What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Of course we knew it would work out well. Having our bully-in-chief in person addressing the UN General Assembly couldn't possibly have any downside, could it? No, it went exactly as I expected. Vitriol was unleashed, the base went wild, and the Donald smiled his happy place smile.


I'm reminded of a paraphrase of one of my favorite movie lines from the Treasure of the Sierra Madre. "Diplomats? We don't need no steenkin' diplomats!" Tensions between the US and North Korea keep growing, yet as of today, we do not have a new ambassador in place in South Korea. The last headline I saw in late August indicated that Victor Cha would be named as that ambassador, but I do not see an official announcement, nor have there been Congressional hearings scheduled for this position. This inexcusable failure to staff one of the most critical diplomatic positions is typical of the complete and utter disorganization of the Trump administration, and the disdain that this administration holds for all solutions diplomatic.


One wonders what opinions our former Presidents would have of this pathetic excuse for a leader. I can just see Teddy Roosevelt preparing to lift up his big stick to smite the person who is turning his famous aphorism about speaking softly on its head. And still, his base clamors for more baseness to chastise the coastal elites. More blasphemy for the international order to digest. The world watches as the US prepares to exit from any active role in world affairs - except, you know, to threaten other nations with complete and total annihilation.


I see the writings of his supporters. They are ecstatic as they consider how good of a job he is doing at draining the swamp. They relish the digs at those the base considers as their oppressors, cheering at the discomfort of those who are victimized by the cruelty inflicted by those whose racism has been unleashed through the phenomena of Trumpism. Personally, at this time, I think many of this President's base are on acid.


What the election of Donald Trump as President has unleashed is the virulent strain of nativism and racism that long simmered beneath the surface in the US. President Obama started the fermentation of this strain merely by being non-white. His actions were seen through a lens of racial intentions, and he was viewed as being extremely racially divisive. The very thought that someone of mixed racial background would rise through his own merit and intelligence to occupy the presidency enervated those who believed that racial policy was a win/lose phenomena. If a non-white won, the white race lost.


Donald Trump has enabled those who hold racist and anti-intellectual, anti-elitist positions to crawl out from under the rocks and spew their venom indiscriminately. I see it on internet bulletin boards where references to the Protocols of Zion are mixed with diatribes against all blacks. I see it in the ongoing series of campaign rallies that Donald Trump uses to energize himself by wrapping himself in a mantle of adulation, while decrying the media as being fake. The echoes of the Nuremberg rallies resonate in each Trump rally. The only thing missing is a uniform dress code for his supporters to make the analogy complete (MAGA hats are just not enough of a fashion statement).


The anti-intellectual bent of this administration is alarming. In one department (USDA), Politico has just published the results of their reviews of nominees for positions within the agency. Here is the link to the article:


What Politico reveals is that a majority of the appointees may lack any Agricultural background or knowledge, but that lack is off-set by their personal loyalty to Donald Trump. Over half of the resumes reviewed by Politico showed Trump campaign experience as their most relevant qualification. Actual knowledge of a subject matter just isn't relevant in order to obtain a lucrative position in Trump world. It seems it is more of a disadvantage. There are many more examples, especially in scientific fields, where this administration's disdain of subject matter expertise has manifested itself.


Just to show that the Trump administration plays no favorites in the evisceration of government agencies, any agency other than Defense and TSA take huge hits.. The State Department takes the largest hit, with a 30% reduction in proposed funding. The administration is in effect implementing its objectives by simply not proposing nominees to many positions previously staffed in former administrations. If no one is working there, you don't have to pay for their salaries. Voila! A fait accompli in reducing government spending.


And then there's the holy grail of Republicanism, the dismantling of Federal government programs to support the people of the United States. Repeal and Replace is the mantra that was chanted by all card-carrying Republican politicians. Given the complete reins to power in the Federal government, they have so far proven incompetent in accomplishing their stated number one objective. Now in this next week we face one more spasm of Senatorial action aimed at undoing the previous administration's signature accomplishment. It may be an unholy alliance of those who believe Graham-Cassidy is still too generous and a few Republican Senators who understand the severe implications of removing health care insurance from tens of millions, that alliance may be enough to derail this last best chance of throwing the health industry into chaos.


You see, Republicans have never ever been in favor of Medicaid. Ever since it was proposed by the known socialist Lyndon Johnson, it has been viewed as an affront to each and every Republican politician. The bills to end the ACA are the Trojan horse that will enable the death of Medicaid. It may take a decade to accomplish its goal, but the equine statue may actually be admitted behind the walls of government if only 50 Senators can scramble inside.


Meanwhile, the drumbeat of the Russia probe is starting to throb within the halls of the White House. The denials of any knowledge of, or business dealings of the Trump campaign and Trump family members with Russia or Russians always rang hollow. Now the Mueller investigation is encircling the White House, leaving enough investigative breadcrumbs in place for outsiders to discern his methodology. As reported this week, with the invasive search at Paul Manafort's house, the investigation is behaving more like it is pursuing an organized crime family instead of a typical white collar criminal. Bill Moyers has documented a timeline showing the interactions of the Trump organization with Russia and Russians dating back decades. See this for more information on those ties that the family just keeps on forgetting:



Still, the resilience of the Trump base to refuse to acknowledge the veracity of any failings of their dear leader keeps on plugging along. One of the truly insightful things that Donald Trump ever said was his claim that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and he wouldn't lose voters. If an indictment does issue from Robert Mueller, and impeachment follows, the base of Donald Trump will not go gentle into that good night. Instead, they will rage, rage at the dying of the light.


Dino Manalis Added Sep 23, 2017 - 5:14pm
At the United Nations, Trump was honest and undiplomatic, he sounded like he was on the campaign trail, he should have been diplomatic with countries without changing his message.  With respect to North Korea, Trump ought to seek diplomacy with Beijing, not Pyongyang, it's time for action and reunification on the Korean peninsula.  We don't want war with Iran either, but Tehran has to be watched and their military sites ought to be inspected without prior notice.
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Sep 23, 2017 - 5:20pm
What an excellent synopsis written well, Clock. The link to billmoyers is real interesting to read with the Time Line it presents.
The more I see of Trump, the more it appears he has more characteristics and personality traits of the anti-Christ, than the Christ like figure his devoted Evangelical followers see in him. The Bible warns the Devil can appear as an Angel of Light!
Watching the election from CanaDa, I thought those supporting Trump were Nihilists, as CNN & MSNBC and other news media gave him $billions in Free Publicity, magnifying him in the Public Square.
It was good for Network ratings and revenue. It's almost too late for buyers remorse!
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Sep 23, 2017 - 5:33pm
It seems to me Trump has been encouraging and indoctrinating his base to do this as you tell it like it is, "If an indictment does issue from Robert Mueller, and impeachment follows, the base of Donald Trump will not go gentle into that good night. Instead, they will rage, rage at the dying of the light."
It gave me no pleasure to see and say for many years, even before Trump appeared on the scene, watching the trend lines, the Time is coming when there will be a stream of Americans seeking Refugee Status in CanaDa to escape crazy, American style home grown terrorism. Americans have more guns in private hands than any Society on earth.
For now it's mostly Haitians seeking that Refugee Status, but later it will be Americans of all skin tones
Stephen Hunter Added Sep 23, 2017 - 5:34pm
You are right Even, he has convinced his base that whatever is reported about him is fake. 
That in itself, even if it was all true about the media being against him, is dangerous. Gives him more power, perhaps he is much more clever than people think.  
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Sep 23, 2017 - 5:38pm
The Russiagate Hoax has always been about Russian hacking. Now that VIPS has shown that it was a leak and not a hack, as well as the fact that if any actual hacking had occurred the NSA would definitely know exactly what happened, and who was behind it, and they would be able to provide proof of this to the American public without in anyway endangering national security. None of this has happened, thus obviously no Russian Hacking occurred. Thus Russiagate is a hoax since it was entirely based on the Russian hacking conspiracy theories now debunked. You can't move the goalposts to some other thing and pretend it has anything to do with what you Russiagaters have been saying it was about for the last year. Just admit it, this entire nonsense was never about removing Trump, it's about getting us into an Omnicidal unwinnable nuclear war with Russia. If you really want to remove Trump go after him for war crimes. But since getting us into insane wars is the real goal you will never use this approach even though it is guaranteed to win, unlike nonsense based on fantasy conspiracies. 
George N Romey Added Sep 23, 2017 - 6:00pm
Russia is a nothing burger. Simply stated Trump is unable to move the Deep State or aka "The Swamp" out of the way. Some of his supporters have already given up others will never do so. However ultimately Trump is not the real problem but just an entertaining side show.
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Sep 23, 2017 - 6:38pm
FYI I'm far from being a Trump supporter, but I'm even less a supporter of the Military-security complex, the Deep State, or the insane criminal global wars they push. Here is more on what I was talking about before...
“The Only People Who Still Believe In Russiagate Are Those Who Desperately Need To” https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/the-only-people-who-still-believe-in-russiagate-are-those-who-desperately-need-to-6ed8bcb55e0f

Jeffry Gilbert Added Sep 23, 2017 - 7:54pm
Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD) is strong in this one too. 
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Sep 24, 2017 - 4:50am
Or Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder Intelligence Surrender (TARDIS) for the English Dr. Who fans that qualify. 
Don Added Sep 24, 2017 - 3:41pm
I enlisted in WWII. The war may never have happened if Hitler’s threats had been taken seriously. One of the sad things about my generation is we had to turn things over to a bunch of snowflakes who forget history.