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Trump is doing something that Republicans' have not done in my life time.  Use the tactics of the Democrats on them.   You see the Democrats believe in the big lie.  Repeat it over and over again until people think it is the truth.  Democrats tried to make the popular vote more important then the electoral college vote.  But that is not the rules.  Still hear it but since that lie failed only the Democrat drowns now believe it.  The Democrats have kept the Russian interfering with the election alive.  And have expanded it to people witch hunts which was its real importance from the beginning.  And the effort Obama's administration made to collect dirt will be there Achilles' heal.  But everyone agrees that Russian has been doing this since the Russian Revolution a century not new news.  The witch hunters keep calling for people to resign and special prosecutors.  And I can go on.


Trump used the big lie as a businessman.  That is doing something that causes the opposition to react.  To spend energy to disprove it.  Democrats have learned you need a little plausibility for the tactic to gain energy.   Trump does not get the help from the media so he need a lot of plausibility.  He also has a party that is slow to catch on and does not feel comfortable playing this game.


Unconventional they say of Trump.  I am telling you that he was a Democrat that has learned the tactics well.  The party has been take over by Marxist, and he does not want to leave his children a Soviet style government.  So he switched sides and now is the teacher and practitioner of Democratic tactics in the GOP.  These were the tactics he used to defeat Ted Cruz.


I hope that he reaches back into the Obama administration and investigates all the scandals.  This will keep the Democrats on the defensive.  Democrats have used this tactic on Sarah Palin,  Newt Gingrich, Rick Parry, and Tom Delay to name to very prominent Republicans.  So it is time to repay them.


Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 6, 2017 - 10:44pm
We have two scenarios.  This is the information we have: The news papers and media which on inauguration day when into detail about the agencies and concentrated effort to investigate the connection of Russia to the Trump campaign and transition team.  They said that communications were listened to.  The lead of Admiral Flynn leak of him talking to the Russian ambassador.   And we have Obama changing rule on the dissemination of raw classified intercepts, wire taping etc. or signal intel.  The media report that Bannon and other members of the Trump team that did have contact with Russians in the past were under investigation.  
1.  James Clapper and others said not information was collected.  Which means that the media colluded to deceive the public.  They made up the sources and may be criminal if profit resulted from this fraud.   
2.  However, bulk data can kept from another investigation and gone through.  An example is the sex investigation on the husband of Hillary's associate found emails of Hillary.   They were opened and found not to be associated with the sex investigation.  So the FBI could not use it but the CIA has different rules.  So all the communication could be collected on the Trump building by having permission to investigate the Communist state bank in that building.  
Thus the data was collected and the media had correct information.
Both scenarios are not good.
Barry aka. Hyperminde Added Mar 7, 2017 - 12:58am
Consider this: "Edward Snowden is completely innocent, because he could ONLY get top secret information by issuing a FISA Wire-Tap Order."
Notice how many Dems and Media Pundits use the claim "Obama DIDN'T ORDER any wire-taps"? ... As if activities like Mafia Assassinations involve Notary Seals on Registered Public Documents with Witnesses and Contracts Signed at Major Bank Transaction Centers.
William Binney has explained how EVERYTHING is now subject to electronic surveillance.... (Note - He was in the NSA.)
wsucram15 Added Mar 7, 2017 - 2:48am
You know..I dont believe most of any of this crap.  I wish they would independently investigate them ALL and put an end to this insanity.
Trump needs to get to doing his job and all of this needs to stop, this will not happen until several things end.   The way to end all of this is to satisfy the accusations on both sides.  Call everyone out and shut them up. Period.
Then lets move forward. So sick of both sides of this matter. Seriously. To be clear, I dont agree with either side at this point, but I do want this country to start on its agenda.  We have things we are not paying attention to like we should. This insanity is nuts.
I actually believe Trumps biggest problem is his own staff and for the GOP, the person of most benefit to THEM, is the VP. Thats just my thought on that.. I don't like Trump but I much prefer him to Pence.  Call it a theory that has been kicked around. Every time he goes out on a limb, they just let him hang himself, its slow but I'm even finding it difficult to watch.  No matter how this plays out its bad...
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 7, 2017 - 8:21am
Barry, you got my point, it does not matter why they are collection the data, but once it is collected and stored the the data can be used for many thing that were not the intent of the collection.
Wsucram15, the objective is to disrupt so nothing will satisfy the accusers. They really do not care about the subject or the truth of what they are using to disrupt Trump. They are only interested in results. Trump staff is less then 0.01% of the people that are in government.  And we know that over 95% of the campaign contributions from Federal employees including the intelligence agencies were to the Democrats.  Trump staff is not the issue.  So long as the people are not afraid of criminal prosecution leaking will continue.
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 7, 2017 - 8:27am
I believe Trump called a truce at the beginning and the Democrats chose not to go along.  If Trump does not fight back and achieve many campaign objectives in the first two years the GOP will loose a house in congress.  That will result in an effort to impeach him.  He has a lot of opportunity that Obama's administration provided and he needs to start using it.  This is a cold war for the country that will be bloody.  Our second civil war.
Bill Kamps Added Mar 7, 2017 - 10:02am
The  whole things is a distraction.  Both parties love distractions because it keeps the voters from realizing that nothing really is being done.  The Congress can look busy doing investigations, instead of solving spending, and foreign policy problems.
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 7, 2017 - 12:57pm
Bill K., the president is still judge on his campaign promises.  So Trump is motivated.  
Micahel Dolan Added Mar 7, 2017 - 1:34pm
Bulls Eye post; The Establishment- In fear. government life long hacks are having a Hissy Fit.The poor babies are sucking the pacifier and wetting their draws. But, Trump got into the game and President Trump steps up and pokes the leftist cabal once again.
Trump's payback time to dems. President Trump is always on to something he feeds the dems. and then he attacks them. Trump puts some cheese in the democrat mouse hole and it snaps them asap.
 -Hillary for president in 2020-or Al Frankenstein.
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 7, 2017 - 5:24pm
Wikileaks Monday released the CIA capacity to spy.  Wikileaks supported the Obama's government capacity to spying on the Trump's campaign.  The act of Obama releasing surveillance  data that without restrictions smeared around 27 agencies.  This provided opportunity to leak and make it impossible to catch.  Why would Obama not do this years earlier if it was such a good idea?  Maybe it was not a good idea for his administration.   Wikileaks provided a lot of plausibility.
Louis E Weeks Added Mar 8, 2017 - 12:12pm
Great points, the leaked transcripts of many calls made by Trump's staff prove something was rotten somewhere.  If these were intercepted foreign calls the American citizen's name and comments would have been blocked out, but in these cases all of the information is  available so it had to be a more targeted operation with the Trump Staff.  Who ordered this operation if not Obama?
I honestly believe the situation is worse if it was not Obama because that means some high ranking officials decided to record calls without any warrants or authorization and then release them to help Democrats.
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 8, 2017 - 1:53pm
Good points Louis.  I listened to CRTV Levin where he went through is appearance on Fox and Friends Thursday March 2.  He presented, READ, the "news reports" from the New York Times and a few other liberal NEW sources.  NOTHING HE PRESENTED WAS HIS OPINION.  He only gathered public knowledge article data.  So his opinion was the act of assembling and the order presented.  
When new or TV broadcasters charge Levin with what ever they are in effect making those charges at the New York Times and the other sources.  Levin does not have to provide sources the New sources have that responsibility.  And what is funny is that those asking for sources are the originators of the leak or another member of the same conglomerate.
Dino Manalis Added Mar 8, 2017 - 2:46pm
Trump should be as presidential as possible and try to bring us and members of Congress together with bipartisanship.
Micahel Dolan Added Mar 8, 2017 - 3:04pm
Trump is doing very very well for himself by being Trump. Trump is not a life long politician. Trump was a business man who made deals with people everyday. When the democrats attack him he is ready to pay them back. President Trump said Obama was wire tapping Him, bingo Trump wacked Obama and now the investigations are being done on Obama and the democrat party.
Keep misunderstanding Trumps brilliance. Obama under-investigation-Trump will fight back......
wsucram15 Added Mar 8, 2017 - 3:13pm
what you dont understand is that the Democrats arent driving the party anymore or at least not at the moment, they are talking to the press but are silent otherwise.  To be honest, The GOP is split as well, I have been to some of those huge town hall meetings.  These are not "DEMS" in the town hall meetings in places I have been, they are Republicans. 
Gloat all you want, this is about the people, what the politicians do to those people will decide the next election and the next and the one after that. Now this is on both sides, how they handle themselves now is everything.
I would like to see everyone together and only Trump can do this but I am not sure he is able to do so...because of people like you. 
Louis E Weeks Added Mar 9, 2017 - 10:56am
Just like it was Democrats and Republicans at town hall meeting screaming at Democrats who were shoving Obamacare down their throats. in 2009.  Democrats did not listen then and those cries were 100 times louder than what Republicans are hearing now.
It was so bad in 2009 that Reid decided to have invitation only town halls and he invited insurance industry spokesmen and party insiders to his local events but normal Nevada voters were denied access to those meetings.
I certainly do not want to see Republicans repeat the mistakes of the Democrats, but we have to also understand the percentages and reasons are different than what Democrats saw in 2009.
As long as Republicans stick to the main issues of going back to the rule of law on things like immigration, start building the wall, replace Obamacare, work to fix the many problems with NAFTA and other trade deals, and stay on top of companies pushing jobs out of the country, Republicans will do well in future elections and Trump will win re-election easily in 4 years.
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 9, 2017 - 3:22pm
Since Ryan presented what he says is the health care plan people asked for.  I have asked one simple question.   Conservatives and libertarians say this is not what their votes asked for.  They want a free market and lower cost.  
Ryan said he broke health care replacement into three bills.   This bill removes much of ACA but as the conservatives have been saying creates ACA lite.  Which will be owned by Ryan, Trump, and the GOP.  The dems will be off the hook.  And it only needs 51 votes in the senate.  Dems will not vote for it so it will only get the minimum.
My simple question why will democrats vote for the other two bills?  GOP owns what the Democrats actually like, AHCA which is still government control health care.    They see the AHCA as returning them to power since AHCA also has a death spiral economic policy.  They will not so we will be stuck with ObamaCare Lite and the voters will again feel deceived and lied to by the GOP, AGAIN.  I suspect that one of those two bill will need a 2/3 majority and with AHCA , ObamaCare Lite providing health care for the 2018 congressional elections the GOP will loose seats.
Utpal Patel Added Mar 10, 2017 - 2:14pm
If the Republicans do nothing the voters are going kill in the polls for not addressing healthcare despite having the power to do so.  Similarly, Republicans expose themselves to accusations of passing Obamacare Lite if they do something.  So the way I see it, it’s a catch-22 and there nothing Republicans can do about that.  In other words, nobody should feel deceived and lied to, because that’s not all what’s happening.  Ryan should be applauded for his effort, it makes complete sense and any GOP dissent is nothing more than political posturing. 
If you were Ryan, what would you do?
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 10, 2017 - 6:39pm
The GOP has two wings.  The progressives that included Teddy Roosevelt like big government.  Ryan as Boehner before him is a progressive.  They receive money from heath insurance companies just as the Democrats.  So it is of no surprise that HACA retains the regulations and pays insurance companies directly.  It retains separation of insurance by states.   The insurance companies themselves say that ACA is on a death spiral and the cost drivers have not been removed by HACA only the mandates and taxes that fund ACA.  Thus the death spiral for HACA will be even stepper.  
Utpal P., your totally correct.  That is why the second weaker branch without corporate funding say they will not vote for HACA.   The promise they made with their votes is to reduce cost and provide better health care.  That is also the promises Trump (as did Obama) make on the campaign trail.   
The weaker wing is fully up in arms and united.  So the question Utpal P.  has the volume of voices become loud enough?  Trump was not the choice of the progressives but he agreed with more of their beliefs then Cruz.   Trump is the key and the question is whether he well be convinced that the present bill will be the only bill that passes into law and as it is written turns his campaign promises into lies.   He has seen what has happened to the Democratic party because of Obama lying about ACA, 900 elections turn overs to the GOP nationally and in states.
Sad to say but money speaks louder then voters.  Only when voters seem to agree on something does the politicians realize that they can not muddy the water with the money in their war chests.  
J. Riddle Added Mar 11, 2017 - 4:47am
"Notice how many Dems and Media Pundits use the claim 'Obama DIDN'T ORDER any wire-taps'? ... As if activities like Mafia Assassinations involve Notary Seals on Registered Public Documents with Witnesses and Contracts Signed at Major Bank Transaction Centers."
Probably has something to do with the fact that that was Trump's (entirely false) claim. Just a guess.
Jeff Jackson Added Mar 11, 2017 - 12:19pm
The Republicans have a majority that has not happened in decades, and they know it. They are obliged to do something, or they too, will get voted out by an angered American public. It is only the flexibility of both parties to take up the causes of the emerging third and fourth parties that has kept them in power. The "established Republican elite" disparaged Trump at every turn, and yet they lost and Trump won. There is a lesson there.
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 11, 2017 - 1:35pm
J. R., of course Obama did not order wire taps.  He did not have to since he hired people that would do it because he gave then the authority.  He did order that raw data from any collection from any investigation could be share to almost anyone.  The CIA has very did obtain at least one FISA orders to investigate people on Trump's campaign staff.  Since General Flynn as we just learned was a consultant for Turkey he may have been the person.  Since Flynn had an office in the Trump building all the communications into that building could have been collected and reviewed.  Another tenant of the Trump building is a communist country state bank.  So Obama or people he hired did not have to directly collect data on the Trump campaign.  Since raw data could be sent out that means as we discovered with Weiner the husband of Hillary's aid that an investigation on a different subject if broad enough does find data on other subjects.  The Trump campaign data would have been inadvertently collected.  Open for review and thus as raw data disseminated.
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 11, 2017 - 1:53pm
JJ,. the GOP has been gaining sees ever since the day ACA became law.  I think the number is state and federal elections is around 900 Democratic seats lost.  Yes the GOP is obligated to do something since all the candidates for president and all the Senate and House GOP candidates ran on repealing Obama Care ACA.  As Ryan Care AHCA draft has shown that the leadership wing of the GOP does not really want to remove government from health care but adjust it.  Repeal it and replace it with the GOP version of Obama Care.  
Romney lost in 2012 because he represented and installed the GOP replacement in Massachusetts and the voters rejected it.  The GOP progressive branch, leadership still thinks they can force Obama Care 2.0 down the voters throats.  
Steve Deace in the 3/9/2017 CRTV web station suggested that GOP 2.0 is needed since the establishment has kept the Conservative wing from being heard.  And it may have a better chance on its own.  The Whig party in the 1840's and 1850's were doing the same thing to the abolitionist.  The GOP 1.0 was a combination of a Whig branch and smaller independent parties.  As it happened the Democratic party in the 1860 election also split into two so there were 4 major party candidates.  
J.J., I agree with Steve.  It is obvious that the progressive leadership of the GOP is to attached to the lobbyist that fill the GOP and Democrat war chests.  They both have tunnel vision so do not see the voters.  They have so often used money to win elections that they do not see that the overall trend is not effected by money but the economics and belief of the voters.  That can not be changed by a political aid campaign. 
J. Riddle Added Mar 11, 2017 - 2:09pm
"of course Obama did not order wire taps.  He did not have to since he hired people that would do it because he gave then the authority."
...which ignores the fact that those peddling this allegations simply made it up and Trump merely mindlessly parroted them. Obama had no legal authority at all to wiretap the Trump campaign. Doing so would involve a process.
"The CIA has very did obtain at least one FISA orders to investigate people on Trump's campaign staff."
Not sure what that very confused sentence means but there are no known FISA orders "to investigate people on Trump's staff," nor could there ever be. As its name states, FISA is concerned with foreign intelligence.
"Since General Flynn as we just learned was a consultant for Turkey he may have been the person"
Flynn's role as an agent of Turkey has been public knowledge for a long time. I wrote about it back during the transition. And monitoring Flynn on those grounds wouldn't constitute monitoring the Trump campaign. The FBI monitors the activities of foreign delegations in the U.S., which is almost certainly how it knew Flynn was talking to the Russian ambassador. That, too, doesn't constitute monitoring the Trump campaign.
"Since Flynn had an office in the Trump building all the communications into that building could have been collected and reviewed." exactly the same way everyone in the building could have been subjected to a Martian spore that allowed them to be remotely controlled by the King of Mars. Could be true, but we have nothing that even hints of any such thing having happened.
"Another tenant of the Trump building is a communist country state bank."
If that's Russia, that's not "a communist country."
"So Obama or people he hired did not have to directly collect data on the Trump campaign."
Trump's (entirely false) claim was that Obama had him wiretapped. What you're describing wouldn't fall under that. And, again, there isn't even any evidence any wiretapping took place.
"The Trump campaign data would have been inadvertently collected.  Open for review and thus as raw data disseminated."
That wasn't Trump's charge and inadvertent collection wouldn't justify that charge.
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 11, 2017 - 11:50pm
J.R., So let see Mark Levin on Fox and Friend March 2 went through the the history of the spying. J. R. New York Times reporters told us that wire taping of the Trump campaign was happening from there sources, leaks. They published at least if I remember correctly four articles. Other new media joined in from their sources. So J. R. the government did gather data from phone and internet sources. Since Flinn had an phone in Trump towers and we know for sure his data was leaked then there is your proof thanks to the New York Times.
If CIA was spying on the Russian ambassador. so by law they should not have recorded Flinn, and I assume as a member of the opposition party this is even a stronger rule. That is unless Flinn was the subject.
Monday or Tuesday of last week If I remember correctly Sean Hannity had two reporters that said that FISA order or orders were issued that covered people on the Trump campaign or transition staff a week before the election. Democratic Congressmen during that last week hinted that shady thing going on in the Trump team would be forth coming. Obviously they were told that people were listening or going through recorded data of members of the Trump campaign.  J. R. how did that happen?
What Hannity and Levin want the congressional investigating committees to do is to go through the daily Obama briefings to see if these activities were discussed. It is assumed that Obama from pass incidents obtained enough information to help him answer questions.
Flinn's role as an agent of turkey you say was well known so then you are telling me that the CIA has a acceptable reason to get a FISA order. Thank you J. R..

J. R., the CIA spies on both friends and foes.  So the bank was a foreign bank.
Trump my not know the name of the method the CIA used. Since tweets have limited text, Trump knew wire tap defines the collection of communications without the parties knowing. The meaning is clear.
J. Riddle Added Mar 12, 2017 - 1:11am
I'm going to assume that perhaps English is your second language and not make a fuss over your difficult prose but I will try to untangle this.
Mark Levin and Sean Hannity aren't sources for anything. They're professional bloviators, both with long histories of making entirely false claims; they can be set aside without any further consideration.
There were some press reports--one from a crackpot source, others from more reliable ones and all based on anonymous sources--that the Justice Department repeatedly sought a FISA order relating to activities of Russian banks connected to the Putin regime. None of these reports, nor any other actual news stories, ever made any allegation that Trump or his campaign were wiretapped. That started as empty speculation by the National Review then was picked up by Breitbart (after Levin dropped trou and claimed the Obama administration had been using "police state tactics" to try to undermine the Trump campaign). Neither of those sources did any original reporting. There were also reports that multiple government agencies were investigating connections between various people in the Trump campaign and Russia but, again, none of those reports made any claims about wiretapping.
Trump looked at Breitbart's bullshit and repeated it. That anything from Breitbart could have come from Steve Bannon, Trump's own right hand, isn't a connection anyone has yet been willing to suggest but it seems a pretty obvious one.
"Flinn's role as an agent of turkey you say was well known so then you are telling me that the CIA has a acceptable reason to get a FISA order."
Flynn's conversation with the Russian ambassador was uncovered via the routine monitoring of the ambassador's activities and is entirely separate from all of the rest of this.
As for all of Trump's bullshit, he doesn't have to read Breitbart to get his "news" (and his reading Breitbart at all while throwing such a hissy over mostly false allegations of "fake news" is hilarious). All he has to do to know the real story is pick up the phone and ask. He's pulling this slanderous bullshit because he thinks it will be politically beneficial to him and will get investigators off his own back (which is another reason why that Breitbart/Bannon thing may be much more significant).
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 12, 2017 - 9:08am
J.R., Considering that the New York Times did not report the Holocaust in Germany against the Jews. I do not consider that a source that in impeccable, however; the liberals do. That must mean YOU.  So we will have to disagree on Mark Levin and Sean Hannity and the New York Times.  
How that suggest that English is my second language is beyond my understanding.
J. R., the FBI when investigating Weiner for sex crimes they did not made any allegation that they were looking for Emails that the wife put on that computer from Hillary Clinton. But Emails were there and the FBI did go through them.  Now J. R. if you are willing to break the law and leak classified information then it is a small step  to look and leak information that does not pertain to the case that your are investigating.
I also need to repeat again that Levin did not make any claims. Levin READ THE TEXT WRITTEN IN MEDIA SOURCES INCLUDING THE NEW YORK TIMES. J. R. "READ READ READ" THE TEXT WHICH MAKE THE CLAIMS. That is what "history" means.
Trump took the "history" that Levin presented on Fox and Friends 3/2/17 and then Breibart that also used Levin as their source.  So in effect Trump used the NEW YORK TIMES and the other sources quoted.  He used the liberal media.

J. R., I only said that just now I found out Flinn was an agent of Turkey.  YOU SAID IT WAS WELL KNOW MUCH EARLIER.
The CIA never said that they were spying on the Russian Ambassador.  That was said by the media like the NEW YORK TIMES.  So they found it out from CIA leakers.
J. R., Obama often said he first heard about many things from the media news.  So Trump like Obama finds the media new has some value.  They agree on this one thing.  So are then must be saying that Obama was putting out bullshit when he used the media as a reason for saying things?
Cliff M. Added Mar 20, 2017 - 9:50pm
Weapons of mass destruction. Repeating the story line over and over until it took root was G.W.Bush's playbook. Manufacturing facts to match the story line of your agenda has been politics 101 for a long time. I don't think you can pick a favorite on this issue. Just look at the nonsense Ryan keeps spouting about his healthcare bill.
Dr. Rupert Green Added Apr 28, 2017 - 1:01am
@ Thomas. "I hope that he reaches back into the Obama administration and investigates all the scandals.  This will keep the Democrats on the defensive.  Democrats have used this tactic on Sarah Palin,  Newt Gingrich, Rick Parry, and Tom Delay to name to very prominent Republicans.  So it is time to repay them." Obama may have been n some dirty shit. If not him, someone behind his back, But with lynch meeting Clinton in the plane and Donna Brasil's dirty shit, he knew the deal.
Trump must realize he committed a stupendous feat, he is now president, and he needs to get rid of some of those assholes around him.
Thomas Sutrina Added Apr 28, 2017 - 10:01am
If you read anything I write about Trump I am not a fan.  I am a Conservative, (conserve the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of 1800 mostly but their are many good Amendments and a few disasters) which means Ted Cruz.  
I want to go after those in any administration that breaks the law.  I am not that angry at Snowden or Wicki leaks  they do both harm and good in my opinion.  But I do not want a witch hunt which is what the people mentioned above were involved in.  That force them off the stage.
Hillary clearly broke the LAW by having a private server.  She broke the law by on national and world TV stating the response time for a nuclear response.   Rice clearly unmasked Trump campaign and transition people and clearly those names and information became public knowledge.  Clearly Obama loosed up the rules for sharing this classified information.   We do have clear reasons to investigate Obama's administration.  I suspect Bush's administration has some hanging chad also.
The only way we reduce the breaking of the law by an administration is to enforce the law for any administration and all administrations.  To Trump must fear being caught and the law being enforce.  That is the only way to stop it.  Presidents will commit stupid acts but they will not be unlawful.  That no investigation in the future will prevent.
Micahel Dolan Added Apr 28, 2017 - 12:03pm
President Trump won the presidency and the corrupt politicians in the House and Senate will keep trying to destroy his great achievement.Why-well the elected elites see themselves as doers of great achievement for the folks. The establishment in Washington cannot allow a president to become a great president. President Trump is not one of the them an outsider if the outsider president is successful that will implode the idea that only in-bed politicians can run the country. Open up the candidates-choice of a non politician to run.
Thomas Sutrina Added Apr 28, 2017 - 1:29pm
I agree the corrupt Senators and Representatives will not change their tune.  But as a Conservative I do not see all of Trump's campaign talk as GREAT.    Now compared to Clinton an order of magnitude better.  He has not set up a GREAT group of advisors since he does not have one Conservative.   That means he does not have a balance view of the people in the House and Senate.  
That was obvious, the Ryan AHCA, reaction of Trump was far from a GREAT stand.  Trump did not take into account that ACA has resulted in about 900 legislature seats flipping from Democratic to Republican.  It does not take into account that since 2010 every Republican has know this and ran on 'repeal of ACA' and the most famous words are from the majority leader in the senate M. MacConnell of repeal ACA root and branch.  Trump made the same promise.  But AHCA was RINO repeal in name only.  Will redo AHCA be any better?   The objective has to be to improve the situation enough that health care is not a mill stone around the necks of the GOP as ACA has been a mill stone around the necks of Democrats.   RINO did not achieve the desired goal and the Democrats would never provide 60 votes to take the mill stone off the GOP.