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I am going to write the next 3 articles for Writer Beat. The 1st one will be available online next week. The 2nd one in 3 weeks. And the 3rd one will be my final article for Writer Beat. I will explain it when my final article is posted on here.

I wanted to give everyone a heads up and I am well. Other than looking at what is happening in the news, I had to deal with personal issues in my life that required my attention. As I have stated earlier, I will address that in my final article.

I will be here next week. Have a great weekend, be safe and keep those who are dealing with the various hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and the nations affected by them in your thoughts and prayers.


Autumn Cote Added Sep 8, 2017 - 5:31pm
Please note, the second best way to draw more attention to your work is to comment on the work of others (not just Professor Taboo). I know this to be true because if you do, I'll do everything in my power to draw more attention to your articles.

PS - There is a lot I can do and would like to do on your behalf.

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