Life is Worth Fighting For

Here is an essay by a psychology professor, Dr. Joseph J. Horton, about the well-known case of 11-month old Charlie Gard in a London hospital and a severely burned 11 year-old boy from South America who is now undergoing painful treatments in the USA.


The European Court in Brussels failed to overturn the British Supreme Court’s ruling allowing hospital doctors and administrators to disconnect Charlie from a ventilator because it might be causing him pain (and allow him to die), rather than allow Charlie to be treated by an experimental method in America.


Dr. Horton’s thoughtful article comparing the two cases is worth reading. Click on the link to read it.


Here is the latest news article about the Charlie Gard case, with quotes from the parents, a British judge and New York-Presbyterian Hospital and the Vatican's Children's Hospital. 


Tamara Wilhite Added Jul 14, 2017 - 1:23am
I've noticed the sheer silence on the most important matter - that this case is the result of socialized healthcare saying "you're not worth trying to save, die" and then defending its decision despite everyone else's outcry.
If we have socialized medicine, we get administrators able to say "no care for you, go home and die". And no appeal.
Dale Murrish Added Jul 14, 2017 - 11:02am
Good point, Tamara. In our system, we often have insurance companies making the same sorts of decisions, though.
I think in the Charlie Gard case, people have donated over a million dollars to fund the experimental care. In less well-known cases, the outcome might not be much different in our system vs. the UK unless people have a deep pocket to fund it themselves. Still, I’d rather live here in the USA than places that have socialized medicine.

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