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With a flourish I am shaken out of my reverie of sleep and sit at the laptop. I write in haste but not in a hurry. Random thoughts, ideas impulses. The brain fires things in rapid sequence but never faster than I can remember. The important things stay in the ether above my head and are instantly replaced with another once it is captured.


Words are the material by which I paint. The laptop or paper is my easel. As I sit, the screen or sheet is a blank canvas waiting. The images written and seen are projected through me. I watch the impulses unfold. Sewn together they form a tapestry. Whether beautiful or ugly is yet to be determined. There is a freedom to this. An artist must learn to let go. To trust. To be at the ready at all times when this happens.  To be laid bare with no thought of remorse by those who ridicule or do not understand. The door cracks open, the curtain spreads apart or the veil is lifted. And it begins. Words and images come flooding in and you have no control over it. You have to be quick but nonjudgemental. The important ones will stay with you. You have learned this and trust it.


Where did that come from? Why is this important? Is it important? Where when how what and why is it of use. I look up and see the stars even though there is a roof over my head. I watch the rhythms of the universe unfold. What is beyond the stars? Let it happen and you’ll find out.


Have you ever been in a sweat lodge? On a vision quest? Do you trust what you see, hear, feel, smell and taste? How can this be? You’re sitting at a laptop. You let your mind just let go. Trust what is happening but do not force it.


I see a rider off in the distance. What are the surroundings like? Are there mountains? What’s that I hear? A bird or the wind. Is the air cool crisp or odorous and offensive. Sky blue with clouds. Day or night? Just let go. Do not try to force this and let the flow come to you. The words ideas thoughts patterns are given to you as if in a movie. Write what you see while you watch the spectacle unfold before your eyes. Do not question these things are happening for a reason. Something inside you has been or is being unlocked. Never fight this.


There is a rhythm and harmony to it all. What’s that beside the rider? What do you hear? Is that the wind or a rattlesnake? What happens next will decide what was. Trust your influences. Listen to your spirit guides. They are directing you. We all have them but most refuse to recognize them. Open yourself up to the world and its beauty. Let the harmonies of all the universes take you to where you know you wish to be. You can’t get there by yourself but you need yourself to get there. Trust your belief system whatever it is. You have it for a reason. It is to help stabilize you and yet let you break the chains of rigidity.


Rhythms and harmonies flow gracefully. Light does this. Sound does this. Smell does this. There is a certain order in chaos if you let it happen. There are many ways of looking at everything. What is a six to one person is a nine to another. Which one is correct? They both are.


Randomness is essential if one learns there is a pattern to it. Which taken by itself is a conundrum. How can random have a pattern? It does. Everything dies but everything lives forever. Physics. Matter cannot be created not destroyed just change. Therefore nothing dies. But where did it all come from? I’ll leave that to someone or something smarter than I. I have my belief and that is fine with me but maybe not someone else.


Back to the horse. Aaah the plot thickens. But not too much for the gravy must enhance the meal but never overtake it. Where did it come from? Who is riding it? On closer look it’s me. Where am I going what is my purpose? Do I need an answer to these questions? How did I get there? Now what is that beside me? A wolf.  The story builds, the blanks start to get filled in. I’m getting tired now. I know what happens next. Sleep. What awaits tomorrow is to be discovered. There is so much more to jot down. So much more that is unknown waiting to be discovered when given. Notebook by bedside and laptop never turned off. This is what happens when you accept the fact it can and will. Most important never be afraid of it. Guess I’ll read until I drift off again.


Ric Wells/Akecheta



EXPAT Added Mar 10, 2017 - 8:49pm
Ric. I have been to a sweat lodge and understand a vision quest! Carlos Castaneda took me there. I think that is a sign of a great writer, to be able to take the reader to a place he has never experienced, and make him feel like it was real. I still dream of Eagle Claws being buried in my chest and being lifted to the heavens.
I have been a professional writer for many years, so phantasmagoria eludes me much of the time. Because most of my writing was fact based, contracts, management reports, proposals, procedures; I enjoy just putting my thoughts down without discipline. I have neglected reading and writing for pleasure for awhile, I think because of all the confusion in the world.
I am also a Political Scientist, so I am fascinated by the foibles of ideology. I want to tell people what fools they are making of themselves, but it only results in resentment, never self examination or change.
Thank you for this bit of escape. I enjoyed it!
Ric Wells Added Mar 10, 2017 - 9:04pm
This happens to me on a somewhat regular basis. I mean this kind of free thought. Thank you for the high compliment. It not only happens when I sleep but can happen anytime. Especially when I take my power walk. 
Ric Wells Added Mar 10, 2017 - 9:36pm
Never had a writing class or any training so I'll take your word for it.
Ric Wells Added Mar 10, 2017 - 9:46pm
Thanks appreciate it. Glad you liked it. 
Ric Wells Added Mar 11, 2017 - 9:44am
Expat a fool will never understand they are a fool. Beyond their scope. To wallow in ignorance is safe for them. To seek truth is frightening and to be avoided at all costs. 
Ric Wells Added Mar 11, 2017 - 6:18pm
The problem with making assumptions is they make fools out of those who assume. I do not use pot . Never have. Do not use drugs or drink alcohol. I do drink coffee. So your insinuation that what I write or think is drug induced is assinine. I will leave your comment up to show others how much of a fool you are. The fact you have to quote someone else indicates you are incapable of thinking for yourself. 
Stone-Eater Added Mar 15, 2017 - 3:42pm
Wisdom is not something the dumbphone generation understands. It would take too much brainwork to follow and understand it - besides life experience.
Young people have to grow older for that. And LIVE instead of being lived.

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