't be made in any setting to stroke egos in the hope the stroked will "be her friend." Online, I think that pathetic, but not unusual or special. Yup, I do think MJ is less than a critical thinker.
Then there's MARKY KLARIFIED's big "Rush Limbaugh" talk: Yes, little snowflake, come out of whatever "closet" you were in and be proud! (and be ridiculed also, as is my right). And finally, quit mistaking that mutual respect is a right. Go to Jenifer Frost`s articles, she clearly laid down the rules: No name-calling, no slandering etc.otherwise she will delete and the person is not welcome to participate again. She gets what she asks for, the comments flow beautiful and no-one has to read through Jeff Michka`s garbage. But, then may have to wade through Marky's. Funny, but I never asked Marky for respect, as I have no respect for him, either. Low expectations on MY part.
Jenifer's work speaks for her. So once again, her work and substance is discounted over good "fluff." Perhaps that sort of thing is another symptom of the woman-hating elements here. Discounting substance and trying to suggest it's "something else." Marky won't admit our first conflict was over his perping and repeating fake news about a supposed "terrorist attack" where several people were killed here locally, bad enough, but then compounded by the fake news"report" by another WB rightist, "the killer was an admitted terrorist from Turkey", in a silly attempt to stoke more anti-Muslim frenzy, which he wasn't (a terrorist, but a US citizen of Turkish origin, so darker and possibly Muslim) and the police still don't know the killer's real motivation, (Someone actually wrote an article on WB where the author had actually been involved with treating the killer for his mental illnesses and instability, but what does that matter when a good Muslim bash is going on? Ryan Messano jumped right in and ranted his anti-Muslim stuff without question), then Marky wanted to turn the argument into a rant about 2nd amendment stuff and "gun free zones," which had no place in the discussion at hand or was even mentioned, but he "knew for sure" would get an argument over, and could crow about "The thin, white line: "if he'd been there, he would have been dealt with it using his personal weapon". How many bystanders might have been shot by this latter-day "Wyatt Earp"? More 2nd Amendment romance/fantasy and, fortunately, we'll never know. We've butted heads on several occassions since, and can only guess he's embarassed for being a fake news perp and horse's ass, as well as being another failed, little "Rush Limbaugh." As Marky noted: "and be ridiculed also, as is my right". If you anti-semites, rightists, nazi symps want to whine, remember that I do also have the right to ridicule you and "Rush Limbaugh" insults attempts the rightists got use to making so other rightists would instantly recognize the author as "another rightist," but were made unchallenged.

So folks, there's more to the back story on this than ol' MJ wanted to admit, and I make no apology for my intense dislike of anti-semites, nazis and nazi symps, or what I SAY TO THEM, REMINDING PEOPLE THEY SPEW NAZISM Or are nazis by their own words, at best constantly writing about the "glories of the Third Reich." They aren't "normal", and should not be normalized. I've stated my reasons why here and really don't want to again. it's not relevant here. AND SINCE I'm a "bad guy", apply the same rules to yourselves, then worry about rules for others. Take some responsibilty for your own comments, not crow whenever stroked. I HAVE NO REASON TO RESPECT you as a "given." As Marky noted, I DON'T expect any respect from them, obviously. And i have no reason to apologize to MJ for her being just a vapid cheerleader who says she deleted her articles and was leaving WB some time back, but is still here. Some other person who did that same thing got endless crap over it. Once again, "going along to get along" seems to have won the day, since nobody has beaten MJ up over doing the same. But she sure played some of you like a cheap dime-store musical instrument.

Maybe she should repost all those articles she deleted, so perhaps I'd see more to her than comments that make her appear as an empty vessel and nothing more than a cheerleader. And perhaps MJ should take her own advice and quit ruining people's articles with junk like MJ: "Ari, why do you feel 'grumpy"? as comment in an article about media bashing. Real deep. She has the right to post it, but should really give up her online stuff as some form of personal therapy/or being a therapist. It's not working.

Okay, that's what I HAVE TO SAY, SO HAVE AT IT. Your comments, if off-point or deemed unworthy, may not survive, so don't whine about it. I made no promise I wouldn't delete garbage. Or are we back to "One set of rules for you, another set for me?"



Stone-Eater Added Feb 20, 2017 - 10:44am
Good article we can learn a lot from, Jeff. Especially about ranting and using too much time on one's hand to write stuff like this. Frankly, I wouldn't take the time to write all that. What for ? It's not IMPORTANT enough, except when WB is the center of life.
By insulting quite a few regulars you'll have a good time deleting all the comments LOL
BTW: This is a friendly comment. My name is Friedli, not Unfriendly ;-)
Stone-Eater Added Feb 20, 2017 - 10:45am
BTW: I like MJ AND Jenifer. Try to see the good in people and not always the bad.
EXPAT Added Feb 20, 2017 - 10:59am
WAAAAAY over the top Jeff!
You are killing mosquito's with a shot gun, and blowing big holes in your credibility.
Jeff Michka Added Feb 20, 2017 - 12:24pm
SEFa says: BTW: I like MJ AND Jenifer. Try to see the good in people and not always the bad.  - Funny, but you brought up like/dislike stuff.  I like what Jenifer does, but loath the MJ stuff.  I know she's "africa", and a constant complimenter on almost everything you write, but her article and ommissions brought all this on.  Like I said this seems to be a case of "One rule for me, another rule for you.  I personally would rather write or comment on a whole lot of other topics, but need to stand up.  Hey, Messano, Churchill's words never held you back here.
Jeff Michka Added Feb 20, 2017 - 12:31pm
SEFa states: By insulting quite a few regulars you'll have a good time deleting all the comments LOL  Gee, "insulting," eh?  Those so insulted by what I wrote, why not get a little "thicker skin" they expect from everyone else to have. SO FAR, pretty "small time." No deletions.
Stone-Eater Added Feb 20, 2017 - 12:40pm
I personally would rather write or comment on a whole lot of other topics
So DO it, shit ! Why fight against something you can't change, certainly not without arguments ? You talk to walls that way. Stubbornness on something leads nowhere.
As I said lots of times, you don't have to agree with Billy or Tom or me on "Nazi" stuff, but try to see where there's points which ARE worth considering.
When you don't do that, there will always be black against white, and each side gets more heated up and more blind to even consider that the other may be right on some points.
Donna Added Feb 20, 2017 - 2:13pm
Jeff I have seen you comment in a lot of articles only to be attacked by one or another. F. Them. I like you your writing. Etc. Wouldn't waste my time with them  write for you. What means something to you.. Screw the shrews and all others that are always rude. Ignore them...it pisses them off works better. Peace. )0(
Jeff Michka Added Feb 20, 2017 - 2:20pm
delete me writes: Fuck Nazi scum. Smash them all. On point and consistent! Makes perfect sense.  Ryan, calling people bullies, of all people, and "going along with 'my' opinions" has to do with just what?  SEFa had some concepts and expressed them.  I'm keeping articles, save this one, pretty light, like "Beer and Loathing."  Seems the throngs implode on much more substance.  *shrug* I'll give an obligatory nod back to MJ for some acknowledgement of the exchange.
Jeff Michka Added Feb 20, 2017 - 2:32pm
SEFa writes: you don't have to agree with Billy or Tom or me on "Nazi" stuff, but try to see where there's points which ARE worth considering.- Worth it to whom?  I'll always find anti-Semetism and Nazism, totally distasteful and morally problematic.  i don't care why you feel as you do, I do care you may want others to feel as you do, and won't play along with "please, let me make "rational" argument against your anti-semetic statements and constructions."  To what end?  Hearing: "Oh, now I don't believe the Jews are responsible for most of the world's problems, or should be condemned or killed as if they were?"
Stone-Eater Added Feb 20, 2017 - 2:39pm
One last time: 
For me, all people are the same and have the same rights to exist on that planet, the way they get to that is the difference. I don't talk about the regular Joe, of David or Ali or whoever. I talk of politics of a certain circle within that people, be it the Jews, the Arabs or the devout Christians which all think they're the ones their god has chosen to lead the world.
When we arrive at a point where we say: Jews are the same as Congolese or Native Americans or Europeans, all is OK.
But as long as some think they're SPECIAL (no matter which people), I don't like them. I don't like arrogance, because that can lead to a fast going-down...
Jeff Michka Added Feb 20, 2017 - 4:14pm
Donna writes:  I have seen you comment in a lot of articles only to be attacked by one or another. F. Them. - Thanks for the thoughts, Donna.  Nice you've actually read and noted the jiveass behavior.  SEFa, so you're all wrapped about the "Chosen people" aspect of life?  OK. At lest the Chosen people are still with us unlike the one's who'd take their lives and vitality away from them, or grind them under the heel of some other people being "special."  I'll say this because it's been a truism in my life:  The thing that bores me most in life are white people and amateurs, partcularly amateur white people...
Jeff Michka Added Feb 20, 2017 - 4:32pm
As you'd like it, Stephan.  You certainly don't have to comment.
wsucram15 Added Feb 20, 2017 - 11:51pm
Jeff..calm down you are letting this stupid page give you an ulcer. I have been upset a few times on this page, walked away and forgot about it.  I used to get upset more before, now I just ignore because people that speak to you the way you are describing do not deserve your respect, they have not earned it.
There is no one that writes on this page, who has not written an article about another person or things about this page the frustrate them.  So its all fair, as long as its done fairly and without malice.
I like your comments and I dont like to see people picking on other people, this is a bad time for human beings, it is a shame some people cannot see that.  I find more often than not, its the Christians..and it makes me not proud of being a Christian currently.
On the beginning of your article, I dont ignore anything..but like I said, take a breath and walk away..writing on this page is NOT worth that much shit.  When people are being assholes try to remember it all comes around. So let it go...and be the better person. Also write what you want for you, only you. So touche'
Jeff Michka Added Feb 21, 2017 - 7:47am
wsucram15 writes: but like I said, take a breath and walk away..writing on this page is NOT worth that much shit. - Agreed, and thanks for the kind words, but could let this go unchallenged. Seemed a little mawkish in aftermath of watching a close friend pass.  At least got to spend some last time with someone important in my and my family's life for decades.  These folks wish they were of that caliber, but I rather doubt it. Time to move on.
wsucram15 Added Feb 21, 2017 - 2:22pm
Jeff..good friends are hard to come by and I feel that pain for you. I have bunches of people I know, but only a "few" good friends.  One of my best friends was killed by a drunk driver at noon on September 11, 2011. I think of her often, we were friends for over 22 years.  I can honestly say that because I knew her, I am a better person today. I have two other friends like that and they mean a lot to me.
So my sympathies to you for the loss of your friend and like I said ignore the assholes.
wsucram15 Added Mar 7, 2017 - 4:40pm
Jeff..we are all joining Niume.  I am under jeannek
hopefully you get this...Writer beat shutting down.
Jeff Michka Added Mar 17, 2017 - 5:03pm
Roger that, jeanne.  Thanks for the thoughts.  Some get Purcell a tampon...

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