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Raise your hand if you support terrorism.


Well, did you raise your hand?


Well if you are an American citizen you do. Because your elected representatives do and because they “on paper” represent you. So the ayes have it!


Now this 4th of July you’ll hear a lot of Human Shit from the Horses Asses that go off to Congress to REPRESENT YOU.


So if you do support terrorism then you can praise that they are doing their job and all is good in hypocriteville.


But if that Congressman, Congresswoman or President goes on and on and on and blah, blah, blahs about 9/11 and the terrorism that we must fight and fear then all that is,  well ……. it is just silly blather and posturing BULL SHIT!







Congress is refusing to pass a bill agreeing to stop funding terrorists. And that is all you need to know. That is the BOTTOM LINE! That means that WE DO SUPPORT TERRORISTS, period. End of argument!


Senator Rand Paul has introduced a bill in the Senate called The “Stop Arming Terrorists Act”. He has NO co-sponsors.


Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard introduced a bill in the House called The “Stop Arming Terrorists Act”. She has only 14 co-sponsors.


The fact is the U.S. DOES SUPPORT terrorists all over the world and to act like we don’t is just a LIE. And if you didn’t understand or believe it before, your very own Congress has just spelled it out to you in black and white. (Or should that be red, white, and blue?) DO YOU FUCKING GET IT YET, AMERICA? Once again you are being played, chumps!


The fact that we supply ISIS and al Qaeda directly and indirectly through Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey is not news to anyone. We have been doing it all along. We even helped to create both groups because of our short term goals and our long term failures. And it really isn’t even hidden IF YOU LOOK. The information isn’t even secret but alas, one does have to look.

Ok! Stop and think about this. Bush, Obama and Trump sold and agreed to sell in the future billions of dollars of arms to Saudi Arabia. Yet Saudi Arabia supported the terrorists that hit us on 9/11! And funded the operations according to U.S. investigations.


Bush, Obama and Trump have and will sell millions of dollars of arms to Turkey even though they support terrorists. And have for years.


Qatar, during Trump’s Middle Eastern trip was praised for being a loyal and faithful ally of the United States, but a week later Trump joined the Gulf States in condemning Qatar as a hotbed of terrorist support, and a week later allowed a $12 billion agreement to sell Qatar as many as 36 F-15 jets.


All of these countries are involved with ISIS and al Qaida support yet WE SUPPORT THEM with military supplies!


We know that THEY SUPPORT ISIS AN AL QAEDA – – – – so what gives?


What gives is that the United States supports terrorism! And this support is part of U.S. foreign policy and has been for years.


There is a plan BUT YOU, the citizen, have been deceived.

The problem is that most Americans only get their information from the maimed-stream-media and THAT “NEWS” is just fantasy-land! And has ALWAYS been. American’s have over their life times been led to believe that our news outlets provide “real” news. With “real” facts but with just a tiny bit of effort you can see how false that idea really happens to be.


But rather than looking into it most people spend their time defending the falsehood of the “free press”. It is managed-press which is just propaganda.


Hell, don’t take Tubularsock’s word for it ………… LOOK! Then get back to Tubularsock on the subject.



Tubularsock Added Jul 2, 2017 - 1:55pm
NO! Tubularsock doesn't mind beating a dead horse. If Tubularsock only had a $100,000.00 for every time he has said this, well bye bye!
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Jul 2, 2017 - 4:50pm
Great article, but yes, good luck in getting the message through to most Americans. Some know America supports terrorism and secretly approve while they publicly condemn it, sorta like Congress. Absolutely abhorrent. 
Ari Silverstein Added Jul 2, 2017 - 5:43pm
It’s unfortunate but expected that people have such a low regard for the United States and our foreign policy.  While we have made plenty of mistakes in the Middle East I’m confident we don’t knowingly fund terrorism.  Let’s not forget, terrorism is the act of killing innocent people.  Can you identify a single instance where this occurred?  I don’t mean people dying because of collateral damage or because someone we trusted did something terrible, I mean us knowingly causing a single terrorist act. 
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Jul 2, 2017 - 5:50pm
When America breaks international law and the Geneva Convention, of course decent moral people will have a problem with it. As for America supporting terrorists, here is proof... 
Article: How America Armed Terrorists in Syria | OEN -

Jeff Michka Added Jul 2, 2017 - 8:59pm
Danal Yoder sez: the Talmudic freedoms enjoyed by real terrorists is a crook,liar, and pathological criminal. - I bet in your mind they might be jews, too, eh?
Tubularsock Added Jul 2, 2017 - 10:41pm
Well Ari Silverstein, gosh Hiroshima and Nagasaki come to mind as well as the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam and the overthrow of Allende in Chile. Or maybe the murder and torture at Abu Gade or Guantanamo and the other black sites that the U.S. conducted their murder and torture.
War crimes that were DELIBERATE and approved by the United States Government.
Oh, must have all been “collateral damage”?
And this is just the intro list ..........
And YOU are “. . . confident we don’t knowingly fund terrorism”?
Let’s make it simple, say you neighbor hates you but doesn’t have the funds to fill your house with concrete as a sign of his dislike.
And lets say Tubularsock lives in the house on the other side of your property and Tubularsock gives the hateful neighbor the funds necessary to fill your house with concrete, AND HE DOES!
And you would conclude that your hateful neighbor was a creteterrorist but Tubularsock was just an innocent bystander?
Oh, and remember right after 9/11 we flew the Saudis out of the U.S. not allowing them to be interrogated by the FBI. And you really believe WE don’t “knowingly” support terrorism?
Carter and Reagan funded Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and called him and his al Queda “freedom fighters” and your telling Tubularsock that you really believe WE don’t “knowingly” support terrorism?
Stephen Hunter Added Jul 3, 2017 - 9:53am
Good article Tubular and I mostly agree with your well thought out points. "Terrorism" is just a word that is used to conjure up FEAR within our population. Most who hear the term instantly associate it with Arabs. And that serves the protectionist way of thinking, which supports the Muslim ban. Think about it, at least 30% of the population firmly stands behind it and feel good about the racial slurs that have become part of their vernacular. 
Stone-Eater Added Jul 3, 2017 - 10:21am
I don't raise my hand because I'm not part of the American "government" LOL
Stone-Eater Added Jul 3, 2017 - 10:24am
I’m confident we don’t knowingly fund terrorism
Not the people. But your Ango-Saxon hegemonist policy. What the UK was before (and, not to forget, many European nations, but the Anglophones are the ones who last), is the US now,
Not true, Mr. Silberstein ?
Dino Manalis Added Jul 3, 2017 - 11:32am
Americans don't support terrorism, that's why we're fighting it, but I agree we have to be careful with our Arab allies, it's not just Qatar, all Arabs directly and indirectly fund terrorism, not officially, but through various individuals; businesses; and other organizations.  That's why our policy should force Arab countries to stop picking on Qatar and sanction these people; businesses; and organizations that fund terrorism.
Stone-Eater Added Jul 3, 2017 - 11:42am
Americans don't support terrorism, that's why we're fighting it,
May I suggest to you some further reaching material for your research such as
or read some Noam Chomsky. This is geostrategy, not some isolated events. It has been going on for decades.
Tubularsock Added Jul 3, 2017 - 1:14pm
Oh Dino, that explains it. That is why the U.S. has all those special operatives over there training all those terrorists and using our air force to cover their attacks because we are “fighting terrorism”.
Tubularsock gets it now. We are training terrorists in order to stop terrorism. Another logical logistical plan much like our Vietnam strategy of “destroying that village in order to save it”! Damn we American are so fucking smart!
And then we have been so clever with our “fighting terrorism” that we have created more terrorists now than before we attacked Iraq! Damn we’re good!
You have got to admit that the American military’s killing women and children, you know blowing them apart, and then coming up with the term “collateral damage” is such a humane way of showing WE CARE!
And then you have the nerve to blame it all on the Arabs?
Let’s say Tubularsock kicks down your door and kills your family. What do you do?
Let’s say Tubularsock drones your village or your block in the city, and kills all your friends. What do you do?
Let’s say Tubularsock tortures your brother for information and finding none shoots him in the head in front of you? What do you do?
Well, if you follow that pattern out, what you do is BECOME a terrorist. Now multiply that by the “collateral damage” figures and a kind of pattern starts to emerge that EVEN an American can decipher ....... creating terrorists is easier than stopping terrorism using our current strategy.
UNLESS ............ this strategy IS WORKING as intended. Think on that, Dino!
Stone-Eater Added Jul 3, 2017 - 1:19pm harvest what your sow, and nobody sows anything without purpose ;-)
Jeff Michka Added Jul 3, 2017 - 6:17pm
Tubularsock notes: Yet Saudi Arabia supported the terrorists that hit us on 9/11! And funded the operations according to U.S. investigations.-Yup, and what a problem for the Bush whitehouse...The Bin ladens wrer Bush family friends, and ATTACKING IRAQ WAS REALLY TOUGH, as they had "Republican Guards," and you know how it is for them attacking a fellow Republican.  AND to ol Dannl,, calling you Danal sounded closer to the truth...You should enlarge your av photo, there are two horses back ends you closely look and give opinions like,   and people will better understand you...
wsucram15 Added Jul 3, 2017 - 10:23pm
God are such a card.   "May I suggest to you some further reaching material for your research such as..."
Terrorism is the biggest lie ever sold to the US people.  We killed millions and millions of people in the name of Terrorism.  People killed here "under terrorist attacks " are like 3066 ppl total, hard to believe.   
Tubularsock.. I dont support Terror, I just cant stop the corrupt government.  I did protest though if that helps.
Tubularsock Added Jul 3, 2017 - 11:42pm
wsucram15 thanks for your comment. No question the absurd place the U.S. foreign policy has been directed. The fact that you are awake to all of it is a huge step. So many have been asleep too long.
Eileen de Bruin Added Jul 4, 2017 - 6:53am
Eileen de Bruin Added Jul 4, 2017 - 6:54am
Tubularsok. Yes, yes and thrice, yes. The UK is in on it too, France and erm... Switzerland? Sweden? ...
The political elite which has manifested itself more profoundly and cunningly over the past thirty years whilst masquerading as defenders of freedom. I know and it is mind blowingly heart breaking when 'John and Jane Smith' ( Like Ari Silverstein) talk to me about what is inside their unhindered, prejudicial minds filled lovingly by the Media. Even highly educated individuals strut around with these "truths" that it is always the other guys wearing turbans or having a black skin or both who are different from their ruling classes and are just dissidents ( that was the word in the sixties) and should be wiped from the earth. And, those who know, the Boris Johnsons, the Family Blairs, the family Clintons...they can make a packet out of it all and build ivory towers (and do a bit of good work on the side eh?) , because it might as well be them to take the money and tell lies to us common folk, because if they didn't benefit from it all ( and they can build a few charities to clear their consciences can't they?) well someone else would! And that someone else isn't as nice as they are because at least they shoot with the right hand and throw out some sugar from the left hand. Well, quite literally, actually because the policy of keeping the Americans dumb and happy ( and ill informed with the faux news and all,that jazz) involves lots and lots of sugar foods! Sorry, that is another story, but it is directly linked to this speeding up wagon of arms and terrorists and liars and innocents or not innocents being blasted from their homes or from their very bodies. It is now at exponentially increasing rates, of course, a bit like the warming up of the ice caps.
Thing is, and this is a serious question Tubularsok: what or where will the families of these ivory tower and family-power-builders through the usual nepotism, do or go when it reaches its magnificent heights and ends?
They might just be all blown to f&@*!)( like the rest of us. Delusion is an all powerful thing and it particularly affects the megalomanic sectors because magalomania gives the psyche the idea that IT is utterly indestructible.
Tubularsok, there is no doubt that your intellect and wisdom is highly sensitive and that you are capable of telling things to be how they really are with your superb anecdotal usage. Tiny critique.....drop the superfluous use of bad language and use something more apposite and deeper.... and more people WILL listen to you. I am hugely impressed and, even though you are preaching to the converted, I still need to know about it.
Stone-Eater Added Jul 4, 2017 - 11:31am
Right on.
Stone-Eater Added Jul 4, 2017 - 11:32am
Switzerland bows to the gods of power too. We're the same cowards as the rest of Europe is.
Tubularsock Added Jul 4, 2017 - 12:44pm
Eileen de Bruin, thank you so much for your comment. Tubularsock appreciates your view and obviously feels the same way about the crazy set up that has been in place for a very long time.
Critical thinking seems to be in short supply and the simple solution of “walking in the other guys shoes” is slammed with”might make right”. And then when that comes back as “blowback” rather than notice the obvious as “do on to others as you wish done on to you” the response is use a bigger bomb. Not hopeful to say the least.
And thank you for your critique of Tubularsock’s use of “bad language”. Some people do have trouble with that approach but Tubularsock, with all due respect to your view and your feelings, Eileen have a far greater response to your use of “f&@*” for fuck!
Say what you mean and mean what you say. Tubularsock finds THAT disturbing.
Everyone knows what is intended when one writes “f&@*” Tubularsock just attempts to to make it unequivocally clear!
Tubularsock finds that use of highly charged (to some) language when used to express the degree of frustration one feels is just that, another tool in the tool box. To couch fuck into a deferential term as “f&@*” is a lie of the feeling in-order to please social norms.
Fuck That!
As for the “superfluous use of bad language”, Tubularsock can not even find words in the English language powerful enough to express the feelings of blowing people’s lives away for some mental ideological construct! Even FUCK! doesn’t cut it!
And finally. As for more or less people reading Tubularsock because of his language.
Each person must determine for themselves if Tubularsock’s style is useful to them and if not then much like “bad TV” (which is pretty much all TV) turn it off!
Tubularsock again, thanks you Eileen for your truthful concern over language and Tubularsock understands that concern. But at least now you know Tubularsock's view on the subject. Cheers!
Eileen de Bruin Added Jul 4, 2017 - 2:08pm
Right on Tubularsock!  Might I please clarify my sentiments about f&#~*! 
Words carry power and they carry energy. Sometimes, the more subtle the inference, the more powerful. I used the euphemism just to make a point here and not to imply that you should use such alternatives or euphemisms. They, or the real word, can be used when they are rarely used. 
Telling it how it is doesn't imply use of the vernacular, by default, now does it? Let us say that you were debating with a well-spoken congress person. The first use of obscene language would hand the game to him or her in the eyes of the world. And that would play into the charade that these people maintain to the public. Their ends would be met and they can walk away smugly. The truth, that you were presenting would slip away.
But, you shall do as you please and I shall read your stuff anyway as I, personally, am less affected by such use when I can see the pearl inside of the otherwise erudite work.
Tubularsock Added Jul 4, 2017 - 4:09pm
Eileen, your point is well taken by Tubularsock. And if and when Tubularsock is asked to debate a Congressperson, Tubularsock's rage will be tempered by not using "questionable words" but by mowing them down with his AK-47. And of course Tubularsock will have you to thank.
Tubularsock, if you haven't noticed, carries some thing to the extreme. But he is fun loving!
Eileen de Bruin Added Jul 4, 2017 - 5:02pm
Ok Tubularsock, point taken! Let's ban guns eh? Herein, we come full circle! Yes, I can see that you are fun loving. Good thread and good contributions. Alack and alas where are we all being led, I wonder? There is a saying ... Lord, change the world tomorrow and start with me. Hard to live up to though.
Interestingly enough, you Americans have made some great films about the truth behind the lies.  We all know the truth because these films would not be so well received if we didn't. That always poses so many underlying issues in that we kind of know and, also, accept the status quo as if there can be no other. And on and on into the following administrations. Our subconscious knows but our conscious mind remains tied up with the narrow arguments in every day life, which support the fight against whomever, the terrorists, the dissidents, the whomevers. Do we really need a blame machine so highly sophisticated as it is? Why do we create it? What service does it do us to look on whilst the ateocities continue?
Interestlingly, those charitable crumbs thrown out, that I referred to earlier, include on Mr Trump who is offering US care to an English baby whose genetic disorder implies suffering and an early death has been supported by both the UK courts and the European Court has upheld this. Still, it is huge headline news and Mr Trump is using it, I believe, to play the wonderful and loving president game. This, whilst having supplied and armed the SA to kill untold nimbers of babies. Kind of makes you think eh?
Tubularsock Added Jul 4, 2017 - 9:18pm
Well Eileen, in truth THE ONLY thing one has even a chance of changing is oneself. And yes it is truly difficult. It takes a lifetime to
be trained into all the shit and a lifetime to correct it. To do it all in one lifetime is the challenge!
Tubularsock agrees that there are a few American made films that expose the lies BUT there are far more, like 100 to 1, that promotes
"THE DREAM" and that is all lie as propaganda.
Tubularsock is not aware of President Orange Tweet's humanitarian gesture but if it is anything it is ALL LIE. If truth be known he'd just shoot the child in the head. But yes, "the loving president game" is what is going on. Tubularsock would use FUCK him right here but Tubularsock will not. So please just disregard that sentence. 
Thanks for your comments, and say hi to the Queen for Tubularsock.
Eileen de Bruin Added Jul 5, 2017 - 4:10pm
Tubularsock, thanks and when I see the Queen at our next party I shall say hi to her from you. Just kidding!, I don't know her but she probably knows me. Kidding again.
Princess Diana did bring the world press to all of the issues that you mention. by showing people the awful effects on the lives of ordinary people. The press were so entranced by her that they folowed her everywhere, even into the minefields of the world where people end up getting limbs blown off for no good or apparent reason. She showed the emaciation of peoples and the chillingly disgraceful effects of this huge war machine. She never mentioned the politics behind it all, not ever. She had no interest in the politics. She had all the interest for the forgotten people. It was so obvious that people would and were seeing for themselves the awful truth. Even whilst the press were more interested in her hair do and her clothing and whom she might be dating in the socialite world, the by product was that we were all being shown the truth.
She died in an accident. No, she didn't. She was showing the world what was really going on and The Establishment didn't like that. So she, herself, became part of the human collateral damage. Of the war machine and its powerful mongers.
The Establishment is all powerful and stops at nothing to hide the inconvenient truths.
Tubularsock Added Jul 5, 2017 - 4:44pm
Well Eileen, the Queen SHOULD know you and just maybe Tubularsock could introduce her to you. In Tubularsock's files are photos of Tubularsock with the Queen, difficult to believe, Tubularsock knows, but Tubularsock did know her corgis Monty and Holly. Monty stopped writing in 2012 due to death which does put a damper on writing for sure and for Holly can't really say.
However Susie in 1954, took a bite out of the Royal Clockwinder, Leonard Hubbard even after Tubularsock had warned him not to mess with Susie! Some guys don't listen but he was right on time!
However for truer thoughts. Diana did present a problem and like you said, "The Establishment is all powerful and stops at nothing to hide the inconvenient truths." 
She was a breath of fresh air for not only England but for the world. The one thing the Crown can't afford is someone that is "REAL"!
Thanks for your comments.

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