I Remember The Cold War

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Just watched an RT news clip about all of our politicians WHO MET WITH THE RUSSIANS.


Like who cares, so what, whatever.  In the cold war we were worried about real things like who would launch the missiles first. 


I remember the cold war, after it ended, I had this weird dream and put it in a poem:


Making Peace With The Enemy


Tonight, You're going to break enemy lines
Sneak aboard a Russian installation
You'll wait until morning
They might shoot you dead
They might put you away
They might let you go
But your job, men
Is to make peace with the Russians
You're not going to pack any weapons


Proud of our mission
We stood until morning
they shot us with needles
Putting us to sleep, one by one
They said it will protect us
From the Russian disease
When they got to me
They did not have enough
I did not sleep, but only got tired
The doctor laid down with me
Said, "I'm sorry son, you may not live
and you cannot leave"


They put us in civilian clothes
Marched us through a Russian mall
Didn't know they had Russian Life magazines
Watched a Russian non-conformer
Complain about his hamburger
So they took it away
And replaced it with mush
We said, "alright"
And all the Russians said, "alright"


They marched us across a bridge
I began to feel faint and fell over the rail
One of my buddies said, "he's going to drown"
My Russian friend said, "there's no water,
he'll be okay.


But it will be awhile before they come and get him,
he might die before then"
My buddy said, "if he dies, I'll die with him"
So he jumped down with me
My Russian friend said, "make some furniture,
build a shelter, it might be awhile
before they come and get you"
So we dug out a tunnel
and went to sleep


By: Roger Harkness


news clip:  https://youtu.be/FJr2ZGn0-cM


Mircea Negres Added Mar 8, 2017 - 2:17am
Man, the Cold War was something else... I never heard of Matthias Rust's flight through Soviet territory and landing in Red Square until I saw it on CNN years later, here in South Africa. One thing I know is that while the communists loved meeting sympathetic Western politicians, they didn't like it when the American consul used to visit the homes of Romanian dissidents.
The contacts between that guy of Trump's and the Russian ambassador were either harmful or not. I don't know which, but can safely say that Nixon did far worse when he was running for the White House during the Vietnam war, because he contacted the South Vietnamese and told them to hold out at the talks because he was going to give them a better deal, directly interfering with and undermining LBJ's attempts to make peace in what was in effect treason. He should've been arrested and tried right there and then, but LBJ didn't want to destabilise the elections in which he wasn't taking part. Just imagine, if he had ordered Nixon arrested, Watergate would not have happened and he wouldn't have become the first sitting U.S. president to be impeached...
Minister Peaceful Poet Added Mar 8, 2017 - 2:35am
Those were scary times.  We would have drills all the time.  I watched the movie about the Hiroshima bomb 3 times when I was in first grade. 
George N Romey Added Mar 8, 2017 - 3:30pm
MPP I think a modern version of the Cold War is coming.  Instead of drills going to the bomb shelters we will endure endless news accounts of Russia behaving badly.
Minister Peaceful Poet Added Mar 9, 2017 - 2:25am
George - Make it stop, oh the agony - lol

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