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With guns drawn and all armaments at the ready we stand poised in all four corners of this nation to defend it from any and all invaders. But there is no one in sight.


Out of sheer boredom the Northeast quadrant checks in with the Southeast sector.


“Any sign of anything down there?”


“Nah all is quiet. Maybe Southwest has something.”


“Nope, nothing here. You pushed the conference function again didn’t you Northeast.”


“Yeah I guess I did.”


“What about us? Doesn’t anyone care about how bored we are in the Northwest?”


“Hold your shorts, we were getting to you. Remember you are the least senior member here in the chain of command. Remember?”


“Anybody contacted Central lately?”


“Yeah they’re dropping more bombs and firing missiles again at some innocuous target. But I heard they leaked intelligence out so no one would get hurt. Wouldn’t want to kill the cow that gives all the milk you know.”


“Guys I am bored to tears. This getting paid to do nothing is really starting to wear thin.”


“The flyboys and water skimmers get all the action even if it is trumped up.”


“Hey guys, I got an idea. Lets stir up something near Central so we don’t get phased out.”


“Not a bad idea. I am getting tired of overreacting to all these changes in the Trix colors. Whatcha got in mind?”


“Oh hell a good unsubstantiated rumor is as good as anything.”


“Anybody got a contact at Central they can trust to lie?”


“I do. No problem.”


“I knew you were good for something Northwest.”


“I’ll send the idea as soon as we’re finished here. Hey, it’s getting dark. Time to put on the new night vision goggles. Oh damn. Forgot to turn on the radar again.”


“Don’t worry. The new satellite system will pick up everything.”


“There, message sent.”


“Great. Nite all.”


All four sectors fell back to sleep content the obsolete jobs of hundreds of thousands were again protected by an overblown budget.


“They’ll never figure it out,” as all four sectors died off into a deep sleep.


Ric Wells/Akecheta



Dino Manalis Added Apr 19, 2017 - 2:46pm
We have to watch out for terrorists, they are constantly trying to find a way to hurt us in any way possible!
Ric Wells Added Apr 19, 2017 - 3:54pm
The overall attack plan of this worldwide terrorist organization is to bankrupt this nation so our economy collapses. In my opinion they are succeeding.
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Apr 19, 2017 - 7:04pm
The other objective of worldwide terrorism was to take away the freedoms of democracies by empowering a Police State to make us slaves of our own "protecters". Also a rip roaring success. 

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