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Now what's that ? I have deleted my Goodbye article. Why ?


I was dead sure to stop here, you know why. But then I read Autumns article about her stopping to be part of WB. And I was shocked. Because I have been here for so long and have made so many dear (virtual LOL) friends, and.....frankly, I didn't want to lose them.....and many asked me to stay.


But when Autumn shuts down the light, how could we ever read Jeanne's memories about music again, Mircea's excellent analyses, George's POV on what is wrong in the US, Billy's ideas about the future, Jenifer's view from the OUTSIDE (to me it reads like that)  etc. etc. ?


They all have become a part, ok, a minor part, but still a part of my life. When I read a comment of Mike, Kaushik, Tom, whoever I know a bit, it feels like the person is right besides me and we have a discussion among friends.


You won't find that on FB or LI


But the main drive to write that article is that I see how many people would regret that WB dies. I write this to support Tom who already wrote an article in support of WB, and I think he's very right.


We can carry on, we must carry on. And I will take the advice too to quieten down on my US criticism, given that others also try not to verbally hyperventilate ;-)


I advertised WB on FB already once more. Unfortunately many contacts only speak French, but I've got some Anglophones there too. On LI - I'd not advise it. I have seen many negative comments about WB there, and after all, it's a business site (or thinks it is), so no use. But some of you guys might have connections on other sites which could be interested.


Try it. Don't cost a dime :-)


Stone-Eater Added Mar 5, 2017 - 1:37pm
Fully agree, Tom. It's been going on for too long to stop suddenly. I've been working towards my goal for 10 years until I saw some light. And when you give something up before it succeeds, it means you lost all that time you invested.
Minister Peaceful Poet Added Mar 5, 2017 - 1:41pm
Well, you might say U.S. Government rather than American's, but I knew what you meant, never bothered me.  Many Americans are still brain washed by mainstream TV.  I don't spend as much time here as I should and I don't consider myself a great writer though Autumn has complemented me a time or two, to my surprise.  I have a problem with missing words. When ever I write anything and I have to carefully prof read every thing I write, and still I miss stuff, and it takes time.  So, I'm a little slower than the rest of you.  So I'll skip all that technical stuff and go directly to the meat of the issue, maybe that's what makes me different.  I like WB because it give me lots of ideas.  I know everyone disagrees with me about blocking people or deleting comments. I know sometimes I'm not nice.  But I don't want WB to be a waste of time for me.  If I were retired and I didn't work, it would be different.  I would hope that when someone searched for something on the interwebs, WB would appear in the google search, then I would really feel like I wasn't wasting my time. That won't happen when we idiots here only interested in building up their ego rather than having a rational conversation with someone who might have a different point of view.   
Stone-Eater Added Mar 5, 2017 - 1:48pm
Well, you might say U.S. Government rather than American's,
I always said US corporatocracy, and that includes government. There is a European corporatocracy as well. They're interconnected.
But let this one be buried now ! 
George N Romey Added Mar 5, 2017 - 1:49pm
There is nothing like WB.  The writing has not been sanitized by someone deciding what will be featured.  I hope Autumn reconsiders, maybe takes a break for awhile and let her brother run things. 
Stone-Eater Added Mar 5, 2017 - 1:53pm
BTW: I agree on your comment. And I value WB very high on my scale very egoistically: In those 3 years I've learnt to write English a lot better. I don't have to think about translating before, I just type the stuff, and it comes naturally. That's worth a lot LOL.
I used to speak better than I wrote, but now it's the opposite. Words I write are not present right away when I speak. Strange.
Stone-Eater Added Mar 5, 2017 - 1:58pm
Stone-Eater Added Mar 5, 2017 - 2:10pm
I've got a website. Once it's up and running it works by itself, as long as you don't have to respond to comments to the admin. The users do the content, and when there's no admin around who censors as we have here, the site runs by itself, just as mine.
There's minor updates to be done, but I don't even update my Wordpress site (an old Windows experience - never change a running system). 
The set up of a site is the work. And WB doesn't need much updating, because it doesn't SELL anything.
Autumn does or did mostly PR work for the site. But I understand that in FB, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram times it's not easy. When you take the WB writers and commenters and check their age - all of us are at least 30 (I think), many are way older as I am.
We don't have flashy GIF's around, we don't allow pics in comments. We concentrate on the one-to-one communication. 
That's not youth stuff. Therefore we don't reach too many people (yet).
So I understand that Autumn had problems finding writers. WE have to do that now. And I'm sure she would like it.
Stone-Eater Added Mar 5, 2017 - 2:14pm
Did I just say;: Way older ? LOL. Sorry for that ;-)
Billy Roper Added Mar 5, 2017 - 2:26pm
Bravo! What I love about Writer Beat is its free and uncensored nature, even though every rose has its thorns.
Stone-Eater Added Mar 5, 2017 - 2:27pm
wsucram15 Added Mar 5, 2017 - 2:42pm
SEF..this would be a sad death indeed. As much as I dont like some of the conflict, this is after all this time..kinda like an online home, weird huh?  There isnt another page quite like this, and even though I write on other pages I never discuss music on them.  I also dont have big debates on things either, a part of writer beat that makes you in some way (for better or worse) a different and more educated person.
I have saved all of my articles as well. Some of them, I looked back at and said "wow I wrote that" and others I just hated.  But my time here was not wasted. This page then and now has always been about exchanging intellectual ideas with interesting people which I was privileged enough to get to do in my time here.
I can tell you this, I tried to do my own page and the cost to me, without perhaps the correct knowledge (in paying someone to help) was just too much, both in time and tech finance. I have a page started but no where near completed and to do what Autumn has done, I just dont have the time, patience or finances to do.  I really thought about it also, and while I am a fair person, it would be difficult to be absolutely objective and play counselor to the people on the page.  Im sure Autumn has had to do that with dozens of people over time.
I have tried at the college and online, in fact begged some writers and political people to come on here, most refused just in looking at the titles of the articles and/or the comments on articles they did read.  I had one friend who works in politics say to me, I work in this all day long, why would I ever do this in my spare time?
But people are very invested in this page both the owners and the people who write on it.  I guess the lesson in all of this is that like most things, nothing really cool lasts forever...and you cant bite the hand that feeds you. Self monitoring and mutual respect was critical to this page and something we always had as writers.  I support Writer Beat for all of the reasons above and maybe for some reasons I haven't even thought of yet.
Stone-Eater Added Mar 5, 2017 - 2:49pm
You know in those times every "writer" thinks he's an absolute expert in his field, has PC manners and a "fuck" doesn't fit into his self-perception. Although the same person in private wouldn't hesitate to say fuck when it's fuck.
Hypocrisy is our illness of today. And WB is not like that. These "writers" would probably be afraid to lose their carefully constructed image of the everyone-pleaser !
George N Romey Added Mar 5, 2017 - 2:55pm
Unfortunately social media reflects the anger, angst, frustration and depression that comes from an eroding economic and social justice system that is grossly unfair and continues unabated.  Like witnesses of a huge accident, everyone has a different opinion on the why, how , and what.
Years ago when I was in another life I would have never dreamed about writing on WB, politics had no impact on me and my life was just fine thank you.  At the time I traveled a lot so I spent lots of time on a travel blog.  Folks, that blog was just as "bitchy" and "nasty" as WB.  Arguments over late flights, lost luggage, dirty hotel rooms, surly airline staff, you name it.  Face it, human beings like to moan and complain. 
I can't tell Autumn what to do.  I've not sure what her ultimate goal was.  A hobby on the side or a website that might one day become the next Twitter. 
Kaushik Venkatasubramaniyan Added Mar 5, 2017 - 3:02pm
We can keep the portal going. We just have to keep posting and those of us who can, can contribute if and when necessary.
Stone-Eater Added Mar 5, 2017 - 3:05pm
When Autumn accepts ... ;-)
wsucram15 Added Mar 5, 2017 - 3:41pm
SEF..not just writers, political people and even protestors as well. They have enough conflict and are trying to keep peace. Writers can be sensitive people and as you know snobs.  So that is what it is.
I like the page, it does get to be a lot when you are dealing with it in person as I do, so I dont comment like I used to or write.
Its really difficult to see so much conflict and then come on here and watch the couple of people I do like argue like this.  Its really difficult sometimes it really makes me angry because you guys on here should realize what you have and welcome others to that, especially those you can discuss opposing opinions with.
This is a great page, and as I found out, unique in its own right. Autumn should stay and people should respect others for the sake of the site.  Keeping new authors is a larger problem however, if the site gained recognition as something outside what it now might find she would not have to work so damn hard.
George N Romey Added Mar 5, 2017 - 4:02pm
The threads based solely at certain people is childish.  We can't expect Autumn to fight our battles and play referee.  We need to practice respect and understand in the end its a blog.  Ultimately we are not family or even friends in the classical sense. 
There have been amazing writers that come on and then disappear and often not because of attacks.  Its take real dedication and time to want to write and most people just do it from time to time to relieve boredom or stress.  I'm not sure how you can critical mass like Medium.
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Mar 5, 2017 - 4:09pm
Problem is wsucram a lot of people are not trying to keep the peace. Quite the opposite, they are doing everything in their power to stop diplomacy and promote war. View this statement either towards our microcosm here at WB or the world at large, it applies equally. 
As for Writer’s Beat I do hope we can keep it open. Maybe just a no threats rule, is that too much to ask seriously? 
As a person of mixed race and cultural heritage, non-Western faith and viewpoint I've felt like an outsider my whole life Stone-Eater, so good insight there. Or good observation. There are a few places I feel a kinship, this is one. Let's see if we can save it. 
Kaushik Venkatasubramaniyan Added Mar 5, 2017 - 4:23pm
One thing technology has done is to lower the running costs of a portal so a minimal regular contribution from those of us who can may be enough and that will also give us greater leverage in any negotiation with potential sponsors as our basic costs will be met by our contributions. 
wsucram15 Added Mar 5, 2017 - 4:39pm
Kaushik..Perhaps but I didnt see where the page was offered as a opening for us to just keep.
The estimates I got were very high for a startup on something different but where you could comment each other on various mediums, not just writing.  I have several bids if you would like to discuss it.  If you are able to do the work yourself, its easy and so be it...but even a family member at microsoft wanted a great deal for his time to collaborate on design and maintenance. We looked into outsourcing and its much less expensive but fixing the glitches is also a problem.
The site has to be maintained...and who would do that?
Billy Roper Added Mar 5, 2017 - 4:41pm
I know a webmaster who would be capable of doing it, for a very lost fee or even free. He maintains multiple servers. As long as the site remained uncensored, I think he would be interested, as most of the internet censors discussion from a perspective to the right of Che Guevara.
wsucram15 Added Mar 5, 2017 - 4:51pm
SEF..I wont partake in that.  I cant get on board with anymore communist rhetoric or a mass murder.  I think I have had enough of that in our present media.
If it cant remain not a moderate medium..(that still leans to the right anyway) then its nothing more than a national socialist site.
Dino Manalis Added Mar 5, 2017 - 5:18pm
There needs to be respect for everyone's views!
Mircea Negres Added Mar 6, 2017 - 1:58am
Stone-Eater, we all have crises of faith at some point in our lives, and your decision to leave was an example. The problem is that people are attacked instead of their statements and that must stop because it is childish. Hell, I demonstrated in Beyond Frequency And Amplitude what kids can do, now who wants to come out of the toilet and look into the point of a knife? Not most of those who've come here for a look and left in the biggest hurry of their lives, that's for sure. Then again, if they were serious about making themselves a place, they'd have fought to earn it as I often advised newcomers to do.
You felt attacked and insulted by Slade's post on Swiss bankers, then decided to leave. That's understandable. I've wanted to leave South Africa for a quarter of a century because of all the attacks I was subjected to but couldn't and still can't due to lack of money, and more than once said to myself "enough of Writer Beat", but I stuck around. The reason is simple- freedom is worth having and needs to be fought for because nobody (except maybe the ACLU or some still idealistic lawyer) is going to give it to me freely, and I would rather endure the inconvenience of too much free speech than not enough of it. Glad you stayed, man.
Mircea Negres Added Mar 6, 2017 - 2:01am
Slade, please stop with the Stone Head Cheese Dick Eater nonsense. We ain't kids here, man.
Billy Roper Added Mar 6, 2017 - 7:40am
Yes, if the webmaster I have in mind were involved, it would remain an uncensored, free speech site, but that's up to Autumn, of course.
Stone-Eater Added Mar 6, 2017 - 9:10am
It's not such a big deal being webmaster when the site is up. I'm cleaning up mine once a week from spam or update some info now and then. Of course mine's not a blog such as WB.
Billy Roper Added Mar 6, 2017 - 10:55am
Right, I have three of my own that I run, and my wife has two. ;->
Rex Added Mar 6, 2017 - 11:28am
Stone I agree with you on this. I personally like the people Autumn was responsible in bringing together - myself included.
I definitely want WB to continue.
Charles Frankhauser Added Mar 6, 2017 - 12:26pm
Thank you Autumn for your past work, please stay and keep WB going.  I previously was unaware that the site was not moderated but now I know it offers a free portal for the expression of ideas and opinions on a multitude of subjects.  Once, long ago, I mentioned one of my books on the site and I was essentially blasted out of the water for using the site to advertise as if I had greatly offended the person alerting me to my SPAM (Self-Promotional Abusive Material).  If the site is a free expression of material, then IMO the tasteful mention of a work that might entertain/inform readers should not offend anyone, especially if the rules are essentially self-policing in terms of being civil toward readers. A wonderful aspect of WB is the realization that some comments are completely lacking in logic and could be hurtful to persons without "thick skins."  Therefore, WB provides excellent training for persons that are unaware of the existence of some of the jerks in the world that evidently delight in replying to articles with rude responses that really don't prove anything. "Thick Skin" training is a valuable skill to have in one's survival tool kit.  With some moderation, if WB is opened to some tasteful Ads from folks selling books, they will come flooding onto the site but there might have to be some limits on time and number of Ad related copy.  This site is a gem and its loss to the world will be one more strike against Freedom of the Press.      
Jeffry Gilbert Added Mar 6, 2017 - 12:33pm
Like Autumn I am dedicated to unabridged free speech. The name calling and invective is the cost of freedom people! The cost is reading/listening to things you may not like or want to.
No one has a right not to be offended!
I'm troubled to hear she and her brother had such a violent disagreement. Family is more important than anything else especially a website, even one we enjoy as much as WB so I applaud her valuing her relationship with her brother more than with a bunch of complainers like us!
All good things eventually pass. It was a great experiment while it lasted. 
wsucram15 Added Mar 6, 2017 - 3:14pm
SEF.,.,I hope the site stays up because above all else, there are still good writers on here.  I dont always agree with them, but I read the work because I like to read and learn.  This is a good site for that...
SO AUTUMN and BROTHER..keep the site up, just dont argue about it.
I think your people got the message.
Rex Added Mar 6, 2017 - 3:14pm
Jeffry I agree that if you have a thin skin you need to get over it. I have known for a long time my views are not mainstream. On WB I like interacting with people who have a different take on things.
It is difficult for each of us to see another's point of view unless they expand on it. WB allows such expansion I may not always agree with the comments but I do think about them and I am sure that at some level they do alter my views on some things. Free speech is necessary if the society is to remain that way.
I know that I am sick to death of the Politically Correct speak .
Charles Frankhauser Added Mar 6, 2017 - 4:15pm
More re my above post to encourage WB to stay operational under the guidance of Autumn.  I write to amuse myself and hopefully others as well. Here's a Freebie on Kindle until midnight 6 March 2017. A novel (humor genre) is focused on the publishing industry - title is Slush Pile Inspector.  It can be read on one's computer if a Kindle is not available (Amazon has free App on book site).  As a stay aboard enticement to Autumn, this world-wide link takes one to the book ad page.  
wsucram15 Added Mar 7, 2017 - 2:33am
SEF.. sign up for Niume,  they have a variety of categories, one of them music.  Its based out of the UK. 
George and I are on there now.  Autumn from what she says on here is not going to keep the site up.
"It feels wrong to let it flounder when others have mentioned wanting to administer the site.  No offense but I don’t think anyone can appreciate just how hard I worked at keeping the site interesting by finding new authors and making sure authors who were deserving of comment activity, got them.  There is also the matter of cost, someone else’s money is going to need fix the site when it breaks.  Let alone the other bills related to running the site."
Shes not kidding...I told you I had to stop on my site due to the cost, its too much in time and money for one person.
You have to credit really do.
Stone-Eater Added Mar 7, 2017 - 6:51am
I'll check that out :-)
wsucram15 Added Mar 7, 2017 - 3:32pm
Stone..I am on there, I think you would like it. PLEASE just give it a shot. NIUME.   See you there, we have a whole music category to
wsucram15 Added Mar 7, 2017 - 3:34pm
you have to look under jeannek and I am there.  also Expat and George are there.
Stone-Eater Added Mar 8, 2017 - 10:30am
Ok found george. I guess Expat doesn't like me there LOL
Dr. Rupert Green Added Mar 10, 2017 - 8:13am
I had made a futuristic proposal to keep WB alive, bur it was shirked off. Those wishing to pursue it can contact me at:
Stone-Eater Added Mar 10, 2017 - 9:58am
We'll go on here :)
Jeff Michka Added Apr 1, 2017 - 3:58pm
Geo Romey "writes:" Face it, human beings like to moan and complain. - We know.  You write a lot of articles, I GUESS INBETWEEN THE 4-8 JOBS YOU SAY YOU HAVE, AND DESPITE A LOT OF GOOD INFORMATION AND ACCURATE VIEWS, YOU still find time to cry about your fate and act totally powerless, save pushing the occasional delete key to do anything about your circumstances, which we are all suppose to feel sorry about.  If we rephrase, someone living in an inner city, jobless, poor, etc. you's probably suggest they just aren't trying hard enough, or find some nonrelevant reason "they" have done something about their own condition.  Now, you, on the other hand, always have being over 50 as a reason. Hmmm.

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