2017 Flash Horror Stories by Tamara Wilhite

I uploaded! I uploaded successfully! Don’t terminate the program, it’s fine, I’m here, I’m fine -!


My sex bot software updated, and I hate it. Now, in the most intimate moments, it utters … more, more, must buy more of whatever they were promoting this month.


The hackers infiltrated the sex bot software. They are now threatening to release what I said to it if I don’t pay the Bitcoin ransom.


The automated order kiosk errored out and my order came out wrong. However, tech support says everything is fine, so I can’t get a refund.


Everything we do is for the planet now, since for the children has no meaning because there are no more of them.


I asked them how many humans still worked at the store. The manager pointed to the mechanic in a back groom and said, “Just him”.


Hate is a new, bad four letter word. That it was for asparagus and broccoli along didn’t matter, since the emotion itself is considered the sin, the crime, forbidden. Off to be reprogrammed. I don't want to love those vegetables, but maybe I just won't care ... no one else does anymore.


They announced the one child policy while I was pregnant with my second.


The list of what is prohibited is so long I asked for the list of what is allowed. Apparently, that is on the prohibited list.


Forget gender-fluid. The new thing today is species-fluid.  


“I slapped you because you used one of the newly forbidden words. It’s fascist, and your use makes you a fascist, so no, my hitting you isn’t assault, it is fighting fascism.”


While women’s rights activists were initially horrified at the idea of men turning to sexbots and ignoring real women, the LBGT movement eventually embraced it due to the rise of women who found lesbianism as an alternative.


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Tamara Wilhite Added Sep 19, 2017 - 9:54pm
You can read some of my other stories at Hubpages.
Sentence Swap by Tamara Wilhite, a Horror Story
Dave Volek Added Sep 20, 2017 - 9:13pm
THis piece didn't do much for me, but I took a peek at other excerpts you put on WB. I like your short story style!
Tamara Wilhite Added Oct 19, 2017 - 8:55am

Dave Volek Thank you for the praise.