Nihilism The Real Winner In French Election



While the mainstream media and those who relish the prospect of living in a society best represented by the image of “a military boot stamping down on a human face, forever” (George Orwell, 1984,) are celebrating the victory of the global elite’s office boy, Emmanuel Macron, in the French presidential election and proclaiming the death of nationalism, another, potentially more significant, story has emerged from the voting statistics.


Though the former Goldman Sachs executive Macron won easily in terms of the number of votes cast for each candidate, the largest number of votes, in a situation reminiscent of the movie Brewster’s Millions, a majority of French voters cast their vote for ‘none of the above,’ by declining to choose either centrist Emmanuel Macron or Front National leader Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s presidential election. They preferred to either abstaining by returning a blank voting paper or spoiling their ballots.


According to election officials the abstention rate stood at 24.52 percent — the highest since the presidential election in 1969. Additionally the interior ministry reported a record number of blank and invalid ballots, amounting to nine percent of all registered voters, compared to two percent in the first round.


“That would make a total of one French person out of three who decided not to choose between the two candidates. It’s really a lot for a presidential election,” Anne Jadot, political science professor at the University of Lorraine, told AFP.


Macron’s victory on Sunday was by a large margin, he took approximately 65 percent of the vote to Le Pen’s 35 percent, but don’t forget that is 65% of 66%. It was also the first time since the 1969 election that participation in the second round has been lower than in the first. And that does not take into account the people who simply did not register a vote at all.


“The presence of the far-right in the second round did not prompt a lot of mobilisation compared to the first round, in contrast to what happened in 2002,” Jadot said in reference to the election in which Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie saw voters of all parties unite to block him by backing his opponent Jacques Chirac.


This year, “there wasn’t the ‘shock’ effect, because (Marine Le Pen’s) presence was expected,” according to Jadot.


The large numbers of voters choosing not to participate shows that while France has rejected Le Pen as it’s president, the anti establishment pushback is far from over, add the supporters of Le Pen’s anti – EU, nationalist candidacy to the ‘none of the above’ vote and a huge majority have rejected the pro – EU, pro – immigration line of France’s political establishment.


Looks like M. Marcron is going to have a rough ride, assuming that he lasts the course.


This is a couple of days late, my previous article on the French election has been hanging around on the front page so I decided to hold off for a while



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Lady Sekhmetnakt Added May 11, 2017 - 6:25pm
Something you may want to figure into the equation:
Marine Le Pen: The French Election Was Rigged - Your News Wire -

Dino Manalis Added May 11, 2017 - 6:27pm
That's interesting, Macron has to position himself center-right to deal with France's economic and security concerns, as well as contain Le Pen, because terrorism and the refugee crisis will continue to enhance her popularity.
Thomas Napers Added May 12, 2017 - 4:24am
Your entire first paragraph is nothing but a strawman argument.  Nobody relishes the prospect represented by the image of a military boot stamping down on a human face.  There is no conspiracy orchestrated by the global elite to elect Macron.  Nobody is proclaiming nationalism to be dead. Macron, like most elections, was simply the best choice of some really bad options.  Unlike places like Russia and other dictatorship societies, France and the United States should be happy we have options. 
Thomas Napers Added May 12, 2017 - 4:52am
How can one prove something that never happened?
Ian Thorpe Added May 12, 2017 - 9:24am
Jenifer Frost, thanks for that comment and link. Though Your News Wire is not the most reliable source, they story is worth checking out, because I heard from someone in the UK government (in confidence so I can't name names) that the Leave majority in the Brexit vote was really much bigger than published, and that in some inner city districts over 100% of the electorate voted to remain. I'll get back to you after checking with some French friends.
Ian Thorpe Added May 12, 2017 - 9:27am
Dino, Macron's government will probably be an even more ineffectual version of Hollande's. Politically Le Pen and Front National are left of centre on everything except immigration and the EU.
Ian Thorpe Added May 12, 2017 - 9:33am
Thomas, your glass might be half full but unfortunately neither Frances' nor the USA's are. Macron's political movement was cobbled together by the French political establishment when it became obvious Hollande had destroyed the French socialists and voters felt still felt betrayed by the conservatives after the debacle of Sarkozy's presidency.
Ian Thorpe Added May 12, 2017 - 9:50am
Re above: Of course nihilism can't be a winner, it's an abstract concept. Once again John G is so lost in his monomaniacal ravings he completely misses the joke even though it is right up there in big letters in the title.
He did the same on my article "Champagne Socialists," (an oxymoron) after failing to insult everybody in the thread with profanity strewn, irrational comments he started whining when I responded in the same vein, and accused me of ad hominem attacks on him.
When I pointed out the hypocrisy of someone who never has a point to make but simply relies in calling people 'fucking idiot,' bigot' or 'cunt' he said, totally irrationally, that my whole article had been an ad hominem on 'the left'.
Ad hominem means 'at the man', so obviously 'Champagne Socialists' like 'the left' being an abstract concept rather than an individual, we see the irrationality of his responses.
People may wonder why I respond to him. Fact is, whenever I see one of his crazy attacks on somebody who is trying to further a civilised discussion threat it makes me feel embarrassed that I, like him, am British.
Billy Roper Added May 12, 2017 - 1:14pm
"Nihilism The Real Winner In French Election". You spelled "Jewish" wrong. Of course, they'd coopted the FN, too.
Utpal Patel Added May 12, 2017 - 3:39pm
It would have been interesting to see the data if Macron had faced another centrist politician with a legitimate shot at winning.  Because he faced an extreme far right politician he was able to corral a large majority of the electorate.  Based on the choices and polling data, it’s completely understandable that abstention was at 24.52%.  I’ll never understand why someone would waste their time and submit a blank ballot. 
You said Macron is going to have a rough ride, he could argue he has a mandate seeing he won 65% of the vote.    
Jeff Jackson Added May 12, 2017 - 5:26pm
I could be wrong, but when 25% of the voters refuse to vote, that leaves a great big hole for a new party or candidates who are less well-known. Macron's pyrrhic victory is evidence, is it not, of just how disappointed the French are with the politicians?
John Minehan Added May 12, 2017 - 5:33pm
"Macron, like most elections, was simply the best choice of some really bad options."
Not to about a third of the eligible voters who either did not vote or filed a blank ballot as a protest.

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