A Salute to All Veterans on Veteran’s Day - Redux

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I know this article is a couple of days early, but I thought I would post it as a way of reminding people that we’re all in this together, and regardless of how we may feel toward one another, we must never forget that many have served, have been wounded, and have died to make our way of life possible, for better and for worse, but mostly for the better. Veteran’s Day is a day set aside to honor the veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States, but in most ways I see ALL veterans, regardless of what country they’re from, as my brothers and sisters.


The day was originally called Armistice Day, which fell on November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m., which ended the First World War. That war, called “The War to End All Wars,” was carried out with unprecedented savagery and bitterness up until literally the last minute, as recounted by a South African soldier:


“One German machine gun, which throughout had been maddeningly raucous, fired the longest burst anyone had heard, lasting two minutes, and ending dead at 11 a.m. A German soldier then stood up, removed his helmet, bowed to his audience, and walked slowly away.”


As we all know, WW1 merely set the stage for another, even more horrible war, as Marshal Ferdinand Foch of France foresaw:


“This is not peace; it is an armistice for twenty years.”


Over time, as Armistice Day became moot, it came to be called Veteran’s Day in order to honor the living veterans, while Memorial Day, which superseded the Civil War-era Decoration Day, which honored the dead veterans. Decoration Day was so-called because the graves of the fallen were to be decorated with flowers. Although I'm treating this as an American holiday, I salute veterans of all nations, both the living and the dead, and without regard to race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or politics.


Many people from all walks of life and social classes have served in the armed forces of their respective countries, some very surprising, and some in surprising ways. Celebrities are people too, and before they became household words, many of them wore a uniform of some sort, and served with bravery and distinction. Some of them were famous before, but most gained fame after their service. Here are some of the celebrities and/or people of note who are veterans, in no particular order:



USA = United States Army

USN = United States Navy

USMC = United States Marine Corps

USAF = United States Air Force

USCG = United States Coast Guard

OSS = Office of Strategic Services (Indicates service during WW2)

United States Merchant Marine = Although not a uniformed service like the others, thousands of Merchant Marine sailors were killed and wounded by enemy submarines, aircraft, and surface warships in both World Wars.




Don Adams, USMC

Hugh O'Brien, USMC

Lee Ermey, USMC

Robert Vaughan, USA

Clint Eastwood, USA

Chuck Connors, USA

Kris Kristofferson, USA

Audie Murphy, USA

Ralph Bunche, OSS

James Earl Jones, USA

Jimi Hendrix, USA

Neville Brand, USA

Elvis Presley, USA

John Ford, OSS

Lee Marvin, USMC

Eddie Albert, USN

Sterling Hayden, USMC, OSS

Julia Child, OSS

Cal Worthington, USA

Steve McQueen, USMC

Gene Hackman, USMC

George Peppard, USMC

Walter Matthau, USA

Norman Lear, USA

Mel Brooks, USA

Gore Vidal, USA

Lloyd Bridges, USCG

Beau Bridges, USCG

Jeff Bridges, USCG

Jack Dempsey, USCG

Moe Berg, OSS

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., USN

Robert Heinlein, USN

Jim Hutton, USA

Isaac Asimov, Civilian Scientist, USN

Jack Ford, USN

Richard Pryor, USA

Roger Staubach, USN

George Carlin, USAF

Flip Wilson, USAF

Johnny Cash, USAF

David Jansen, USA

Ken Berry, USA

Leonard Nimoy, USA

Rocky Bleier, USA

Mickey Rooney, USA

Walter Brennan, USA

Jack Benny, USN

Arthur Schlesinger, OSS

Humphrey Bogart, USN

Spencer Tracey, USN

Pat O'Brien, USN

Fred Willard, USA

Dabney Coleman, USA

Harold Coyle, USA

Jack Warden, USN, USA

Robert Ryan, USMC

Ernest Borgnine, USN

Tyrone Power, USMC

Glenn Ford, USMC

Jackie Cooper, USN

Jackie Coogan, USA

Tom Mix, USA

Peter Falk, US Merchant Marine



If you can, give a hug and a kiss to a veteran you know. Do something nice for them; say something nice to them; they’ll certainly appreciate it, on the day that they are honored.


Leroy Added Nov 10, 2017 - 8:03am
Nice article, Michael!
Dino Manalis Added Nov 10, 2017 - 8:13am
Happy Veterans Day to all our beloved veterans!  Their health care ought to be paid by the Pentagon, they deserve it, they're  our heroes!
Tamara Wilhite Added Nov 10, 2017 - 6:29pm
Thank you for writing this.
wsucram15 Added Nov 10, 2017 - 6:31pm
I was gonna get you on a couple of those, but good list. Good Article.
Happy Veterans Day!
Flying Junior Added Nov 11, 2017 - 2:51am
That is a very interesting list.  Don Adams was the funniest sitcom actor of all time IMNHO.
Many of these men, (with the exception of Julia Child,) after their military careers went on to become great heroes of the popular culture.  Few made any bones about their military service.  Instead it became part of their completeness as Americans. 
Jimi Hendrix is my personal favorite for patriotism.
Ernest Borgnine for McHales Navy.  Now I get it.
Lloyd Bridges and sons in the Coast Guard.  I loved watching Sea Hunt as a child.
Many other examples to numerous to mention.
Thank you for this.  May the Goddess bless each and every veteran of the United States Armed Forces.
No one understands the worth of peace better than a soldier.
Stone-Eater Added Nov 12, 2017 - 4:53am
The problem is that all those veteran's lifes were waisted not to defend the US homeland but im wars far away which weren't necessary. All those soldiers were manipulated and sent to death for the profit of some ruthless elite.
Michael B. Added Nov 14, 2017 - 12:13am
Stone, I'm going to be nice and say that my post encompasses anyone and everyone who had to take up arms, for whatever reason.