Judy Shelton - we now need 'stable' money! Why?

Judy Shelton – the Fed should focus on ‘stable’ money!

OCTOBER 12, 2017

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Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article by economist, Judy Shelton, entitled “Woodpeckers for Sound Money”.Basically, the article proposes that stable money (say our dollar and similar hard money currencies) is what is needed today. A stable dollar (for example) would promote price stability and general growth with less favoritism to the wealthy few. Is this a realistic goal?


Will the Donald select a new Fed Chairman which might promote this type of policy for America? My sense is absolutely NO. Why? To create a ‘stable’ dollar we would need to ‘fix’, ‘tie’, ‘attach’ this unit of nothing to some material commodity (object) and then allow traders to convert their dollar units into this stable commodity (say gold or silver). Is this likely? Absolutely not. Why? This would collapse the entire global economy and destroy the existing fantasy sentiment (called confidence).


A stable dollar would also set in motion the need to ‘tie’ or ‘fix’ all global currencies to this material commodity (object) so relative exchange (globally) would be stable. Is any of this likely given what has transpired these past 40+ years (under Keynesianism)? I don’t think so! We now have computer ‘digits’ for our currencies (globally) and these ‘digits’ are being created by our banking system to keep our monetary system from collapsing into ‘nothingness’.


As long as traders and investors view ‘digits’ as real things (material objects composed of matter/energy) it is unlikely that any real change in monetary policy will develop. The reality that these ‘digits’ are mere units of our imagination will not be recognized by those in charge of our global monetary policy. In fact, prophecy (Providence) demands that the Mark of the Beast economic system develop (this is our current ‘digital’ currency system). Don’t expect any change in our money units for the next decade or longer.


The emerging Mark of the Beast monetary system is right on schedule and this system of man is what prophecy says must occur prior to the coming END. Digital money (a Cashless society) and a system where the rich get richer and the middle class and the poor get poorer is what must happen given that man is not in control of our real history. Providence (also called our Creator’s intelligence) is actually in control and this intelligence says that the Mark of the Beast monetary system must emerge prior to the END.


Eventually, our system will collapse from all the internal ‘contradictions’ (fantasies) but this will not happen for many years. The beginning of the END is soon here, but the END of Man’s corrupted SYSTEM is still a ways off (years). Prepare for the Mark of the Beast and the authorities (select elites) who will impose this SYSTEM on the world. It’s prophesied to happen and prophecy is ABSOLUTE (in my opinion). The End-times are everywhere for those few with enlightened ‘eyes’! Think for yourself! I am: https://kingdomecon.wordpress.com.


Some additional images to ponder:

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This video will give you a general view of where our global markets are going! The information is essential for the FEW who desire to understand ‘reality’ over ‘FANTASY. Listen to the video and then THINK for yourself! All is relative today!

Click on the center triangle and plan to relax and watch/listen to what is emerging rapidly! Few comprehend money (even the experts are in the ‘dark’ on this subject)! The spiritual world (what is now at the core of money) is rejected by almost every monetary expert! This means that these pundits are left in the ‘dark’ on these crucial spiritual issues (called money and the Mark of the Beast)! Keep in mind that money rules this planet and those in Authority (who are mostly unaware of the spiritual realm) will not relinquish control of this concept called MONEY until their goals (of total control) are achieved. Providence rules ultimately!!!


Donald Swenson Added Oct 12, 2017 - 5:37pm
Watch the full video to the end. You may need to watch a couple of times. D
Autumn Cote Added Oct 14, 2017 - 5:23am
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John G Added Oct 14, 2017 - 5:42pm
What is Debt? – An Interview with Economic Anthropologist David Graeber
For you to ever gain any credibility whatsoever, you should find out what Keynesianism actually is before (mis)using the term again.
We haven't had it for 40+ years. Keynesian demand management was overturned for your monetarism in the 1970s.
Neoliberalism is NOT Keynesianism.
This is an historical fact.
Donald Swenson Added Oct 15, 2017 - 12:30am
The name Keynesianism is still used as the core principals are still followed. Government is superior to the private sector, debt is promoted in lieu of cash equity, a central bank rules over the marketplace, and math is ubiquitous. Gold is abandoned in favor of faith money. Most still view our economic model as Keynesian. Your rejection of this label does not change the situation, John. D

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