Literacy vs. proficiency

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Literacy means to be able to read and write. However, being able to read and write “See Dick run,” By itself, this level of reading and writing is not being literate. The North Dakota Constitution says educators must maintain state literacy. It would seem that means being able to read such a level as the North Dakota Constitution. Many high schools and some college graduates cannot read and understand the North Dakota Constitution.
Proficiency, on the other hand, means whatever the head of education says it means. When the terms were first switched from literacy to proficiency, they meant the same thing. That way there was no objection to this change.
So, what is proficiency? What is considered proficient has been lowered. Perhaps being able to read and write a simple paragraph is proficient. Maybe next year being able to read and write a simple sentence will be considered proficient. In the near future, we may find proficient will be considered recognizing a pen and paper and understand what they are for will be proficient. It will not be long before a high school graduate being able to read “See Dick run” will be considered a genius.
Literate is normal everyday reading materials. Last century, reading Common Sense and The Federalist Papers was literate. Today high school graduates cannot read and understand these works. Two centuries ago, reading the Bible was considered literate. Students were prepared to read the Bible with readings from Pilgrim’s Progress, a k-3 reading primer. Today, our high school graduates and even college graduates cannot read what every 3rd-grade student could read, Pilgrim’s Progress. Please do not take my word for this, print a free passage from the Internet and ask a high school graduate to read and explain it. They often can’t.
This brings us to why the change from the term literate to proficient. The reason is so citizens will not realize that educators have been destroying our education system and this fact can be more easily hidden from them.
There is an overt plan to steal this nation’s freedom from citizens by dumbing down education so citizens will not even realize what they have lost.
The big question, what will we do about it?


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