The Sky is Falling


Polarization vs. Harmony

Just about five years ago extreme political and cultural polarization hardly featured in Western nations. At the moment these developments threaten to tear some of them apart. This can be observed especially in places where the polarizing forces of aggressive identity politics and extreme political correctness are currently at play. Neither of these mindsets are conducive to tolerance or harmony, in spite of what they presumably stand for.


According to Mayan spiritual guide, Carlos Barrios, Mayan elders believe that during the beginning of each new world age, the energetic polarities between yin and yang (left or right;  dark and light; right or wrong) become highly accentuated, which would explain why the present political atmosphere is conducive to such a high degree of polarity. Mayans believe that these metaphysical energetic shifts have an impact on human consciousness and behavior, which would often result in turmoil, because there would usually be major resistance to some of the political and social changes that are caused by the new directional flow of energies.  


Although it may seem like a far-fetched notion that humans can be affected by metaphysical "energies", this  is exactly what the ancient Mayans determined by having made a study of recurring energetic cycles over thousands of years. Western scholars who have studied the Mayan codices known as the Books of Chilam Bilam have also come to the conclusion that the classic Mayans developed a powerful way of reading the past, present and the future by understanding energetic time frames and their characteristics.


The Sky is Falling

In the Mayan creation story the sky is lowered (it "falls") at the end of each Great Cycle of 5125 years. It is then "raised" again. So far the sky has been raised four times and we are currently in the space between ages (in the transition) before the next sky is raised. As a thought experiment: if we take "the sky" as a metaphor for human consciousness, then the sky "falling" takes on significant meaning: At the end of each long world age, as consciousness diminishes; systems, structures and thought processes related to it, become unstable or "challenged". Subsequently they start to show strain or they start to crumble. This is because the consciousness aligned to the old energetic direction would be out of sync with the new incoming direction.


From Expansion to Contraction

In Mayan mythology, evolution expanded outwards into one of the four different cardinal directions during each of the four previous 5125 year world ages, with each age carrying the energetic characteristics of its element and its outward direction. During the new age - the Mayan Fifth World that started at the end of 2012 - the energy is flowing in the opposite direction: back inwards towards the centre. In other words there is currently an energetic turnaround happening, causing outward and inward flowing energies to be in direct opposition to each other. Such transitions can take a years to complete.


On a human level we could speculate that generally speaking the outward and inward moving energies contain more or less the following characteristics in terms of identity, and that we have already observed some of these movements during recent world events such as Brexit and the United States' presidential elections at the end of 2016:


- The outwards moving energy has been moving away from intrinsic individual core identity (known as the Self in Jungian terms) towards a type of universal consumer oriented identity. Over time it has also moved away from traditional forms of group identity such as national, cultural, language related or traditional role-related identity. It would rather center its identity in forms of political and gender identity (identity politics and gender-ism). Generally this energy seems to reject or be opposed to traditionalism or conservatism in any form.


- The inwards moving or contracting energy associates individual core identity more with self-defined personal values and (or) values found in more traditional types of group associations, such as cultural, national, language or heritage related identity, while also being involved in identity politics sometimes. This energy benefits from the fact that there had always been a base of traditionalists and conservatives who had over time become marginalized and are now finding their voice again. It also benefits from the fact that not everyone who found themselves in the expanding energy movement, wanted to move so far away from the political centre, or from their own personal identity centre, so they moved over from the ever-expanding energy to the returning ("reversing") energy relatively quickly.


These two "movements" are generally contrasted by the one having an expansionist or globalization oriented world view, combined with supporting the idea of open or no borders, whereas the other one seems to favor a more localized or regional world view with an orientation towards a return to protectionism and well defined and well controlled borders.


Is civilization in the early stages of collapse?

In the years leading up to 2012 many leaders and their followers in the Mayanism movement threw bits and pieces of a broad selection of prophecies from a range of indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica, North America and sometimes even Asia all together and then projected them onto one day, December 21, 2012. However, when you do a more in-depth analysis of the original Mayan prophecies, you come to realize that it's early days yet.


Let's take a brief look at the endings of several significant cycles in the Mayan calendars and some of the prophecies related to them. The endings of cycles are also automatically the beginning of new cycles:


- (1) The 468 years dark Bolom Tiku cycle that ended in 1987: This was the end of a long dark age (and the beginning of an age of light, called Oxlajuj Tiku that will last 676 years.) Shortly after this cycle ended major events unfolded, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), the end of the Soviet Union (1991), the end of Apartheid (1991-94) and the beginning of the Northern Ireland Peace process (1994).


- (2) The 5125 year 4th Great Cycle, also known as the Mayan 4th World, that ended on 21 December 2012: This was the end of a very long cycle ruled by masculine energy and the element of water. It was also the beginning of the Mayan Fifth World which is meant to be ruled by both masculine and feminine energies and would have the combined four elements of the previous four cycles, namely: Fire, Air, Earth and Water, plus a new element added - Ether. We are presently five years into this new cycle. The Fifth World is prophesized to ultimately result in a state of harmony after the transition, gestation and maturation stages have completed. (However, for humans to be compatible with such a state or condition implies that they would have to go through a significant transformation or transmutation process during the transition period.)


- (3) The 19.7 year Katun period named 4 Ahau that started on 6 April 1993 and ended on the 21st of December 2012: Throughout the ages this Katun has had strong spiritual qualities, but included a lot of upheaval too. During this recent 20 year cycle there was a powerful revival of Eastern spirituality and philosophy in the West and the New Age movement grew with leaps and bounds.


- (4) The 19.7 year Katun period named 2 Ahau that started on December 22, 2012 and that will end on 7 September 2032: This was the beginning of a 19.7 year period that symbolically and energetically have strong qualities related to polarization and major upheaval, while there are positive elements and aspects to this period too. ** We are currently 5 years into this phase. **


- (5) The 19.7 year Katun period named 13 Ahau that will start on 8 September 2032 and will end on May 25, 2052: This is a 19.7 year period that has been determined to be dark and is symbolically the most unstable of all the Katuns, with the world usually being turned upside down, symbolically and literally.


- (6) A relatively long prophetic Katuns Cycle of 256 Years that started in 1796 and will end in 2052. This is the entire prophetic Katuns cycle (also known as the 'short count') - thirteen consecutive 19.7 year periods. The last couple of Katuns in such a cycle are always considered to be unstable and they usually include the collapse of systems and structures. According to prophecy, shortly afterwards the beginning of a brand new 256 year prophetic cycle would then usher in a new dawn and a complete rejuvenation of the world. The Katuns 2 Ahau and 13 Ahau mentioned above in numbers 4 and 5 are the last two 19.7 year increments in this overall 256 years cycle. If we are lucky we should exit the transition period from the Mayan Fourth to Fifth worlds around that time.


Why are these cycles important?

Importantly the next 35 years could potentially be experienced (lived through) by the majority of people alive today under the age of fifty who will all have to face and deal with the upcoming changes. The younger the person, the more likely it is that they could potentially experience all of it, but that would depend on circumstances and events. Ultimately everything would depend on everyone's attitude towards the whole process. 


Whether one pays any attention to prophecy or not, these rarely-heard-about authentic Mayan prophecies make for an interesting lens to view history through, they could help to make sense of the present and they could serve as a creative framework for anticipating the future. 


By JJ Montagnier. 


In the next installment we will take a closer look at the prophecies related to the cycles listed in this article and extrapolate further from there. We will also consider the purpose of some of the energies from a human development point of view and look into how we can work with them. 


This article has been written for general consumption and some concepts have been simplified. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. 


'The Sky is Falling' is a compilation of extracts taken from a series published at: GypsyCafé.org

(Follow up articles on this subject will be available at Gypsy Café.) 


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The following (main) sources have been consulted during the writing of this article:

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Cullen Kehoe Added Jun 29, 2017 - 9:11pm
Didn't the Maya civilization all but collapse at the beginning of the Medieval warming period (around 900 A.D.)? 
JJ Montagnier Added Jun 29, 2017 - 9:14pm
They are still around! I met some of them in Guatemala, Honduras and Belize in 2015 :-) 
JJ Montagnier Added Jun 29, 2017 - 9:24pm
However... the Classic Maya civilisation did indeed collapse around 900 AD. Not even the Mayans could escape this fate - although I have read somewhere that they abandoned their cities purposefully due the energies having moved. So it was perhaps "a collapse" from a Western perspective. They apparently used to build their cities on energy centers and when the energies left or moved away, there was no point for them to stay there - infrastructure notwithstanding. 
Stone-Eater Added Jun 30, 2017 - 5:37am
Interesting !
JJ Montagnier Added Jun 30, 2017 - 7:09am
Neelon, you are right - there has never been a time in history that people lived in harmony. The Mayans themselves regularly waged ware against each other's city states, although there were peaceful times in between - and it would seem they were close to living in harmony on a community level during those peaceful times (because of how they organised their society). All civilisations eventually end, but the survivors go through to start new ones. 
Dino Manalis Added Jun 30, 2017 - 9:54am
The sky isn't falling, bombs are, but I agree, there's too much divisiveness and extremism both on the Right and Left.  That's why we need leaders who bring us together, not exacerbate people's anger, it even affects policymaking.  We're all human beings and should treat everyone with respect to deal with our many problems!
JJ Montagnier Added Jun 30, 2017 - 10:00am
Well said, Dino. Mutual respect are the key words. Respect that is mutual is deeper and more discerning than simple "tolerance", which is often used to demand that we accept all behaviour: good and bad. Respect should be earned, although we should always have at least a basic level of respect for our fellow humans. If they cannot meet that basic level then that's too bad and we can move on and choose to associate with those that do. 
Bill H. Added Jun 30, 2017 - 11:38am
JJ Montagnier Added Jun 30, 2017 - 11:46am
I stopped using social networks 4 years ago already, because I could see people around me were being negatively affected by it and it was taking up all my free time. 
wsucram15 Added Jun 30, 2017 - 12:31pm
Well this is pretty much what George and I just said, its just that they Mayans said it first and most likely more eloquently.  Dont let the trends control you..just make sure you have some sustainability.
JJ Montagnier Added Jun 30, 2017 - 1:10pm
Yes, I think personal sustainability and independence of mind is all we need to be ready for crisis. Avoid all debt as far as possible for personal sustainability and make sure you always live above the line. 
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Jun 30, 2017 - 11:56pm
Very interesting article, educational. I always enjoy learning about the spiritual beliefs of others ancient cultures and especially when their wisdom has applications today. 
JJ Montagnier Added Jul 1, 2017 - 7:56am
Mathew, thank you for your feedback. I am a futurologist, so this is one of the methods I used to speculate about and to forecast the future. 
I think on the issue of polarisation in society there is a clear correlation about the prophecy for the 19.7 short age we are in right now. In Kenneth Johnson's book (referenced above) he lists examples of how in the previous time periods when this age ("2 Ahau") came around, certain things usually happened: The leaders or rulers lost touch with their populations, social disparities increased, rulers became more oppressive and resistance flared up everywhere - we can see all of this happening today. (We can therefore expect the future ages to also generally resemble the same past ages). If there were no correlations I would probably not have bothered writing about the Mayan calendars and as you, would have brushed it off as superstition or irrelevant.
I use modal verbs like "could" because there are only general guidelines for how things "may" turn out - even the Mayans made that clear. None of this is to be taken too seriously, but it could give us some idea of general trends and potential future scenarios - and this could help or motivate us to prepare for the future (if we feel that is something important to do). 
This is part of a series of articles - in a later installment I will look closer at the next 15 years by matching the prophecy for the rest of this 19.7 year age with real world current trends. 
In Jeanne's post: "Respect -People Forget Alot, But They Always Remember How You Made Them Feel." she talks about open borders (she supports it) and I have posted some comments about that.
JJ Montagnier Added Jul 1, 2017 - 8:07am
Jenifer, I am very glad you enjoyed it. 
Katharine Otto Added Jul 1, 2017 - 12:58pm
Mayan tradition jives in many ways with astrology, and its division into different "ages."  The Aquarian Age we have just entered will last 2500 years, or so, and symbolizes the brotherhood of man (and women), among other things.
The "Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Cayce predicted the polar axes would shift, but I never learned in which direction. If the axis were to reverse polarity, for instance, that might shake things up.
I believe there are many electromagnetic frequencies our senses and instruments don't measure.  These vibrations could provide a basis for symbolic languages like dreams, astrology, and Tarot.  Tribal beliefs and myths, and the like.
Finally, I don't believe we can take today's largely European history and attitudes to judge lost (unrecorded) cultures.  Apparently most Native Americans existed relatively conflict-free, forming loose confederations and trading their specialties. They didn't understand property rights, the notion of political lines in the sand.  They were initially "open borders" kinds of people, until they got squashed for being willing to share.
JJ Montagnier Added Jul 2, 2017 - 8:48am
Yes, that's right about Western Astrology and the Aquarian Age - and it matches the definition of the Mayan Fifth World very well! (Although the Fifth Age will last 5125 years for the Mayans and should reach peak at about 2500 years into it). 
About polar shifts - I have heard a lot of Edgar Cayce, but have never explored his work in-depth. Something interesting about prophecies though is that they often manifest somewhat differently from how they "came out". For example we can see a lot of polar shifts right now - and we are in a 19.7 year age (amongst others) - that features polarity. For example in politics - to a large extent the new left resembles the old right - and vice versa - many things have become reversed. Also, it seems the seasons are shifting further and further back - perhaps we will eventually have summer in winter time and winter in summer time (eventually). 
Very good point about the unseen energies and perhaps this subject will become more important as we move forward further into the Fifth World. Humans may have to rely more on intuition and energy to navigate the world. 
As for harmonious living - I think it is part of the human psyche to strive for an ideal world where everything is harmonious and we are compelled to work towards it. Although, even in the ancient Mayan literature that survived the Spanish conquests, permanent harmonious state never existed (is not mentioned). It is however very likely and conceivable that there have been tribes in various places on the planet that have lived harmoniously for very long periods of time - when the lands were still underpopulated and resources were abundant. 
The interesting thing about the Mayan Fifth World is that finally we are meant to arrive at this harmonious state as the new (Fifth World) age energies come fully online. But (according to mythology & symbolism) first we will have to transition through a type of "purging" of the negative or shadow aspects of the psyche (this also resonates with Jungian psychology) - and during the turmoil and chaos while in the "purge" stage (we have already entered this stage) humans will have no choice but to transform. Those who can't, may not make it through. That's more or less how I read the Mayan symbolism and mythology surrounding the transition stage from the Fourth to the Fifth World, which is basically from now (since 2012) for the next 40 - 60 years (this process is starting to accelerate). 
As for open borders, I believe in concept in principle, but the way the world is organised right now makes it impossible imo - also the state of human consciousness is very low (according to the Mayan energies), so at the moment: everyone wants to take everyone else's "stuff" and everyone wants to hold on to their own "stuff" and so this atmosphere is not conducive for open borders.
I think once people become more peace and harmony oriented internally - and it would seem that is very much determined by the energies (at least to a large extent) - perhaps after the two dark ages (Katuns 2 and 13 Ahau [40 years]) have passed, after all the upheaval and turmoil is over, people might have a different state of mind - their hearts may have warmed and they may have learned that they really need each other. There may be more empathy and a state of natural altruism - and humans may just be ready to enter the New Age of Harmony, Peace and Love for all (*for real!). 
*This is not entirely inconceivable - after the 2nd World War there was a relatively long time of peace and prosperity in Europe (still more or less ongoing, but faltering) - only this time the energetic conditions will make it a permanent state. 
The Burghal Hidage Added Jul 2, 2017 - 10:48am
This makes for a rather interesting way of contemplating the world. One could place any set of prophecies against current events or recent trends and form some equivalence between the two, in fact it has been done often. Nostradamus, biblical prophecy, only to name a few. I suspect that there is something to metaphysical energies, though I believe it is beyond our understanding. At least in this realm. It is something more about the life beyond the one we know.
It is not a criticism of your piece ( I did find it interesting ), but it seems to me that this is fulfilling a function common in other religions/mythology.  The explanation of occurrences or conditions as being of some cosmic origin, as though predetermined. That this somehow absolves us of problems and shortcomings that are of our own creation. It is sort of an extreme extrapolation of the old line "the devil made me do it" 
A good read. Thanks for sharing :)
JJ Montagnier Added Jul 2, 2017 - 11:13am
Thanks Burghal, for reading and commenting.
"One could place any set of prophecies against current events or recent trends and form some equivalence between the two".
- This is true, yet the practice of prophecy is as ancient as humans and I believe it does serve a purpose. Many people are spiritually inclined (but may not publicly admit to it) and they do sense that there is a "higher hand" at play - and it would seem that "higher hand" could be to do with metaphysical energies. There are also other systems that measure energies, like the i-Ching and Qaballa, so various ancient systems are at our disposal. Matching prophecy with real events is always tricky and "risky" because if it doesn't turn out as predicted all credibility is lost. 
"That this somehow absolves us of problems and shortcomings that are of our own creation." 
- It is just that it's human nature to want to avoid responsibility in general, so any excuse to blame our attitudes on someone else, including "the universe". Whether war, climate change, pollution, exploitation, over-consumption, or anything else: it's always someone or something else's fault. 
According to the Mayans we are co-creators: in other words we have to work with the energies that the universe makes available at a particular time. For example, in terms of high levels of polarity - what could be the purpose of Polarity? 
(From another article I am writing)
It highlights hypocrisy and double standards. The current polarity seems to shift all the time. If you take a position on one thing, it would mean you are against something opposing it and vice versa, but perhaps you have not clarified your position - the polarity shows this up and forces you to clarify your position (and thought processes related to that). If you don't do that you will appear to have no consistency, which could affect your credibility. All this will or could lead you back  to your own personal ethics and values and help you define or redefine them.
IF however you think we really live in a "post-truth" world where everything is relative and nothing matters any more (and won't ever matter again), you would end up having compromised yourself indefinitely and potentially irrevocably when sanity returns to the general population at large, because you did not take the opportunity to work on the energies to assist your self-growth when they were around - and that caused your shadow to take over. 
JJ Montagnier Added Jul 2, 2017 - 7:27pm
John, good question! The actual texts are copies of originals (the Spanish destroyed almost all Mayan literature when they colonised the Mayan lands)
However some of the prophecies are from ancient pottery and murals inside excavated temples and from stone stellae at archaeological sites. Many of the prophecies and calendar dates are recorded on these and they they seem to corroborate the texts that are considered copied faithfully enough to be used in researching the authentic Mayan calendars. 
It is more a matter of interpretation than manipulation, because the Mayan hieroglyphs are highly symbolic, so Westerners often come to different conclusions about meanings - and they sometimes confuse the dates. 
There have been a lot of people in the New Age movement who have misrepresented the Mayan calendars and so I set out to do in-depth research for myself and to use only sources from archaeologists, historians and Mayan representatives (like Carlos Barrios). Nevertheless, due to the nature of the subject matter: Prophecy, futurology and predictions, one should keep in mind that no matter how authentic the sources, it still basically comes down to speculation. 
Thank you for commenting. 
Katharine Otto Added Jul 5, 2017 - 11:17am
You do seem knowledgeable about Mayan culture and prophesies.  Having studied astrology for over 30 years, I have my own slant on symbolic languages.  It makes me wary of predictions, for one thing, yet the entire world seems addicted to them.
In astrology, you can predict the movements of the planets and the energies they represent.  The angles the moving planets make to natal positions shows astrologers how the energies will combine or conflict to affect an individual's life.  However, to predict specific events is dangerous, because it sets binders on the future, blinds people to alternatives, and compromises the credibility of the astrologer and the discipline.
Every combination of energies has multiple possible interpretations.  It's best to emphasize coping mechanisms for the energies involved, such as a time requiring patience, or one offering hidden blessings. How the individual responds to the energies can make a big difference.
I don't talk much about it, because people don't want to know.  However, I do watch planetary transits in my own life, if only to understand better what I'm supposed to learn from this or that aspect.  Who can say whether it helps.  It does give me a fairly reliable indicator when I'm feeling down or lacking in energy. I can usually find planetary explanations when physical reality gives no clues.
I believe the future is unpredictable, as far as actual events are concerned.  Only under this scenario can free will exist.  And I agree with the Mayans that we are now living in spiritually dark times.  We tend to forget that polarity cannot account for the colors of the rainbow.  
JJ Montagnier Added Jul 5, 2017 - 5:25pm
Kathatrine, I appreciate your comment, because of its critical approach.
You are correct in that such prophecies - if they are negative - should be used to provide guidance of how the energy or situation could be navigated. My next article will deal specifically with that, however it will be published on my site. 
You also make a very good point that polarity cannot account for the colors of the rainbow. Something important to know about "dark ages" is that they are never only dark - there is also a lot of light - and specifically, the darkness motivates us to seek out our own light and those of others. 
I have 3 articles preceding this one on my site giving examples and advice about how we should deal with the changing energetic environment  - this "mini-series" is part of a bigger series of 11 articles (so far) that deals with personal development and psychology related guidance on how to prepare for difficult times.
So, this article differs from all the others in my series' in that it does not offer advice. I want people to start thinking for themselves and not spoon-feed them. Perhaps this article with make readers keen on reading about the approach and solutions in my follow-up articles, or explore my other writings on the subject - I will update here as soon as the next installment is ready. 
Even if we completely ignore Mayan or any other prophecies, we are going to see resource practical, physical, real-life resource depletion in the future, starting within a decade or two - see: "Limits to Growth, by the Club of Rome". So, this has already been predicted from a "physical energy" perspective - (I am just mapping the "spiritual" or metaphysical energies with the physical energy trends, i.e. fossil fuels, etc.). 
 I don't talk much about it, because people don't want to know.
Yes, that's my experience too, so I have taken a more intellectual approach to it (this article, edited specially for WriterBeat) and I'm very happy with response - thank you Katharine and thank you everyone else for contributing to the discussion!  
JJ Montagnier Added Jul 14, 2017 - 9:28am
For readers who are interested, a follow-up article has been published on Gypsy CafĂ© in relation to dealing with duality: 
The Valley of Shadows in The Landscape of Light