Gold and Silver Price Manipulation comes from the TOP!

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After 6 + years of obvious ‘price’ manipulation in silver and gold, one would think that more investors, miners, and pundits, would catch on to the SOURCE of this continuing price manipulation. Ted Butler has written an excellent article on what has been happening these past 6+ years. His article is entitled ‘Eight Crooks Against the World’. You can read it by googling the article. What Ted does not mention, however, is the likely SOURCE for all this manipulation of ‘price’. Does this manipulation start with the eight crooks (JP Morgan, CME group, Goldman Sachs, etc.)? This missive will challenge this assumption. Think BIG!

I would suggest that gold and silver prices are much to important to leave to the commercial banks and the regulators who monitor and report on these metals. The higher up’s who run our Deep State System are most likely the culprits behind all this manipulation. Just think about the nature of money today. Today, our money is ‘digital’ and it gets its value from mere psychological confidence (trust). Those at the top must recognize that the foundation for all money and credit starts with gold. This precious metal is at the CORE of all money, credit, and world finance. This has been the situation for thousands of years!


JP Morgan, et al, certainly are the proxies which continually manipulate and suppress these gold and silver prices. This fact Ted has document thoroughly, logically, and with sound evidence. But the bigger issue is WHO gives the orders for this policy of price manipulation/suppression? Do those at JP Morgan or CME Group act for 6+ years to manipulate these prices without any higher up Authority? I don’t think so! The real SOURCE and AUTHORITY comes from another institution(s). Think about who creates our money and who desires to promote ‘digital’ money for the world society! Who are the administrators at the very TOP? Think BIG!


One obvious administrator who I have identified many times is this economist/CEO/bankster/insider called William C. Dudley. This administrator works at the New York Federal Reserve and has oversight over the Markets Group (some 500 traders who trade our markets under Simon Potter). William C. Dudley has a permanent position within the Federal Open Market Committee as he is the head of the New York Fed. This administrator also has direct connections and input into the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland (another global manipulator of gold/silver prices IMO). Could this administrator be involved in gold/silver price suppression?


I would suggest, YES. Dudley’s orders most likely come from Washington via our Treasury Department (today this is Steven Mnuchin). So who are the likely administrators who provide the Authority for all this price suppression/manipulation of gold/silver prices? Is it JP Morgan, et al, or does the Authority come from the TOP (Mnuchin, Dudley, and a few others)? Who started this mindset back in 2011 after the big run-up in gold/silver prices? Were prior Treasury Secretaries also involved in setting this policy of price suppression/manipulation? I think so!


Think of Timothy Geithner, Jack Lew, Henry Paulson, Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Ben Bernanke, and a few others with a mindset to control these metals called GOLD and silver. It’s all done for a REASON. What could be this ‘reason’? Could a program of promoting ‘DIGITAL’ money be at the core of their thinking? I think so. They MUST promote ‘digital’ money and then get the world to accept this funny money (via a confidence game) if this fake money is to WORK. The game of money is based upon CONFIDENCE. Think big to discern the mindset of those at the TOP!


At the core of money is this concept called VALUE. At the core of ‘value’ is this psychological concept called CONFIDENCE. To promote and make people BELIEVE in funny money and fake money (our current ‘digital’ cyber currencies), our Authorities MUST promote ‘confidence’ in all this fake/funny money via price suppression of all historical money (gold and silver). This is what MUST happen when you think BIG and discern WHO is ultimately BEHIND all this manipulation.


All we have on this planet are people (some 7.5 billion). Select individuals (just a few) have positions of high AUTHORITY. It is these individuals which we now must IDENTIFY. Think big and grow SMART to discern WHO might be behind our entire fake/phony monetary system! It’s select administrators at the TOP. My view is that DUDLEY knows all the administrators who are behind this Ponzi money game. Who can get to this administrator so as to expose the scheme? We need a counter to the Deep State! Trump is impotent! Who can we identify as a person to challenge this corrupt system? I am lost at the moment on this! I am:


Some individuals to watch when it comes to money/value and the coming Mark of the Beast economy!

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These three will not expose each other. William Dudley, Janet Yellen, Stanley Fischer KNOW who suppresses gold and silver!

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William C. Dudley and Mark Carney are two administrators who KNOW who is behind the price manipulation and suppression!

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William C. Dudley is a permanent member of the Federal Open Market Committee (he is Chairman of the New York Fed)! He likely knows all the history behind the manipulation of gold and silver and why!

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Why would this administrator desire to promote DIGITAL money for the USA and the WORLD? Did anyone elect this administrator?

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Who could get into the mindset of this New York Fed money manipulator? He likely KNOWS why all the ‘digital’ money needs to be promoted and why silver and gold must be suppressed so as to provide ‘confidence’ that funny/fake money can work! Think BIG! Who is behind all the global economic manipulations?

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Dudley (2nd from left) has all the connections and he is the ONE administrator who KNOWS the money game/scheme! He is not elected by the American people and his role is central to a continuation of all the current corruption. This guy needs EXPOSURE and removal from all financial authority IMO! Who can expose our Ponzi game of funny money called DIGITAL currencies!

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Promoting DIGITAL currencies is the goal of our TOP financial administrators. This means that all historical money (silver/gold) must be made to look unacceptable! Promoting funny/fake money is now the new CONFIDENCE game of our elites! THINK BIG! This all leads, eventually, to the Mark of the Beast economy!




Katharine Otto Added Sep 13, 2017 - 1:55pm
I don't believe Dudley could do this alone.  He is part of a large group of like-minded thinkers who believe they are smarter than everyone else and deserve to use people's gullibility in order to deceive them.  Why do people buy into it?  Lazy convenience, probably. Debit cards, automatic deposits and withdrawals, credit cards.
I read that early in US history, certain states allowed people to pay taxes with paper money.  From there, paper currency wormed its way into general use. Early banks in Scotland made loans with their own currency, and honored payments with their own money, so again, bad money drove out good.  
I get a paternalistic pat on the head when I ask why gold is no longer legal tender.  Responders say "the gold standard" is not practical.  I'm not talking about the "gold standard."  I'm talking about individuals using gold in their supermarkets.   Why can't they do it?  Because it competes with all the funny money out there, so people would hoard it, instead.  
Still, as the "global economy" becomes more dis-associated from local economies, I suspect coins will gain a more respectable role and may even help ground the money supply in unpredictable ways.
Katharine Otto Added Sep 13, 2017 - 2:01pm
I also believe we never really left the gold standard.  The price of gold is merely an indicator of the value of the currency.  That the price has gone from $40/ounce in 1970 to over $1200/ounce now only tells me how valueless the dollar has become.
Why does Germany want its gold back?  I figure it's not "buying" this digital crap and is positioning itself to avoid bankruptcy when the euro, ECB, and world bank collapse.
Donald Swenson Added Sep 14, 2017 - 11:57am
Katherine: Your view is similar to mine. The key reason why gold prices are being suppressed is psychological. The authorities know that high gold prices will crush confidence in the Mark of the Beast digital currencies. Control is the name of the game. Digital money maintains control for the elites. Gold gives no loyalty to our power brokers. Digital
Donald Swenson Added Sep 14, 2017 - 11:58am
Money maintains control. It's all about control, control, control. D