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The MSM and politicians in Washington DC just can't let the Russia theme die.  On the right are the silent supporters of Pence hoping this eventually sends Trump packing.  On the left are the morons that think replacing Trump somehow solves our nation's problems and vindicates their queen bee HRC.  And there is Trump, caught up in something he has neither the brains nor talent to do deal with effectively.  Running a real estate marketing firm and hosting a reality television show is no match for the scoundrels of Washington, many of them with decades of experience to master their trade.


On the side line are the American people wondering where is the concern of good paying jobs, reigning in an out of control military, fixing government and all the things that impacts their lives.  Well to be honest politicians care nothing about these issues, and even if they did they as a whole are too stupid to come up with answers.  So they find a fake cause to promote, in this case Russia the evil empire out to destroy the United States.  As if the US really needs help destroying itself, its doing a really bang up job without Russia.


I suppose this pleases the money masters to which the politicians whore themselves to.  Washington DC screams Russia, Russia, Russia while the oligarchs count their every expanding stash of cash.  Nothing like a good old fashion diversion to avoid unpleasant facts such as our failing economy, central bank ginned up markets, destruction of quality of life and a fading empire.


The press and politicians yelling Russia will probably endure until 2020.  Trump if he does survive will not seek a second term but will nonetheless prosper with a new alt right media empire.  Both parties will stop at nothing to keep interlopers out of the election.  Instead we will get two corporate and Wall Street bought and paid for candidates that will make promises with no intention of keeping any of them.  The left will scream college education for all, the right will blabber on about tax cuts and deregulation.  Most Americans will turn away in disgust.  Voter turnout will be at all time low.


Ultimately as more good paying jobs evaporate, including for the professional class the mood and climate of the US will turn ugly, very ugly.  Riots and social unrest will ensue.  Hunger and living out in the streets with no hopes doesn't exactly bring out the best in people. Violence will occur.  Maybe we will get to see a few old fashion head choppings, or the 21st century equivalent of machine gun fire.  You might want to find a little piece of land somewhere and wait out the revolution.




Rusty Smith Added Nov 2, 2017 - 11:09am
There is nothing new about what Russia has been doing, it's just on the front page for a change.  
The only change is that they have been using technology like Facebook to try and sway opinions and even that didn't make a difference because most of the content they put out there was only shared by people who were already in agreement with the sediment they presented.
opher goodwin Added Nov 2, 2017 - 11:45am
Good heavens - if Trump goes we get Pence. That doesn't bear thinking about.
wsucram15 Added Nov 2, 2017 - 12:17pm
You know, you have not listened to me once, not one time about any of this.  I keep telling you and a couple of others (most I dont give a shit about) that this is not , nor has it ever been about Russia and the election. 
But you dont listen.  Just watch now,  people will go to jail, but not because of some election interference, but because of some mafia type shit in the government. 
Not everyone is guilty, and I promise you..everyone already knows who is and is not going to have problems.  The FBI has been on this since before the election...
Why do you think (check this out please) the most thorough investigative, counterintelligence  and counterespionage man in recent history on this particular case?  Random thinking? His nickname is "Bobby three sticks" because he is third in line of decorated military and Princeton people .  His mother was a Truesdale.  He has one of the most accurate records in Washington, but above all that..he is not questionable.  No way.
Best pedigree, record, history, honor, everything.  Then he built a team just like him.  
Rod Rosenstein knew exactly what he was doing...and no one in Washington, DC stopped him.  
This was NEVER about Russia and the elections George.  You are smarter than that, stop watching the news...what is it they keep saying.  Oh yeah..Dont listen to what they say..WATCH WHAT THEY DO
Stone-Eater Added Nov 2, 2017 - 1:40pm
The MSM and politicians in Washington DC just can't let the Russia theme die.
They need another war, this time a big one. That's the only reason, the rest is bullshit blather. When there's no war, the MIC is out of the game.
George N Romey Added Nov 2, 2017 - 2:13pm
Ultimately it’s about power and corruption within government and governance of the nation doesn’t get done. The cabal wants it that way because they stay in control.
Eventually this will lead to war and with a nuke bearing down on us little will matter.
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Nov 2, 2017 - 4:46pm
Good article George. While anti-intellectuals like Rusty Nail blabber on about debunked nonsense, you see through it. And it is about power, and not just $ as some have said. But as for the Russiagate nonsense it's about the cover-up, as the following article makes clear:
“The Democrat’s watergate” @john_mathon
Dino Manalis Added Nov 2, 2017 - 5:20pm
We don't want World War III, instead, we should expand bilateral trade and flood Russia's market with American products and services.  At the same time, we should work with Moscow to create a no-fly zone over all of Syria and attack terrorists only on the ground.  Ease the refugee crisis and let people return home!
Jeff Jackson Added Nov 2, 2017 - 8:00pm
It is possible that some of the politicians will "see the light" and bring our government on a new path to success. We have certainly been in bad shape in the past. America is a resilient country, though I will agree that time is slipping away.
wsucram15 Added Nov 2, 2017 - 10:51pm
George..your getting closer. 
I think though, LADY..the dems and republicans (they are leaving office alot) are going to at least crumble somewhat in this mess.
Trump I am pretty sure is out of the line of fire and I have my own reasons for that.  I do believe that they have enough on others and are building a case now.  But its about the money, it always has been about that and never anything else.  They have to clean up the bad dealings, etc...if he wont do it someone else will.    Yo are going to continue to see people running for the doors over the next weeks and months. Watch what they do..
Jeff..after what is happening, maybe to a degree.  PEOPLE need to push harder.  It is only a fraction of the people that need to push back on House/Senate on these issues.  Believe me..people have an affect on them.
SEF..after this, you are going to see restrictions here I have fought against for over 4 years.  Hopefully not regulation by the government on internet.  But I expect that as well based on poor performance by attorneys representing tech companies to Senate.    Does this have anything to do with Russia..yeah they bought some pretty fucked up ads-in rubles (have you seen them?) on every tech company you can imagine to make people here fight one another.
Give people some freedom and they screw it up...every time, SEF, its against the law here to do what was done on the websites. 
This is a US issue..not a international issue, yet.