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Open eyes do not mean clear sight. When the third eye opens to the soul is when one starts to focus and truth will emerge. The bias and prejudices that infect us will begin to lay waste and merge into the cesspool of lies and bigotry to be filtered again and again until cleansed of hatred and acrimony. A calmness and sense of reverie will begin to set in and the stress of everyday life will wash to the wayside and one can begin anew. So let’s try and take a look from 30,000 feet above.


Now that the DAPL and Keystone XL pipelines have been approved America is awaiting this great influx of tar sand oil from Canada. But let us be reminded that little if any of this oil is destined to remain in this country. The final destination has already been determined by the crony “rapeatilists” who will determine that the highest bidder shall reap the benefits of this oil and little shall remain to reduce the reliance of foreign oil purchases by this government. Along with this issue is the promise by the current administration that “only” American steel shall be used in the construction of all pipelines. This promise was rescinded by the administration and the DAPL and Keystone XL pipelines would be exempt from the executive order. Surely a president who has elevated himself as a corporate wizard would have checked with Kelcy Warren of Energy Transfer Partners if this policy would violate and contracts between Energy Transfer Partners and their suppliers holding the United States liable for any contract violations. Being a previous CEO of a major construction conglomerate surely this president would be aware of illegal infractions of corporate invoked by said executive order. If not then his legal staff and cabinet are surely lacking in the knowledge necessary to lead this nation in a legal and lawful way. Also how many jobs were either lost or not increased due to the ineptitude of this administration on this issue. In regards to both pipelines it has already been established, albeit ignored, that continuation of said pipelines are in violation of prior treatied sovereign lands constituting in an invasion of soil that is not part of the United States.


Now it is my understanding that the current administration had asked all government departments and agencies to submit budgets that reflect the barest of financial needs to run said departments and agencies. But the system of governmental budgeting is flawed from the start. Rather than starting with a zero based budgeting theory government budgets cling to the add on theory of budget and finance resulting in never ending increases and if any cuts are announced they are just decreases in future increases still resulting in increases.


The supposed hallmark of republican proposed government is “lean and mean”. But wait, with a country that is lacking skilled positions what is this nation going to do the newly unemployed. Will severance packages be offered which will negate most of the cost savings that would be touted? Will unemployment ranks swell? Will mortgages fail causing a downward ripple effect on an economy that is supposedly in recovery, although those figures are skewed to give the appearance of recovery while the ranks of those in economic misery increase daily? Wouldn’t attrition of positions, although more lengthy, be a smarter way to downsize the government? Wouldn’t abolishing unnecessary and outdated programs have a lesser effect on the unemployment ranks and as a sidebar the economy in general?


Is this administration a failure? Hardly. Two things come to mind.

The first is this administration is in its infancy. It is learning that boardroom antics are worlds apart from governmental policy and procedure. There is a learning curve involved here which can either stagnate, upgrade or downgrade.


Second-The interest in the political structure and nature of this nation has skyrocketed. People are streaming out of the woodwork to support or declaim this administration. But most of these newly initiated truth seekers are mere children. And these children are often swayed by those who appear as learned when in actuality they are charlatans. So caution must be invoked and education from off mainstream sources is a must. It is also imperative that one gathers information from more than one source and one side to get a truer picture of political reality in this nation. Both sides tell their version of the truth and both sides lie to increase their support ranks to garner control of the populous. Personal involvement on any level is imperative. Awareness of the supposed strengths and weaknesses are surfacing with rapid appearances and in the age of technology overload often happens.


This nation was built on the three C’s, communication, cooperation and compromise. Arts that have been intentionally lost in recent times. Government has adopted a “My way or the highway” attitude. This is true of both sides of the aisle. Just look at the ineffectiveness of Congress in recent administrations. Look at the increase in executive orders, trickery, legal chicanery and lobbyist corruption invoked to separate the people from their government. Sadly this has been a government that rarely had the people in mind.


Solutions? Are there any or have we gone too far off the rails to survive? The days of my side is correct is long gone. Although faulted, the three C’s of government must be renewed, revamped and revised to correct this nation’s course. Is a dismantling and reconstruction of the Constitution necessary? Quite possibly. Or is an adherence to the actual words and intent the correct course? But care must be taken to restore the four branches of government. Executive, legislative, judicial and state. If not we will have committed political suicide and have turned this nation completely over to the jackels. Do not cry for this nation as they have become its own worst enemy.


Ric Wells/Akecheta





Ric Wells Added Apr 11, 2017 - 7:28pm
Guess we're back up for a while. Been writing but can only publish one at a time until drop out of top 20. I will honor that regulation. Hopefully more to follow much to some peoples disdain. LOL
Ric Wells Added Apr 12, 2017 - 2:12pm
Amen Tom.
EXPAT Added Apr 12, 2017 - 5:53pm
Things are only as bad as you imagine they are!
I agree with Tom. It is the people and the environment that determine the character of government!
Who could have imagined in 1776 that information would destroy thought?
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Apr 12, 2017 - 7:25pm
The rich will get richer and indigenous people will suffer. Same story since the beginning of Amerika only the faces change. 
EXPAT Added Apr 12, 2017 - 9:40pm
To Jenifer with love.
Richest native American tribe in the U.S. where casino profits pay $1m a year to EVERY member

Payouts coming out of the money the Shakopee Mdewakanton Tribe makes through its highly profitable casinos

About 460 people live within the tribe

Between Mystic Lake and the Little Six Casino - tribal revenues are thought to be nearly $1.4billion

By Daily Mail Reporter
Published: 22:02 BST, 12 August 2012 | Updated: 23:26 BST, 12 August 2012
Ameriica's richest Indian tribe has 99.2 per cent unemployment -- and it's all voluntary, tribal leaders boast.
There's little need for any member of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Tribe to work. Each adult in the 460-person American Indian nation receives more than $1million a year - for doing nothing.
The payouts are the windfall from lucrative casinos and resorts that the tribe runs on its reservation in Scott County - about 45 minutes southwest of Minneapolis-St Paul.
Ian Thorpe Added Apr 13, 2017 - 1:25pm
A million a year for doing nothing? Sounds like nice work if you can get it, but I think doing nothing would drive me crazy LOL

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