Rising CO2 Levels Kill The Human Brain


Let’s roll. German Source newspaper article, from Focus


A bit of google translation of key exhibits.


Experts warn: Climate change causes a rapid rise in allergies


How so?


“Papa, I can barely breathe.” When Barack Obama was still talking about an asthma attack of his daughter Malia at the age of four, Barack Obama spoke of terrible fears. His daughter had to go to the emergency room – and he himself had something like an aha-experience about possible consequences of climate change.


Before World Asthma Day on May 2, German experts warn of increasingly aggressive pollen, especially in cities. They expect a further spread of allergies and the resulting asthma in the population as a result of climate change.


Even today, hay fever sufferers and asthmatics are experiencing the first effects of global warming. The conditions for plant growth have improved. “There are very clear data: over the past 30 years the pollen season has already been significantly extended in Germany, but it has also become more intense,” says the director of the Allergy Center Charité in Berlin, Torsten Zuberbier.




In addition, plants such as grasses and herbs, for example, which grow on main roads and are exposed to a lot of CO2, are more resistant to pollen. They are properly fertilized with the greenhouse gas.


So first, this journalist uses the delusions of a washed up socialist who takes 400,000 USD for a speech to tell us we should care.


And next, notice something? Warmunist scientists and journalists are so desperate to find evidence for their announcements of catastrophe that WHILE ADMITTING THAT RISING CO2 IS FERTILIZER FOR PLANTS it’s STILL bad. Now we can’t have a green planet can we. Quick, ask a Green to send him into contortions.

Also notice that while the article is titled “CLIMATE CHANGE causes…”, it DOESN’T TALK ABOUT CLIMATE -AS IN RISING TEMPERATURES– AT ALL.

The article goes on to mention that Pollen is more aggressive because it contains Diesel soot particles. Again, not a climatic phenomenon.

BTW if you’re an allergy sufferer: Try switching from your Vegan diet to one that actually contains ZINC. Because then you’re immune system might actually work properly. Eggs are good. Zinc Histidine tablets are good. Meat is good. Zinc Oxide Tablets are not absorbed well, forget’em.

The article mentions Eczema (Obviously caused by Global Warming). What? Yes.

“What is also dramatic is that we now see an increase in eczema and allergies in older people over 70 years,” says Traidl-Hoffmann. People who have been complaining for a lifetime are increasingly allergic .


And yes the Zinc helped with my hay fever just fine as well.

The amount of desinformation of the public by government scientists and journalists has reached criminal proportions: Listening to their advice might now actually kill you.

Decades of complete desinformation about nutrition might have led to millions of people suffering a Zinc deficiency like I did without knowing. Yet better plant growth is the problem? Then why not just build more parking lots? Parking lots have never harmed anyone. Screw those plants.

Oh, and ask a warmunist, but only to do the exact opposite of what he recommends. Or read him for the LULZ.

We can say that the warmunist cult, in the absence of actual temperature rise, resorts to emulating arguments by throwing together all kinds of bullshit, stirring it, and presenting it to you as if it where, I don’t know, a reasoned text. Journalists can now be replaced with random generators, they’d make more sense because SOMETIMES they would say something correct.

Mainstream media can’t die quick enough.


UPDATE: This is a copy of a blogpost of mine and it lost some formating, making it hard to distinguish between my words and the excerpts from the source article. I put those quotes in italic now.


So... a bunch of commenters have been confused by that it seems.  Check the original out here if you need to.



Jeffry Gilbert Added May 19, 2017 - 9:09am
Relax Fukushima will kill you long before this will.
Doug Plumb Added May 19, 2017 - 9:21am
AS sufferer of allergies, severe hay fever as a child and largely gone as an adult, I do not think restricting plant growth to reduce the effect of allergies could possibly be worth it. Look for the cause of allergies elsewhere.
  The Lefties always end up with blood on their hands if they get their own way, so I guess now they will have chlorophyll on their hands now too, all in the name of justice as in the mind of a four year old.
Thomas Sutrina Added May 19, 2017 - 9:45am
Your logic escapes me.   Thus if we breath pure oxygen then our minds will do better because we eliminated carbon dioxide?  So then two atmospheres of oxygen should be better yet, however; from the use of pure oxygen in diving where you can get below 30 ft two atmospheres of oxygen the person is disoriented and often died.  We do know that reducing oxygen in the blood reduces thinking capacity and that higher levels of carbon dioxide reduce the ability to exchange it for oxygen. 
Allergies have not been as big a problem in the past as it is today.  Medicine can define more things but discomfort of people is well known.  So I believe allergies have increased.  The amount of process foods has also increased and the time exposed to allergens has decreased due to air-conditioning and the filtering.   You do not discuss any of these things effecting the difference in the amount of allergies.  Seem you have put together half an argument proof.  
Please provide the other half.
Doug Plumb Added May 19, 2017 - 10:30am
There are a lot of PhD Pharmacists who insist that many illnesses are due to lack of minerals. We are mineral starved is what they say. One is Phamacist Bill Fuch's who has taken the FDA to court and won many many times since the 70's.
Bill H. Added May 19, 2017 - 10:58am
There once was a time when we all learned from science. Now science has been adapted and modified to suit the interests of corporations and political parties for the pursuit of profit.
As a side note:
Many dinosaurs were amphibians and some studies show that they actually became overpopulated in many areas and ended up eliminating themselves as a product of their own pollution. It was found that as their waste products would build-up in the lakes in which they resided, the vegetation both in the water and on the immediate shore would begin to flourish due to the nutrients from the waste. This would in-turn provide more food for yet more dinosaurs until finally the levels of waste in the lakes became too concentrated and the plant life died off, as did all of the dinosaurs that were feeding on it.
The balance of nature is that of a fine-tuned machine. Many are convinced that no matter what we as humans do, nature will heal itself. In reality, the balance of nature can be compared to an aircraft in flight in that there are many small rivets and bolts that can be removed without significantly affecting the aircraft, but when that certain rivet or bolt is removed, the aircraft will come apart and fall from the sky.
Ian Thorpe Added May 19, 2017 - 12:51pm
"German experts warn of increasingly aggressive pollen, especially in cities."
Aggressive pollen? I'd pay good money to see pollen go up against Mayweather or Paquiao. You've got to love scientists .
Jeffry Gilbert Added May 19, 2017 - 1:15pm
Next thing you know they're going to outlaw pollen. 
Stone-Eater Added May 19, 2017 - 3:32pm
Hab ich auch gemerkt, hier in der Schweiz. Es scheint zu stimmen.
I've noticed that too here in Switzerland. A lot of people complain about allergies and breathing difficulties, although pollution levels have gone down compared to the Seventies.
I live on the lake of Zurich, and it seems that the sun rays have become far more aggressive to the skin in the last decades.
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added May 19, 2017 - 10:31pm
I would be more worried about oxygen, or the lack of it in the future. I've read that by 2050 all the ocean coral will be gone, and it accounts for about half of the world's oxygen. That will kill you faster than CO2 or pollen. 
Bill H. Added May 19, 2017 - 11:39pm
Exactly Jenifer - All it takes is the extinction of one inconspicuous key species, such as coral, algae, or even the lowly mosquito - and we're all history.
The balance is much more fragile than most people think.