DRAFT: Knowing Your Own

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I'm a WASP. Not the elite WASP of Chevy Chase movies, but an intellectual, unprejudiced, liberal socially, economically conservative WASP. I was taught to question everything. It was only when I got a little older and began questioning the people who'd taught me to question everything that I started getting in serious trouble.


Because of my upbringing, I have a lot in common with Jewish people. I believe in the value of education. I like honing my mental skills with games requiring complex thinking and absolute concentration. I love music and art, have some skills in those areas. I love the good life. But I am not a thief and have no desire to be. I am not a hypocrite. I will not tell you something I don't believe merely to get an advantage on you. I don't laugh at people's ineptitudes, even when laughter might be warranted because of an arrogant attitude. Even with the most terrible person I've ever met, we're talking child molester here, wealthy, able to get away with it, has and has bragged about it, I offer honest advice about his golf      

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