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This is it.  This is the last chance we have of returning our nation to an agenda of America First.  If the globalists among the perpetually re-elected twin headed bird of prey that is the best Congress money can buy along with their Deep State/Permanent Government allies can successfully thwart this attempt to make America Great Again there will be no reprieve.  The stenographers of the Democrat Party, the ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCPBS Cartel media megaphone trumpets their fake news every day.  Within hours this becomes the personal opinion of their legions of militantly apathetic low information voters.  


The last person elected president who wanted to drain the swamp was Nixon in 1972.  Before that it was JFK.  Mr. President, watch your back.  The RINOs in Congress along with their brethren across the aisle are planning the Nixon treatment for you.  Let us pray there is no one planning the JFK treatment.


America has been sold down the river for so long many people have come to enjoy the ride.  Like paying customers on an amusement ride they float along through the tunnel of entitlements not knowing that at the end of the tunnel is a waterfall called austerity.  You just simply cannot continue to spend more than you make forever.  While it may sound like fun to charge your overdrawn Mastercard to your Visa and your overdrawn Visa to your Discover and then get a cash advance on your Mastercard to pay your Discover eventually you run out of other people’s money


We have been following the pipers on our way to bankruptcy like rats out of Hamelin.  The music sounded great, “♪ You can have it all for free ♫” but eventually you have to pay the piper.  


President Trump’s first budget is a down payment on a debt too big to be paid.  It is a stretch to believe we could ever see twenty trillion dollars paid off in our lifetime but we can make a start.  We can begin to scratch our way out of the hole our out of control spending has dug.


Have you ever heard of the scratch test?  An old man, the descendant of a band of robbers from Italy once told me that in the Old Country they would throw new born babies into a marble pool and if the baby did not at least scratch at the side in an attempt to live they would let it drown.


Another old story is that if you find yourself stuck in a hole the first thing to do is stop digging.


Support the President’s Budget.  Ignore the Cartel and their fake news.  Let you senators and congress person know you want them to support the president.  In other words, “Trump the chumps, stay the course and make America great again.”


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Bill H. Added Mar 23, 2017 - 12:15pm
Trump is reactive. We will never really know what he will have up his sleeve from day to day. He calls the shots, rules by fear and threats, and will listen to no one. He once stated “My primary consultant is myself”.
Every decision Trump makes will be made with only one objective in mind, and that is to make sure that Trump looks good.
And yes, the only true news to Trump is that which makes him look good.
Everything else to him is fake.
Patrick Writes Added Mar 23, 2017 - 3:01pm
Interest on the debt is already in the top 6 of the largest expenditures of the national budget. How much could the gov't accomplish with the over $200 billion that they're now paying for interest on debt with? 
Does anybody know when interest on the debt becomes the largest expenditure on the national budget? 
The author is right. Unless Congress can at least formulate a PLAN for how to balance the budget at some future date, you're assured that at some sometime (likely in the lifetime of young people today) where they'll have to print money to get through the shortfall in each fiscal year. And few will want to buy U.S. debt (and the petrodollar system would have broken up which means millions of U.S. dollars floating around the world currently to buy oil would return home causing even more inflation). It's Venezuela, Zimbabwe kind of stuff one day if they don't get a hold of the problem. 
If there is a war on, some kind of terrible economic calamity, countries take on debt, it's fine. But when it's NORMAL, business as usual for nearly 40 years to have these massive budget shortfalls you're pushing your kids and grandkids closer toward a cliff that can't be backed away from.