DRAFT: Thanks Doc! How Much Do I Owe You?

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I am not too young to remember those days; the days when you went to the doctor or he came to your house and treated you. When he was finished, you paid him. Transaction concluded.  You got better and the doctor got paid. No claim forms, no paperwork, no membership cards, nlo HMO's or PPO's. It was fee for service and it worked well.....very well! It worked onj "Little House On The Prairie" and it worked in West Pittston, Pennsylvania in the 1970's. Then it came.  The thing that changed everything. The thing that totally and completely DESTROYED the healthcare system:  Health Insurance!


When you got a service from the doctor and paid him, you used healthcare services when you really needed them.  You didn't haphazaardy see the doictor "just because."  When you got sick otr injured you accessed the healthcare system.  You paid your bill and went on your way.  You were frugal becaues YOU were paying and YOU were on the hook!


Most people got what was called "major medical" through their employer, so that if God forbd, they ended up in the hosp[ital, they had inshurancee coverage.  But routine care was fee for service, just likenany other commodity in the economy.  Prices were reasonable and affordable and medications were also available and affordable.


Thyen came "health insurance."  Suddenly employers started wooing potential employees with the promise of complete healthcare that would take care of them and all of their healthcare needs for very little money.  They were right and it worked....for a while.....until it didn't.  First came HMO's.  An employer offered complete hhealth insurance through Health maintenance organizations. You had to see specific doctors for specific things within that specific network.  If you did everything you were supposed to it worked fairly well; that is unless you wanted to see a doctor or specialist that was NOT in the network.  The you paid a fortu8ne outn of pocket.  But yo8 still had the choice.


Employers and nsurance companies continued to evole into PPO's (Preferred provider Organizations) and all the way back to FFS (F Fr Service). For those who were poor, there was a government safety net called Medicaid which is fnded by the federal government and administered by the states.  For the elderly and particular disabled individuals, there is Medicare.  Original Medicare pays 80% f a cvered service while the patient picks up the remaining 20%.  of course Medicare Supplements have sprung up along with Medicare Advantage Plans.


Indeed there has been a wide variety of medical plans o cover nearly everyone in America from those who wre employed to the por and ndgn and h elderly and disabled.  There have always been people, however, who fell through the cracks.  But there was never, as some suggested, some 11 to 30 million Americans dying in the streets.  It just simply isn't true and never was.


And something very strange happened as all f these various types of nsurance plans dveloped and evolvd.  Prices wnet up.  Thjey went hogher and higher and higher!  A Band-Aid went from a nickel to 30 and 40 dollars!  Why?  Because suddenly Tom and Mary weren't paying the bill anymore.  A faceless, nameless insurance companny was and om and Marry never saw a bll for their Band-Aid or anything else.  All they did was get a bill every month for their insurance prem,ium and a statement of their care.



But the American Left decided to advance the fairytale story that it indeed WAS true and that on streetcorners all across America was populated with piles of corpses of those who had simply dropped dead because they couldn't get healthacere.  Enter "Obamacare," a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act.  Passed near midnight on a Christmas Eve with all Democrat Votes, pusjed to victory by Pennsylvania Congressman Paul Kanjorski who was promptly voted ouut of office!  It was read by no one who voted on it!  it was voted on so as then Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi infamously said, "We have to pass it, so we can see what's in it."  The fpollowing election cycle the democrats were thrown out of office en masse.


Our Kenyan Born, Musoim, imposter president, the boy wonder, barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro got his signature piece of legislation passed.  It was thousands of pages that no one had read, crafted by insurance lobbyists and congressional aides, not one member of congress read it or could have read it before the voted on it.  Not one. 


In fact within the laww there were entire departments tha6 were mandated to be created and no one knew or understrood what THEY were either!  Yet at the same time, dozens and dozens of times, the prewsident repeated over and over that insurece costs for the average family would DROP by $2500.00!  If you liked your doctor, you could keep your doctor!  If you liiked your present plan, you could keep your plan!  No one would eb forceed onto Obamacare!  These things ALL proved to be lie after lie after lie.  Indeed several years later the average cost of a mid range "Sliver" Plan on the Obamacare Exchanges is some $600 na month with a $5000 deductible.  That is ANYTHING but AFFORDABLE.  So as many on the right have said and rightly so, there is a difference between have a card in your wallet and having healthcare.


The entire premise of the Obamacare ponzi scheme....a scheme that would get you or me thrown in jail!  The plan depended on many things including ,andates, taxes and tax p[enalties.  But the basic idea was that young, healthy people would pay high plan costs and deductibles because they use ver little healthcare.  This would subsdize the older, sicker people who use healthcare more frequently and for longer terms.  In essense, the healthy, young people wld pa7y for the sick, older people.  The problem is that theh younger people never bought in and simply didn't purchase [plans on the excahnges in the humbers needed to support the system.  As a result, the system is in what insurance analysts call, a "deaht sp[ira," where ninsurers pull out of markets, prices skyrocket even further and  eventually the exchages inplode and collapse.  This usa currently happening all over the connuntry.


If republicans were smart, they would have simply sit back and allowed Obamacare, aka the Afordable4 Care Act to implode and collapse.  They could have sat back and said to the entiure country, "See , I told you so..."   Instead, tney have decided to keep their campaign promises of "repeal and replace."  So Obamacare will go a way and be replaced by the Amwericaan Healthcare Act.  My big question is WHY?????


Before Obamacare, the was independent healthcre plans that were available for anyone to purchase so that you could  self insured.  There was Medicare, Medicaid and employer provided healthcare plans.  Obamacare promised....PROMISED to cover 30 mkillion Americans who didn't qualify for or couldn't afford any of those iptions.  What i dd nsad was hrow mllions off of perfectly good policies and force them ointo exchanges.  So there was really no gain hre.  It DID insure some 11 million people, but not on exchanges, instead it put them on Medicare!  To boil it down, there has always been and will always be a pool of uninsured Americans either by choice or design.  Obamacare it could be argued, actually made the situatio worse and created MORE uninsured people.  My wifen isnanperfect example as a km I.  Myb wife's company does not offer health insureance.  She doesn'tt make enough to afford to self insure, yet makes too much to qualify for Medicaid.  So she is uninsured.  The very working peole, a woman and a cancer survivor has no healthcare.  The very people Obamacare was designed to help leaves many igh and dry.  


In my case, I had a doctor whom I have had for some 20 years, on a great plan.  First, I got a letter saying my plan was simplyn going away.  I then lost kmy doctor because he only acceepted that partcularn insuranc.  I lkied my doctor and liked my plan and Obamacare took BOTH of them away!  Now I have a Medicare Advantage Plan with a plan that sucks with a doctor that I hardly know.  This benefits me how


The proble is that we need to decide whatg kind of country we want to live in.  Are we going to be a cradlke to grave nation a la Sweden?  or are we going to be the capiitalist nation we started as and that made uz great?  Obamacsre proveed, it can't be both.  Obama and Bernie Sanders both admitted that the eventual goal was a "oone payer system" where everyone basically was signed onto a Medizre or Medicaid type plan.  THAT is Socialism, plain and simple.


s ha the country we want and are we willing to pay for it both in natiomal treasure and in the qua;lity of healthcarew; because even a single ayer system won''t give all Americans quality healthcare.  Because the wealthy will ALWAYS be able to afford more and better healthcare than the rest of us.  s thatfair?  Government employees have an outsanding plan.  s that fair?  Y see, theis is the dilema.


Or do we do option number three and go back to the way is used to me where healthcare is affordable and available to everyone?