It's Going To Be Alright

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Soldiers In Disneyland


Not every poem rhymes
Cause when we went to war with Iraq
It just didn't rhyme
Have you ever loved someone you didn't like
It doesn't rhyme
The recruiter said
Your friend is dead
Haunted by so many deaths
Again and again
Time after time
This does not rhyme
There's no music
No time
When a poem don't rhyme
You're out of time
Born to early or maybe to late
Waiting at the wrong stop
Now you missed the bus
Every bone is broken
Only your heart is hurt
When you laugh
You're lying
Shoes untied
You're crying
No tears are falling
It's not rhyming
Rhyming poems are for rhyming people
Who grew up right
Never felt the darkness
or lived in the night
Stop your soldiering 
Find a tree
Hold on tightly
The roots will take you rightly
It will never rhyme
But in time
You'll let it be
And help others see
The night rhymes with daylight
The darkness says
You don't have to fight
It can rhyme and it can be right
Colors of black never turn white
The light is always bright
You thought you were right
And now you are
In the night
The moon rose
Gave you light
He knows
She can see
And its alright


By: Roger Harkness - The Minister Peacefulpoet
9 Aug 17


john guzlowski Added Aug 10, 2017 - 2:12pm
Good poetry is like a prayer.

It says just listen
Don't talk.