Has anyone noticed how many male preds are Jewish?

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 Elaine Guzmich please listen. This was not meant to be a condemnation of Jewish people. It was meant to show how easy it is to conflate power politics in the workplace into a racial, gender, or religious slur. But I have to tell you that many of my powerful Jewish friends have had some pretty sketchy morals in this area when it comes to appropriate methods of seduction and I've had some intense debates about it that came to physical confrontation. Black men have been tarred and feathered forever with the idea that they're sexual untrustworthy. It's been done to Catholic priests. All kinds of groups have been targeted and smeared with a broad brush because of a select few. Our president knows this. Not all white supremists are bad people either.


I posted that thought on FB and Elaine, a loyal friend, got offended, saying this is not funny, and should not be even thought about. I never heard that when Catholic priests were being scrutinized religiously, the religious tenets that would allow such behavior being questioned. If Christianity is a religion of forgiveness, when does the forgiving stop and the ass-kicking start?


In the Jewish religion, I contend that there is too much belief in money. The power of money to allow you to rule the world. Harvey Weinstein obviously ruled his world of opulence with favors and payoffs. It is a very Jewish belief to think that everybody has a price, but it is not true, unless we're talking about death.


I have a golf buddy and he's a nice kid, except when he starts getting drunk he gets a little nasty, as if as he's slipping into his pathetic, drunken personae he has to go through a transformation that includes doling out humiliations on anyone he can. So I find an almost finished bottled of beer on the course and pick it up to throw it out. He says, "I'll give you $10 if you finish that." No. "$20." No. There is no price you could offer to get me to drink that. "A million." No. I've seen those fools who are open to humiliating themselves for money. I do it for free.


And if Harvey Weinstein asked me for a massage, I'd say sure, since I'm a trained masseur and have no homo-erotic aspects to my nature. I believe in the power of massage as therapy and if Harvey had other ideas, I'd slap him across the face to get him to calm down and then tell him that there are some areas a decent massage therapist doesn't touch for reasons that have to do with the massager's oath. That's all you have to do to stop most predators. Tell them that you have an oath to keep. Or a fatal, contagious, easily caught disease, if you don't care about never working again.


Maybe that's the question? To work, or get worked.  


mark henry smith Added Nov 6, 2017 - 1:44pm
"What we have here is a failure to communicate," said the husband to the wife.
"That's what sex is for," said the wife to the husband.
"And drugs," said the child to the parents.  
Stone-Eater Added Nov 6, 2017 - 1:46pm
In the Jewish religion, I contend that there is too much belief in money.
Yep. History proofs that. From Amshel to Greenspan to Bloomfield to Koch to Soros to.......
Tom C. Purcell Added Nov 6, 2017 - 2:05pm
Mark, in response to your rhetorical question on forgiveness vs. ass-kicking... In honor of the Templars, let the ass-kicking commence.  Let it conclude with victory on the mount, 'with freedom and justice for all'. 
Benjamin Goldstein Added Nov 6, 2017 - 2:29pm
If you do the Weinstein massage without homoerotic aspects, I won't have it.
The rest of your article is rubbish.
Dino Manalis Added Nov 6, 2017 - 2:34pm
We shouldn't generalize about groups, everybody's different, individual character matters.
mark henry smith Added Nov 10, 2017 - 2:49pm
Ben, are you Jewish? I'm not saying that all Jewish men are assholes in this area, but I've met enough to know that there is a Jewish male aggressiveness that carries over into all areas of Jewish life. The Jewish people are a nation of warriors, a nation perpetually at war. The Jewish belief in slavery, in domination isn't just part of a national identity, it's part of the individual identity of many Jews.
Oh, and in other groups too, it's just that Jews have been more successful than other groups in achieving their ambitions. Just think of all of the women Harvey Wallbanger did this to over the years, lured into meeting his genitalia with offers of a career. Hundreds? Thousands? How many lives did he complicate with his actions and how he protected himself from the problems that would result if knowledge of his behavior came out? And I believe Harvey Weinstein has every right to attempt to seduce these women, but not under false pretense or by physical force.
Dino, when the Catholic priests were being pilloried for their failings I didn't hear the press say it wasn't a religious issue, that there wasn't some problem with how the organization was structured. That's all I'm saying.