DRAFT: Monsieur. Barnier, what?!

“With us or US? Barnier challenges May on the kind of society UK wants
Michel Barnier says Britain’s answer is important because it will direct discussions on a future relationship with the EU”

My goodness, this is the title and sub title in the Guardian this morning. It is a question posed twenty years too late! Of course the UK is mimicking the US model, who on earth doesn’t know that by now? Apparently the main entity inmvolved, the EU doesn’t. How come?

Watching the political antics in the Westminster bunch has been, of late, more “you couldn’t make it up”material than ever. It would be funny if it were not so seriously damaging people’s lives, and when the calibre of politician who is seriously in love with him or self actually believes in their own grandeur and worthiness.

But, for Mr. Barnier to pose this question right NOW is abundantly indicative of the dualism having been played out by Westminster, with its Media directors, and its increasingly Westminster centric political elites,for twenty years and more.

On the one hand, the UK pretended to be 8ntegral to the EU, whilst know8ng full well that its other hand was going for the US model of an economy based on low wages and little to no social care.

Its use of ancient tactics by governing bodies, to wit that the scapegoats of foreigners in general and some foreigners in particular can always be kept as a standby when the masses start to figure out that they are missing out. That their lifestyle doesn’t match the cloak of delusion peddled out by Westminster. Mr. Barnier, please let me enlighten you! There is no point in posing this question to Mrs. May, because she is not about to come clean right now, now is she?

Mrs. Thatcher stripped the assets of the UK and sold them off...those that were left were deliberately not maintained so that money in the bank was seen as an earned asset. It was actually setting up institutions for unimaginably unpayable retro maintenance bills twenty uears on.

Then, Blair’s era just carried on with more of the same. He pretended that they were not the same though which makes him a bigger liar than ever could be envisaged by any Labour party supporter.

Conveniently, the promised vote for proportional representation was so under enthused for after his accession to number 10, it never got anywhere. Therefore, the old and trusted nationalistic and insularly emotional sentences of “the Mother of Parliaments” and such like made the nationals quite content to carry on and, remember, he was throwing money at the NHS for a while ( not properly managing it mind you because it created levels of administration never known before and lots of jobs for the boys of management consultancies ),so everyone could be sure that he would do the right things for the country.

Sadly, for the country that is - not for him in his Napoleonic dream state, he had already decided not to mention the promise of building closer ties to the EU again and, erm, well the media and his marketing model of New Labour went hell bent for internal peerages and self aggrandisement and all of that. Mr. Barnier, you must have noticed the Kinnock family in the European offices, all riding on a lovely gravy train having conveniently dropped all scruples and original Labour principles? You didn’t? Well, how come? Pray tell me do! And erm more particularly, you must have noticed Mr. Blair’s similar physical walking mimicry .... nay, adulation... of George W.? No?

This was when all pretence of any kind of Labour values was completely removed. I mean, don’t you remember the Iraq war? Where were you all? Oh, no, not listening to Boris in his utterly and pompous and thinly veiled desire to appear to be the bloody great British beloved journalist and would be aspiring politician to higher and much greater, things. Oh, and did you not realise that he would sell his own Mother, or even an innocent Iranian British lady in years to come for his own ends? Were you actually taken in by his charm when he was drinking wine in the streets and bars of Brussells?

Mr. Barnier, the answer you seek has been written in golden letters on the Cliffs of Dover for at least twenty years and it is WE ARE FOLLOWING THE US MODEL....BUT YOU EUROPEAN POLITICIANS ARE SO FAR REMOVED FROM GROUND LEVEL FACTS THAT YOU DON’T SEE IT....LIKE DON QUIXOTE!
Mr. Barnier, I have some sympathy for your belabouring under a total misapprehension because the vast majority of the Brits were under one too! Except it was a different one, that all problems and issues in the UK come from foreigners in general and the EU in particular. The problems and issues range throughout all public services including housing, social and mental care, policing, hospitals and on and on and on. This is why they voted BREXIT.

But where my sympathy and empathy fails me is that in this day and age with all of you educated and seasoned politicians rattling around the corridors of power, is that you didn’t figure it out.

A word of advice, if you really want to know what is going on in the UK, get over there, take a long drive through the post modern and abandoned communities and see it with your own eyes.

Honestly, it is as clearly written in streets of Britain. far, far away from the four square miles around Westminster as were the blatant lies from Farage and Boris and Glover and the right wing dominating media, to the ordinary people.

Erm, if you need an advisor on what is actually happening in Westminster, look no further. I have witnessed this drama whilst working and living in multiple European countries for the past thirty years.

Yours most faithfully and sincerely,
From an English Woman in Maastricht.
(An admirer of Angela Merkel who is the most sophisticated and able statesperson in the world. Someone who is worthy of respect, has interests beyond herself as in she is not self seeking, she is actually working for the greater good.)