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What we have here is a failure to communicate. Cool Hand Luke.


That's what we're having in the world right now, a failure of communication and the reason is simple, we've reached a point of conflict, and when people reach a point of conflict, they stop communicating to each other and start shouting slurs.


I read some articles about how much good the wealthy do with their wealth, as if that means wealth is good. But if we don't know the whole story, how can we make that judgment? Yes, Bill Gates made a product that made him one of the richest men in the world, but didn't his company engage in monopolistic behavior? Do these laws not matter, these laws that limit how companies behave in trying to secure their profits?


It appears that laws don't matter anymore. Lies matter. And I see the decline in the rule of law directly connected to the founding of Israel. International law says no country can take occupied territory and settle it. Israel has done that, but denies doing it, despite the fact that satellite images over time show the growth of Israeli settlements in occupied lands. We know that other countries do this, take land from people by force. We know that we've done it. What is new is that we were asked to deny the obvious for the sake of our relationship. We were asked repeatedly to sit on the Security Council and do Israel's bidding because the Israeli's said they were getting a raw deal, being judged by a higher standard. But I've see the Hebrew National adds. The Jews revel in the fact that they're being judged by a higher standard, when it suits them.


I'm sorry for harping on Israel, but they are our weak link. The weakest of many. We have not been willing to use our influence to soften Israeli behavior. No, we've been a pawn, and slowly our policies have become more and more aligned with Israeli policy, such as targeted assassinations, intrusions in the political affairs of other nations, less and less concerned with the civil rights of displaced groups and aggrieved people. The Obama administration refusing to be the lone objector on a resolution to condemn Israeli settlements wasn't the beginning of a change of policy, it was a way of lying to the American electorate, to be able to make a claim that the US is not Israeli's patsy, when in truth we are.  


Businesses and politicians have used this schizophrenic foreign policy, the bully claiming to be a savior, to engage in insane claims. No, man doesn't effect the climate. How could he? He's so small and the world is so vast. We don't need laws to keep people from behaving badly. It is laws that make people act badly by restricting their natural right to act in their own, best, self interest. Isn't that what Israel is doing as a nation? Why should there be constraints?


I don't think the Israelis are willing to concede that the Nazis had every right to exterminate whoever the hell they wanted because they believed it was in their self interest. I don't think the Israelis would concede that being pushed into ghettos and forced to live like animals is something the world should accept, but the Israelis accept it, and we accept it, and what does that say about us going forward? What does the Trump regime with it's bizarre disregard for legal precedent and scientific inquiry say about what will be acceptable tomorrow?


It has taken us almost seventy years to get to this point where no one is pushing for peace, no one is thinking about peace, no one believes in peace, that it is an admirable and achievable goal. We have emerged from the greatest era of prosperity and equality that the world has ever known into a new era of wealth concentration and insularity where wars are fought for the sake of nothing more than short-term corporate gain and the protection of weak allies, all done with deficit spending that makes a mockery out of fiscal responsibility.


That's the message that has been lost in all of this, the duty of a legitimate society to hold its leaders, its partners, its largest holders of wealth and privilege, the duty to hold them accountable, to protect the right of all people in this world to have justice. Yeah, it's impossible, the rich and powerful always get more justice that the poor and weak, but it is the basis of law in a democracy, that people will be held accountable in the courts, have a chance of being called to task for their crimes and have a chance to defend themselves. It is the only hope we have going into the future and it is a message that we need to make clear for the world.             


mark henry smith Added Apr 5, 2017 - 1:29pm
I don't think wealth is bad. I don't think power is bad. I don't think Israel is bad or the US. I just think we need to abide by our own laws, the international laws we use to excuse our behavior when we like them, and should obey when we don't, just to show the importance of the law, or we become just like every other crony state that's ever existed.
Louis E Weeks Added Apr 5, 2017 - 1:50pm
Looks like you are more obsessed with Israel than anything else.  How many of their neighbors have tried to exterminate them at this point?
Right now, today the Palestinians pay a monthly salary to anyone who kills a Jew.
Can you imagine how the world would respond if Israel had the exact same bounty placed on Palestinians?   The problem is the world holds a drastically different standard when it comes to Israel, the  Palestinians can do anything horrible and nobody cares, but let Israel do something mild and the world explodes.  It is this unbalanced attack on Israel that forces us to defend them, if the world would be fair there would be no reason to defend Israel.
Palestinians were given a great deal of freedoms, the Gaza was wide open and they had unfettered sea access and what did they do with that freedom?  the current set of security precautions were put in place because of thousands of terrorist attacks.
Consider for a moment how any other strong Nation would respond if these  Palestinians were attacking them?  What would China or Russia do?  Hell what would America do if a group just over the Canadian border was lobbing rockets into New York?  Canada said they were radicals they could not control so what do you think America would do about it?  Just let it keep happening?  Hell no, we would wipe them out, so why must Israel hold their hand?
No other Nation would put up with it.
And let;s also remember that every Nation in the world has b orders established from winning or losing battles.   Palestinians picked a fight and tried to exterminate all Jews from the world, unfortunately they lost the war they started, there is always a penalty for losing a war especially when it was you who started it.
Every hardship currently endured by Palestinians was their own fault.
Louis E Weeks Added Apr 5, 2017 - 2:59pm
As usual John all you have are lies, lol.
Most of the attacks came from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria but also the largest proxy war is paid for by Iran.
And the fact there is a bounty on the heads of Jews is well known by even the lest informed person.
Dino Manalis Added Apr 5, 2017 - 3:40pm
Peace and stability should be the centerpiece of our foreign policy, because it augments consumer and business confidence and spending worldwide!
Patrick Writes Added Apr 5, 2017 - 9:43pm
I think the side that wants peace is the one willing to abide by the 1948 partition, and the one that refuses to is the party that won't. 
That is the only peaceful solution, the 1948 partition. 
Patrick Writes Added Apr 6, 2017 - 2:57am
The 1947 Partition was adopted by the UN General Assembly as 'UN Partition Plan - Resolution 181'.
Neither side abides by it today but the state is Israel is open to reverting to that in exchange for peace. The Palestinians reject this offer. 
The Arabs that didn't leave the Jewish controlled areas in the 1947 war are still there and are citizens or permanent residents of Israel today. The Palestinians that left so that Jordan, Syria, and Egypt could push them into the sea have a more complicated status. 
Arab people living in East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights (captured in 6 Day War of 1967) are also either permanent residents or citizens of Israel. 
The British Partitioned India in 1947 (between 'Muslim Pakistan' and 'Hindu India' although lots of Muslims live in India today). Was that illegal under the UN Charter? Or only the Partition of Palestine? 
Louis E Weeks Added Apr 6, 2017 - 7:46am
You are a troll, every time someone pins you down with a fact you can't refute, you toss insults and call people names.  Patrick took more time with you than I would have and broke down exactly why you are wrong and when he proved you wrong you lashed out at him like an angry child.
You are wrong, as usual, now move along.
There have been many examples of Israel trying to work with the Palestinians and each and every time those same Palestinians used that new freedom to kill Jews.  Every time.
The lest big fighting showed they had used massive amounts of materials to build complex tunnel systems to try and invade Israel and kill Jews on a massive scale.  Those materials could have been used to build three hospitals, 20 schools, endless numbers of apartments but nope, instead of working to improve the lives of their children, Palestinians used all that wealth to plan a mass killing of Jews.
Patrick Writes Added Apr 6, 2017 - 9:30pm
Land for peace? Ever heard of that? 
"The forced eviction by Israel of its settlers and military forces in entirety from the ground territory of the Gaza strip [in 2005] has been put forth as a 'test case' of "Land for Peace" with the Palestinians.
This 'test case' is argued by some to show the failure of the "Land for Peace" strategy with the Palestinians:
- Rockets launched against Israeli targets continued almost immediately after the Israeli withdrawal and have increased in the time since.[3]

- The attacks from the Gaza Strip are continuing today[4]

- The area is now being used to smuggle weapons into Gaza[5]

- Tunnels are being built under the border for use in the smuggling of weapons, fighters and to kidnap Israeli soldiers [6]

- Is presumed that Hamas is the main organization behind the smuggling and tunnels, though other groups are likely involved as well[7]"
Patrick Writes Added Apr 6, 2017 - 9:40pm
By the way, John, what nationality are you? You seem to have the view that countries must always behave nobly or make restitution. And strive endlessly for the self-determination of people the world over. 
I hope you're not British. You guys arguably owe half the world restitution for the empire that the sun never set on. 
Patrick Writes Added Apr 10, 2017 - 9:25pm
"If 'Israel' was offering peace, why would it be occupying territory outside the Green line?"
Because it won that territory in war? What do people usually do with assets, even if they control them temporarily? Use them.
Israel is willing to give that territory back if the stars align and the Palestinians accept Israel's right to exist. That hasn't happened yet. 
One of my last posts simply pasted a section from a Wikipedia article. Is that entire Wikipedia post moronic. And if so, why? 
mark henry smith Added Apr 12, 2017 - 12:46pm
We come to the fundamental problem in the world today, and inability to address problems because no one wants to admit that they're wrong. We make up false histories and replace them with other false histories because the truth is too dangerous.
I imagine that if the Israelis had created a true democracy, giving all legal residents the right to serve in the army, no, the requirement to serve, except for Orthodox Jews, and allowed those citizens to get the benefits conferred upon veterans, Israeli might be a less volatile country, but the Jews gave benefits to Jews that they denied to other citizens. That is not democracy.
I can understand the risk of having Arabs in your armed services, potential terrorists, but it would have been a tool for integration and understanding like none other. The Israelis have a responsibility to prove to the world that they are a force for good, not just a tail wagging a dog.
Personally, I want the Israelis to thrive. They are the closest thing we have to an American style democracy in the region, and maybe that's the problem with Israel, their Americanism. Maybe if they didn't have all of that American money and American might propping them up, American stupidity, some might say, Israel might have been force to take a different path of compromise, particularly with their Arab citizens.
I talked with a young Israel fellow and he said that Israel is where all the modern, thinking, progressive Arabs want to be, in a land where women have equal rights (pretty much), where corruption is less rampant than in other parts of The Middle East, and where there is a sense of real optimism for the future, a realistic optimism, not some crazy dream of a Muslim Caliphate taking over. The only people pushing that dream are the people who want a good reason to bomb it out of existence.
Think about it. There are so many good reasons for war. We hear about them every day. What is a good reason for peace? Until both sides can agree that one exists that is achievable, peace will not happen.
Thank you all for the comments, except I'm not a supporter of humiliating your fellow commentators with hate speech, but that is the way it appears to be in the modern world. If I was of a certain mind, I'd blame the Jews for that too.

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