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The average White guy


For this piece, I am the average White American Guy. You can call me WAG. I am from an average family on Long Island, who lived in an average house and was an average student who played sports. I finished High School and went to work in a factory. Every body had a job who wanted one. My uncles fought and one died in WWII. I hated what the Nazi's did from the photo's of concentration camps, and took a personal vow never to let that happen again.


I married an average white girl, because I didn't know any other kind. My government decided it was in the best interest of the country to stop communism from taking over the world, so they sent the army to fight in Vietnam, saying all Asia would go commie if we didn't. They drafted mostly poor kids, that meant a high percentage of minority kids.


Social activists decided the Gov. was wrong and took to undermine their authority. A lot of bitterness made them take over the Democratic Party, Big City Gov. and schools. At the same time Black activists saw a chance to improve their place in society.

When MLK said it was the American way, that everybody have a fair chance, reguardless of color, I agreed with him. But then the 1964 Civil rights Act made racism a consideration in all things social. States Rights were subject to Federal regulations, and social activists brought law suits and integration to everything. Schools were graded on % of students color, construction projects had to have a % of black companies.


Then women, who were a majority of the population, got special treatment written into law that they were special considerations. I couldn't find fault with a woman working the same as a man, should be paid the same!


But then it extended to promotions and opportunity. Now it wasn't enough to be fair. I had to let women and minorities get ahead of me in line. WAG (White American Guy) was told he was privileged! And that he had to accept the equality of the less talented.


A well spoken Black guy ran for POTUS, and white folks along with Black folks voted for him. He promised to bring America together, and we all wanted racial harmony.

My health insurance went up because it was only fair that the poor have equal access to care. My taxes went up because more people needed assistance. And racial disharmont went up because whites were hoarding priviledge.


So WAG decided to change things the American way, and form Tea Party rallies. But, we were called bigots and Nazi's. White haters who only wanted to retain priviledge. All I wanted was to live my life and raise my family as my father had!


Meanwhile real white supremacists who had been decimated years ago, by the FBI, began to talk about white pride and taking back America. This was what I wanted, but still I hated Nazi's and thought all people should be treated fairly.


LGBTQ activists saw an opportunity to appear normal, and demanded to be treated as Civil Rights victims. Not only that, MARRAGE, that had been considered the foundation of our society, was now open to any couple who wanted to butt fuck each other or lick a crotch! Every thing that WAG believed in was being challenged by people who called themselves PROGRESSIVES. But to WAG, this wasn't progress, this was taking away what he believed in.


So while Black lives Matter, and Gay rights, and free services, all burned police cars, broke windows, and looted stores. WAG, went to work, telling his friends to VOTE for TRUMP. He will make America great again. The Media and progressives bought Hillary the Presidency. But come election day, the WAG's used the system to take over.


Well the hate American Whites machine went into full production. Create crimes, blame Russia, Trump is crazy, demonstrate, demonstrate, demonstrate! Take down everything white. Destroy history of white domination of Blacks and minorities.


What happened to fairness and equal treatment? What happened to judgment of personality, not skin color!

Tear down all vestiges of states rights and white domination. Tear down the statues of white pride and Southern resistance to Liberal Government domination.

Down with Robert E. Lee, up with MLK. Lee park now is emancipation park. Change white named schools, but keep, MLK, Malcolm X and United Negro college fund.


Blacks can destroy Ferguson, and march against police, but whites cannot walk with torches or rally.


What the fuck? Maybe the Nazi's are right. We need to put down those who want to change society. Maybe the system doesn't work for WAG anymore. Maybe we need to tear it down and start again. White's killed the savages before. Maybe we need to do it again!