High Court Will Hear Colorado Baker's Religious Liberty Case

Two decisions by the Supreme Court yesterday were overshadowed by the Travel Ban news. Here are links to the stories.


To my knowledge there are no conflicting rulings in this case, so the fact that the Supreme Court has chosen to hear the Colorado baker's case provides a hint as to how they may rule. This may be an opportunity for the Court to strike a balance between free exercise of religion and LGBT rights. I predict a 5-4 decision, not sure which way, though, unless Justice Kennedy retires as rumored and is replaced before the Court rules. 


Yesterday's 7-2 ruling in favor of the Missouri church sponsored day care center was also a victory. The WORLD magazine link describes the ruling, the vigorous dissent from Justice Sotomayor, and the differences of opinion among the concurring justices as to how sweeping the ruling will be.


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