On “Aliens”

We all know the classic description of little grey humanoids with big black eyes and fly through space in a disk shaped spacecraft. Typically sightings occur in rural areas like deserts and densely wooded areas. For the purpose of this discussion, let’s assume all reported sightings and claims of being abducted are all true. So without further ado, let me explain a potential explanation for what “Aliens” are and why they seem to be closely monitoring us.


Have you ever wondered what humans will look like in a few million years? We could appear similar, identical, or drastically different. Those are obviously the only possible outcomes. Scientists believe that modern humans branched off from apes approximately 200,000 years ago and civilizations only developed at an estimated 6,000 years ago. As we all know evolution is a process that takes millions of years, so it’s irrational to falsify the theory of evolution sheerly from the fact that humans haven’t evolved sense the beginning of recorded history. If we look at the skeletons of our fellow humanoids, we can see that with each “evolution” or branching of a species, two things happen. The first thing you will notice is the size of our brain increases, and secondly, our likeness to apes decreases.


My next point I want to make is merely a question. How do you think the colonization of other planets will impact our evolutionary progress? Certainly we will of course continue to develop bigger brains and continue to appear less like apes, but that doesn’t really clarify anything in terms of our discussion on what aliens could be. 


Now, if we keep living the same lifestyle we are now, it is certainly going to end in the “death” of our planet. I predict humans will influence the green house effect to the point where we can no longer undue what has been done. In thousands or millions of years, earth could potentially look similar to mars once all life on earth gets cooked and then the atmosphere vanishes. This will leave the only humans in the universe live on planets we have colonized. 


My next point of thought is on time travel. Although we have no ability to comprehend time travel or even know if it’s possible, let’s again for the sake of this discussion assume it’s possible and humans of other planets have mastered the concepts of time travel. Sense this is millions of years in the future, it’s possible that humans that settled on other planets have adapted and evolved to suit their environment just like any other species would. So lastly, maybe they look like they are observing us, because they have the technology to study their ancestors, which happen to be us. If we had the ability to see dinosaurs in our science classes when they were in their prime, I’m sure we would use it to teach. 


So I’ve told you why they might want to observe us, but what about abductions? This too would surly be done as an act of science to aliens. They could use us to teach first hand, exactly how they evolved from us. We can look at dinosaur bones and kind of imagine what they may have looked like, however, it would get the point across to students, much more efficiently, if we could study them during the time they actually roamed the earth.


Again, this is just my theory and it’s open to be criticized and built upon. I don’t necessarily believe what I’ve said is true. To me this is simply a thought process I enjoy sharing. Let me know what you think, and thank you for your time. 


Bill H. Added Apr 21, 2017 - 8:12pm
Looks like nobody is commenting.
I would recommend that you do some research on Papoose Lake.
Also do a search on Det 3.
Read up and form your own opinion.
I believe there is quite a bit of information that is not disclosed to the citizens of the world for obvious reasons (religious beliefs, effects on the stock market) that we all should be aware of.
I won't tell you why I suggest this, but see what you think.
It is probably way beyond where the average WB poster is at.
John Minehan Added Apr 22, 2017 - 9:49am
The size of the brain is closely correlated to the size of the skull, the size of the vaginal canal limits the size of the skull.
Hence, it may be the next step in human evolution is some kind of man-machine interface, a "cyborg" or sorts.
Time travel, as Isaac Asimov reminded us, is possible, but only at the rate we are going and in the direction we are going.  
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Apr 22, 2017 - 5:52pm
I seriously doubt that Sectoids ("Grey aliens") are future "human" time travelers. They are about as human as a grizzly bear, less actually. That said I firmly believe that aliens exist, and that ancient aliens (who did actually look like us) came to earth in the distant past and helped creating our species. No I can't prove any of this, it's just my belief.