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There; You are forewarned.

This article is about my experience with traditional medicine in China.  In the Western world, it is often called alternative medicine.  In some cases, there is no proof that it works.  

My view is that all medicines are poison.  An exception might be a genetic medication that targets specific areas of the body and attempts to repair the DNA.  This is the future of medicine.  But, in general, a medicine that helps one issue is a poison for other parts of your body.  For example, acetaminophen (Tylenol) may relief your headache, but it can poison your liver.  Aspirin can cure a headache or thin your blood, but it can also cause internal bleeding.  When my father retired, he would meet with other elderly people.  Their favorite pastime was to brag about the number of medications they were taking.  My father took up to 13 different medications.  Some were the counteract the effects of other medications.  Ultimately, he developed a rare illness caused by taking a cocktail of medications.  It killed him.  He had his ailments, but all tests indicated he was healthy.

I am convinced that vitamins and supplements are at best a waste and at worst can kill you.  No food, unless it provides needed nourishment for the body, is healthy.

So, I avoid taking any medication, vitamins, or supplements.  I confess to taking one supplement.  My sister has a condition for which if she didn't take medication, she would die.  Sometimes you have to.  It will likely shorten her life, but it gives her a longer life that what she would have otherwise had.  That's assuming that Western Medicine made the right choice in the first place.  Western Medicine is always updating its practices, and that is a good thing.  In years past, men were often diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Today, some of it is no longer call cancer and the treatment has changed. 

But, make no mistake about it, Chinese Tradition medication is medication.  It can do harm as well if abused.  However, I do believe it is less potent and, a therefore, less harmful to the body.    

With that background, I am sure you are asking, is Chinese Traditional medicine effective?  Yes, but not always.  Do I recommend it?  Yes.  I use it.  Is it superior to Western medication?  
No, but, used wisely you can avoid poisoning yourself with Western medications.  Although traditional medicine is highly revered, Western medicine is the norm in China.  When you get into the third and fourth tier cities of China, Chinese Traditional medicine may be all you find.  

You might question why I include massages under medicine.  Foot massages are used to treat the entire body.  Perhaps it is better to call therapy.  Back massages help relieve back pain, but that is about it.  It isn't meant to cure, to my knowledge.  I have included it anyway.

The first encounter with traditional therapy was a foot massage.  Different pressure points on your foot connect to specific points in your body.