Dear Friends,

Thanksgiving is a big year this year because we just made a momentous milestone. I have the privilege of fighting alongside many of you during the production of the Energy Future Project. From making renewable energy more affordable to fighting in the climate movement, many of you have devoted your life to making the decision a much easier decision to make for the rest of us.

After two years of hard work, I am proud to announce the free screening of Time to Choose on the eve of the global conference, COP21.


Time to Choose, a feature-length documentary from Oscar-winning director Charles Ferguson, will stream for free for 48 hours starting Monday, November 30, on The Huffington Post website ( a first-ever event and a chance for you and the people you care about to share one of the most compelling films about our planet ever made. This is a two-day-only opportunity that is being offered as a public service on the eve of COP21.


This comes at a pivotal moment, as international leaders begin their climate negotiations in Paris. The film encourages us all to take action on climate — whether by joining campaigns to improve our agriculture, energy or transportation; supporting policies and elected officials who are working to protect the planet and expand access to clean energy; or making personal choices to reduce our own emissions.


Best seen on a BIG SCREEN, darkened room and good sound.


Now the movie is done, let’s get the conversation moving, starting from you and me.


What’s Next

My time in the solar industry taught me how we can be empowered through the distributed renewable energy. As we have seen with the increased access of knowledge through internet; dramatically increased economic productivity and sustainability promised by 3D printing at scale; distributed renewable energy powers homes that would never even have access to electricity grid. As we transform from a few owning scarce capital to the mass access to resources, abundance is created through networks of collaboration. The Collaborative Commons is neigh. The idea that every moment is the opportunity we have to change the course of our future is no longer inspirational, but a reality. As our future becomes more decentralized and democratized, we no longer have to wait for the government to make a difference for the world. We have seen that for digital camera, personal computers, mobile phone, and now solar panels. The effect of Moore’s Law does not merely influence technology advancement and market projection. It is changing how we impact each other and the society.


Being on the production team of this film has taken me to very exhilarating places for the past two years. This journey only showed me how bright the future is, because of how much more power each one of us have every day to make a difference. From this, I found that there is a need for fostering more cohesiveness in personal choices many of us make for climate solutions. I’ve been working on designing a comprehensive web platform that shows individuals how their small actions can have big effects on climate solutions at Murikey.


Working on inspiring action also lead me into an inspiring way of addressing change — the maker movement.


Calling the Maker in You

The maker movement is an encompassing term that embraces a can-do philosophy for every aspect of life. Rather than rely on outside forces to guide our understanding of what’s possible, the maker movement shows that anything is possible. Neither social status nor abundant resources nor special training are required to act upon an idea. Ordinary people are making extraordinary contributions to the world everyday. As individuals begin to look to themselves rather than to others for innovations and resolutions, this personal confidence can be directed toward addressing the climate crisis at the level of the individual.


I have been working with a very talented small team as a pilot project to see how we could accelerate the global industry transformation from the ground up through fostering effective relationship building between the right people together in China and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Earlier this month, we brought a group of forward thinking entrepreneurs, investors, and managers of incubators from China to the Bay Area to help them understand the importance of community in fostering creative talents. The central government is now focusing on the ability makers and entrepreneurs can shape the future (as they have done many times in Chinese history). This is our monumental opportunity to leverage the support from the government to help steer the transformation to the right path effectively. Once the train leaves, it will not be back again.

Now that the group has returned home and is digesting the learning from the trip, they see the trip being the beginning of building a mutually beneficial relationship with talents and community members globally during the time of transformation in China. We are very grateful for the partnership with Noisebridge, Highway1, Tandem Capital, Singularity University, Autodesk, co.lab, and the ImpactHUB Oakland to name a few.

Together, we can regenerate the future and build the world up.



Crystal Huang

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Paul Robbins Added Mar 17, 2017 - 12:49pm
Ahem, (clearing my throat).  A few years ago scientists said global cooing was upon us.  Now they say warming 35 years later. 
A word from history-- climate has been changing since the Creation. Climate is controlled not by you or me, but by the Creator.  It is all in the wonderful designs of each person, the planet, the forest, the soil, the grass and trees , the skies and stars, etc...It is logical design by our Creator.  The more you study science you will find it is by design , not a happenstance.
Bill H. Added Mar 17, 2017 - 5:35pm
Good article Crystal and welcome to WB.
Sadly you will be plummeted by the many deniers on this site who's mission in life is to speak for the petroleum corporations.
I for one feel that it is time to move toward renewable energy as soon as we can. The oil companies will do all that they can to prevent this.
Jenifer Frost Added Mar 17, 2017 - 5:53pm
A "few years ago" is 35 years now Paul? I guess I'm not a "few years" old yet according to that ridiculous statement. So ridiculous I didn't read anything else you wrote after because that was enough to cancel out your credability. Wow. 
Good article though for those of us who care about the future for the world's children. You know, most of us who aren't even a "few years" old yet. 
Dino Manalis Added Mar 20, 2017 - 10:55am
We should research and develop all energy sources, including renewables and cleaner fossil fuels, to protect the environment; save/create jobs; and keep energy costs down.
Dave Volek Added Mar 26, 2017 - 11:34am
Hi Crystal
My primitive understanding of science says that humans are causing climate change--and it won't be for the better. But I have to admit that my understanding is primitive.
When at least 90% of the world's scientists are saying the same thing, I have two thoughts on this. First, they just might be following a path of political correctness. Or perhaps simply put, their career as scientists stalls if they don't jump on the climate change band wagon. Second, if they are the experts and they say we need to go in the direction away from fossil fuels, then we should go in that direction. Those of us who are not scientists should not have vote in this matter.
So we have both "doubt" and "truth" manifestation themselves in this issue-----and our current systems of governance cannot handle this dichotomy very well. So do we continue? Or do we look for an alternative system of governance?
Please consider "Tiered Democratic Governance"