Christians Meddling Can Get a Lot of Us Hurt

Some on WB seem to feel we Christians are mean--spirited. I wish they would give specific examples of what they are talking about. Until then I will have to guess.


I came across a very interesting Scripture. In 1 Peter 4:15, Peter informs his fellow Christians to expect serious persecution. Then he adds, but be sure you are not persecuted for the wrong thing. Among the wrong things is meddling in other people’s business–the translation form the Greek is accurate, “meddling.”


Some Bible scholars suggest that the early Christians were trying to impose their values in a secular world and they were getting a backlash.


So how do we apply this? Perhaps a Christian who is not sure of what meddling is would do well to do what Jesus said He did. He said “For I spake not from myself; but the Father that sent me, he hath given me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.” (Joh 12:49) One example of that may be when the Pharisees demanded Jesus meddle in the life of the woman caught in adultery. Jesus kneeled down and wrote in the sand for a period of time. Then He got up and gave his response. Some suggest that Jesus was using that time to wait until He heard specifically from the Father.


An inward dialogue with the Father at such times might help a lot of Christians keep their mouths shut.


Meddling does not go over well in America. Deep in the DNA of our culture is our belief in personal freedom. Mess with our freedom and we start throwing tea over the side of the ship. As long as we are not using our freedom to hurt some one, then “Don’t meddle in our business.”


One good way to get a fight started as kids was to meddle. We then found ourselves looking at a balled up fist and a snarl:”What’s it to you buddy?” And the fight was on.


There is a lot of concern today that the church is going to be persecuted. But, will they be persecuted for something legitimate? Or, will it be because some are meddling in other peoples’ business when nobody asked them to?-


And, will there be collateral damage. Will I get persecuted because my fellow Christians can’t wait, and say only what the Father tells them to.


Mircea Negres Added Oct 23, 2017 - 5:48am
Don, I've known some people who deserved to be thought of as good Christians, but they are a minority. By far, most of them are liars, cheats, hypocrites, judgmental (especially when they don't have enough information to pass ANY kind of judgement), abusive and so on. Here are some examples: attendance to religious services is not compulsory in South Africa- it says so in the constitution. Said attendance must be free AND voluntary. At my first army unit, I had to explain every Sunday to the NCO or officer on duty my religious beliefs or lack thereof so as not to go to church, and faced not only harassment by the unit chaplain, but fellow soldiers and superiors. When the chaplain efforts to "save my soul" proved fruitless, he went to my best friend and told him to stay away from me because I "was going to lead him to Satan", and that's a direct quote. I was not a Satanist or anything like that, merely a non-practicing Eastern Orthodox who saw organized religion for what it was and instead preferred to do the right thing on my own. This was the army and we were soldiers. The only place I could've led my friend was to war, and that only if I had been promoted over him. Oddly enough, when my friend was bullied, it was so-called good Christians who did it and I was the only one who protected him.
At my second unit, the battalion commander engaged in fraud, made false statements on official documents and obtained confidential information under false pretences, destroying my career and reputation in the process. He's retired these days and spends much of his time playing "man of God" in a high position in his church.
These are just a few examples, but I know of more, enough to put me off just about any church one can think of. Religious affiliation means nothing. What's important is what the religious person does, whether it's good or bad. I reckon Christians face persecution in many places around the world. Often it's unjust, though sometimes they do deserve what they get because of what they did. As for the Apostle Peter, I wouldn't take him too seriously because the guy was a coward (like most of the others, except one guy who was present at the crucifixion, possibly James the Just or John the Reader) and a liar.  
Mircea Negres Added Oct 23, 2017 - 5:53am
By the way, my friend is a good though flawed Christian (well, ain't none of us perfect anyway) and these days is a sergeant. As such, he outranks me and I would have to follow him in combat... :-)