Innocent, Guilty or Just Pawns For Weak Whores?

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We are entering troubled times. Maybe not entering, maybe it's all finally coming to a head; but wow! All the news that's fit to hear; well it isn't so fit anymore. This is America, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Why does it seem like a trend to be a victim, and how is humanity going to survive.


I recently quit watching ANY broadcast news. I found most news programs, even local, to be slighted and judgemental, so I quit watching. In my work I must be on the internet every day and the news I see there is to say the least, troubling. I know it's the internet, so most stuff is bullshit anyhow. But what is with the plethora of young actors and actresses making all these dumb ass acusations? And why the hell are they so readily believed? In most of these cases people are taking the word of "has beens" or unknowns. I've never heard of half of these ladies before. I think it's time people stop being so stupid. Why are they all making accusations now? Because they have finally found a way to get thier tiny little names to play on the Facebook feed. And why do all the stupid, stupid viewers instantly believe them? These tales of fiction hit the media and explode before these poor men even have a chance to defend thier innocence. These bitches and "has beens" are ruining the  lives and careers of these men, just so they can find a place among those who practice the oldest profession in the world. Only an idiot of course doesn't know that those in the profession of "acting" are nothing but prostitutes, paid to mearly entertain. Perhaps they are just following the latest trend. When did it become high fashion to be a victim? 


So many people seem to be jumping on the latest band wagon. Everyone feel bad for me, I've been through so much....bitches, please.

I seem to remember it really getting rolling when all the accusers came out against Bill Cosby. Remember Bill? I used to love his stand up recordings, and Fat Albert was a hoot! Anyhow, as a woman, I am expected to hate Bill Cosby now. One by one the ladies came out of the wood work to tell thier Cosby stories. The media ate it up, which only fueled the fire. When these ladies were given air time on national news broadcasts, appearences on late night talk shows, and offers for book deals, thier numbers multiplied. I feel sorry for these ladies who have no other options for obtaining the things they want and desire, I feel bad they need to play victim. Is that how you really want to be identified, as weak? Go ahead, write your tell all book, let everyone know how weak you were, and are because you can't greet the fuck over it. I sometimes feel ashamed to call myself woman when I hear of your tall tales and unhealthy weakness. 


Maybe I'm just differnt. I'm the new breed, and I am NOT weak. I think for humanity to survive, we need more people like me. Not just the ladies, but men too, of ALL colors and races. Quit playing the victim, it makes us all look bad.


The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 10, 2017 - 9:12pm
Victimhood is currency in the world these people live in.
Mt. Moix Added Nov 10, 2017 - 9:59pm
There is such a thing called The Victim Value Index. You can google it. I believe there are a lot of weakminded people out there. Many have been raised in such a way that they can't handle truth nor can they handle anyone who disagrees with whatever it is they believe. The last thing I want to say is we are living in "post truth" America.
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 10, 2017 - 10:06pm
That is kind of an oxymoron, don't you think? A "Victim Value Index"? Relegating an individual to a victim status devalues them as a person. It defines them, thus making them something less by virtue of their victimhood.
Passion Blues Added Nov 10, 2017 - 10:09pm
So why allow yourself to be devalued. Being a victim is by choice. I would be ashamed to identify as something that is already inherently less than. How you choose to live, thus be defined is a solely within your hands.
Digress Added Nov 11, 2017 - 2:35am
Great post Passion Blues. I love your honesty!
In 1517 a great fear stalked the land. Evil was upon the people. There were many who were evil, and needed to be exposed. WITCHES! Young girls had visions and pointed them out. He/she possessed me and touched me in my sleep. I am but a child and they have stolen my soul. The accused claimed innocence, but were their claims part of their evil? Only torture and confiscation of all they possessed, could protect the people.
In 2017 a great fear stalked the land. Evil Conservatives were upon us. Sexual misconduct was everywhere. The POTUS was a womanizer and groper. Men of power were predators that women lived of in fear. Hundreds of aged rapists, and misogynists demanded sex from innocent young wannabe performers. Years would go by until they had courage enough to seek help. Or was it after their career failed, and they needed retirement income?
It also became a very powerful political weapon, used by both sides, but perfected by a hopeless party with nothing to offer. Make an accusation shortly before an election and watch the self righteous fall all over themselves defending the innocent. Even if it was 38 years ago. Hell, I can't even remember what country I was in 38 years ago, never mind what woman I was with.
I expect it will last a long time. An accusation, that can't be dis proven. He possessed me, or he touched me inappropriately. How many witches fell victim? How many men have fallen victim? And how many more will not be able to avoid it?

Flying Junior Added Nov 11, 2017 - 3:01am
I think it is without value to accuse an attacker some thirty or forty years after the fact.
Digress Added Nov 11, 2017 - 3:15am
Yes FJ. Too many delusions can take place. Awhile back therapists were bringing out what they called suppressed memories, that turned out to be false, but ruined many lives!
Rapes and molestations that never happened.
Child abuse is so horrible, that even a possibility is enough to destroy a family.
Autumn Cote Added Nov 11, 2017 - 5:12am
Please note, the second best way to draw more attention to your work is to comment on the work of others (something you haven’t done in several days). I know this to be true because if you do, I'll do everything in my power to draw more attention to your articles (there is a lot I can do and would like to do on your behalf).  Below is a few articles whose authors are deserving of more comment activity:
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 11, 2017 - 5:24am
The time lapse is the big thing here in these stories that seems just too convenient. In the case of guys like Harvey Weinstein I have little doubt that the man is a lecherous prick, but heres the thing. If you are a young woman - especially if an aspiring starlet - don't you already kinda know that this is what he is?  In a culture like Hollywood reputation is part of the currency of the realm. In that instance Mr. Weinstein and his ilk are a known quantity. Not to excuse the conduct, but isn't there a certain expectation of the laws of natural consequences to be in play? If one goes out to a local pasture where a bull is roaming and clearly in rut are we to have sympathy for the fool who decides to prance about with a big red flag in front of it and end up getting gored? In many of these situations it is rather like when the baseball players go on strike. One is left to choose sides between millionaire players on one hand and billionaire owners on the other. Even when digging really deep it is quite difficult to summon sympathy for either.
PaganTeaPartier Added Nov 11, 2017 - 6:10am
In these cases, I'm more inclined to believe embellishment or deception over delusion, as the cause for waiting 30 years and only coming out with it, when it offers a chance to get on the bandwagon.
The cases of the "repressed memories" were a completely different animal.
While its good that psychotherapy has moved away from hypnosis, especially given the damage that it caused before the MPD diagnosis was replaced with DID, the fact that it wasn't understood just how easy it was to create the memory you go fishing for, doesn't excuse just how long it was all completely uncritically accepted.
Thomas Sutrina Added Nov 11, 2017 - 7:46am
What crap is this, "So why allow yourself to be devalued. Being a victim is by choice."  I do not thing being drugged and raped is a CHOICE you make!   Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski didn't give choices. 
Dino Manalis Added Nov 11, 2017 - 8:08am
America has been in disarray since September 11 and it's gotten worse at home and abroad.  People are angry; divisive; and impatient for change.  I don't blame victims, they should be heard, but not embroil themselves in politics which weaken their case for justice.  
Thomas Sutrina Added Nov 11, 2017 - 11:12am
Dino M., how about a little reality.  Bill Cosby (50 yrs), Roman Polaski decade, Harvey Weinstein decades, Mark Salling, R. Kelley, Paul Rubens decades, Mike Tyson rape conviction a decade ago, Mystickal decades conviction.  
Digress Added Nov 11, 2017 - 11:33am
Thomas. Doing drugs, getting drunk and having sex for favoritism, is as old as Hollywood itself. The casting couch is/was the choice women make when they go there! I don't know about Roman. But I did read about the Cosby case. The so called rape victim, dated Cosby many times, went to his home on at least two occasions to party and spend the night.
One night, 7 years later, after her career was finished, she decided she was raped because they were both drunk and did drugs. Don't be a fool Thomas. Sexual accusations have become the weapon of choice for women, in the war of the sexes!
Thomas Sutrina Added Nov 11, 2017 - 2:02pm
Guess what Digress I am disgusted.   Women and men know that people like Cosby and Weinstein control a lot of jobs.  The people that work for them funnelled women to these two men because in helped them.  The industry were the three monkeys no see, no hear, and no speak.  They were cajoled into thinking it would not occur by the facilitators.  You make it sound so simple and cut and dried.  I am disgusted.
Passion Blues Added Nov 11, 2017 - 2:10pm
It's been the three monkeys running things for a long time! I personally am disgusted that whole careers are being ruined because someone can't get thier name recognized any other way than to be a victim. And no people don't choose tho be victims, they choose to identify that way.
wsucram15 Added Nov 11, 2017 - 5:19pm
Excuse me.  I am a pretty strong have to be if you have been beaten with a 357 and raped. 
You have to be strong when you are brought up in the catholic Church and people you know were abused including yourself.
You have to be strong while you watch your friends die at the hands of something beyond anyones control..not one go around..but twice.
You have to be strong to see it happen again to young kids and been able to prevent a few.
You have to be strong to care for a mother who really was ill and unable to give one rats ass about you growing up..not that you understood that, but it made you tough.
You have to be strong when when you find out how sick your mother really is and out of 3 kids, you were the only one to care for her.
You have to be strong when your partner falls to a drug and leaves the family and you alone with 2 kids and one income.
You have to be strong to become something in spite of that and so much more...and I did.  So much so I helped other women who maybe werent as strong at first.
THE Time of the white male supremacy and going to end.  Perhaps not today but it will end.
Take it like a man.
Jeff Jackson Added Nov 11, 2017 - 5:59pm
Passion, a great deal of these allegations are not provable, because they were too long ago. I feel for the women who were abused, but I also have, at least in some cases, some doubt. Making up allegations is not above many of these, and simply the allegation is the kiss of death in many cases, but apparently not if your name is Bill Clinton. Perhaps the way the media dealt with the accusers of Bill Clinton, that they were "sponsored" by groups opposing him or outright lying trying to soil his reputation should be the standard for all harassment claims. It becomes a matter of character. You know, character, that quality that men used to have, or at least we thought they did. 
wsucram15 Added Nov 11, 2017 - 6:25pm
Jeff..have you ever considered the circumstances of the women?
I doubt that. 
Moore is a powerful man in a state where the history of opposition is not very good.  I dont think his character or specifically the character of ANY of the major electorates of past couple of years in that state have any credibility.  Criminal charges, sexual scandals, other problems with ethics, and then there is Moore who was suspended as a judge I believe.  
I dont think your argument of character is a good one, unless you mean like goofy or donald duck.
mark henry smith Added Nov 11, 2017 - 7:14pm
We live in a cesspool of madness if we offhand ejaculate accusations just because they don't fit our preconceived notions of an appropriate timeframe or quality witness. I, having been subjected to sexual improprieties in my youth by my older brother know how more powerful and knowledgeable people can not only twist the truth but twist you all up inside so it takes just about all of your will not to do something stupid. You live every goddamn day fearing doing another stupid thing that gets you fucked again by the assholes who hold sway. You're warned about what will happen if you tell. You're told you can't win. You tell yourself you can't win. And then one day you wake up and scream, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore and I don't give a shit who gets hurt anymore. Sorry for my language, but when I think about how we treat our young people in this country, feeding them phony promises of justice while leaving so many in desperate circumstances that's the terminology I use.
wsucram15 Added Nov 11, 2017 - 10:17pm
MHS..I understand.  My best friend who passed away in 2009 was brutally assaulted as a child.  His mother did not understand and he was removed and placed in a group home in another town.  Thats how I met him.  
My father taught me how to fight when I was younger and with the goings on in my house, good thing.  So I was able one day to defend the somewhat timid,  aloof teenager, to actually some friends of mine.  I made friends with everyone and he was new.  We became fast friends and throughout our lives had many adventures.  
We both had that scar and understood that about one another. After a time, he became stronger as a person and was one of my fiercest defenders and I his.
I dont think I tried to get through to people until after I met him and some other friends I met at that time that I know to this day. In fact, we all had secrets from the world and pushed each other to fight back. 
So you say whatever you want to the assholes who question someone who speaks out.  IT takes people like yourself to help those that still hide in the dark.
Digress Added Nov 11, 2017 - 11:09pm
Your list of bad experiences, is indeed regrettable. Yes, thousands of people daily,  are victims of circumstance both avoidable and unavoidable. People's actions sometimes make their misfortune inevitable. Like the girl who went to a biker party to get drunk, and find out that SHE is the party.
But that is not what I was eluding to. Everyone knows the price of fame in Hollywood, just as a street walker knows what will happen, when she gets in a car with a stranger.
Sometimes it goes easy, and you get paid for performing, and sometimes you get a pervert and treated badly. But there are no do overs in life. You don't get to be a victim years later because your career didn't go well.
When Monica Lewinsky sucked on Billy, and let him shove cigars up her twat, she was young, yes, willing, yes, a victim, you decide!
30 years is a long time to keep a secret!
mark henry smith Added Nov 11, 2017 - 11:37pm
Digress, I certainly understand the concept of individual responsibility but it does not excuse criminal behavior even with the stupid. We cannot ever in good conscience accept the argument that she was asking for it, unless she asked for it, then I have no problem. The law calls that mutual consent. If a person is drawn into an encounter through false promises, that could be considered kidnapping if the person is restrained from leaving.
In the Monica Lewinsky case, she acted like a young slut, using her sexuality to gain favor and she was a set up. There's nothing particularly shocking there. Clinton's behavior, on the other hand was completely inappropriate.
He behaved like a high school boy st his first strip club.
I don't care how you judge these young women because you are obviously incapable of understanding the psychology of predators and victims. Predators can so traumatize a victim in ways that seem insignificant to an outside observer, stuff the rest of us think shouldn't be an issue, but stays with a victim forever. It can be a simple comment such as, your smell made me know you wanted sex. What is the remedy for that?
I don't feel sorry for myself for having an asshole for a brother. He's hurt lots of people worse than he hurt me and on some cases they don't even understand what was done to them. Lots of young girls think their abusers love them and it's merely because of circumstances beyond his control that keeps him away and makes him attracted to her. All that secrecy. All that slyness. All that creative energy used to make moments happen is incredibly seductive to immature minds.
I never accepted the role of victim. I fought anybody who messed with me physically and verbally and because of that I'm a target of those under my brother's influence.
It has cost me a lot, but I know that I sleep better than my brother even if it's alone for now.
wsucram15 Added Nov 12, 2017 - 12:30am
Monica Lewinsky was young, however it was a consensual relationship.  To my knowledge, she has never stated other wise.  I would be disappointed if she had.  Clinton, being married and older..knew better.
With regard to rape, if you had ever had questioning over a rape, even as the victim or a rape exam, you would understand why most women will NEVER come forward.  The numbers are VERY low on that.  With people like yourself speaking the way you do, its no wonder.  But in my experience with rape victims most of them 98% of the time, are telling the truth, perhaps more. It is hard to tell sometimes, under certain circumstances.   It is VERY difficult to come forward with a story of rape, ESPECIALLY against a man in power.
I do believe if you justify the behavior on either side to be fair..that you are complicit.  I would not justify a person lying about another person. But I do know for a fact, that it is very difficult to come forward against a powerful person, especially in a State like Alabama -> where opposition is suppressed to the point of severe beatings and death (MLKjr-Selma) and also the corruption is government runs all the way to the State House with sexual abuse.  Others have been charged criminally in the State government there.  You want one woman to speak up in a state in the 60s and 70s...with the beatings that were going on then?
Even took a lot for her to come out.  Im glad she did, not because of his political affiliation.  But because he is a predator.  Just like a Weinstein.  At least us liberals arrest and lock up our sick assholes.
Its time you stopped excusing yours. 
Digress Added Nov 12, 2017 - 2:17am
Both you and Mr. Smith have your preconceived ideas of male, female relationships based on past experience. That is the norm for the average person today. When the case load is large enough, you may come close to an understanding, by mere chance.
But the antics of Hollywood are well documented from EXPOSE' magazines, divorce cases and tell all books. There are NO INNOCENT VICTIMS in the entertainment industry. If you want to call that "Asking for it." Mr. Smith, I would agree.
Male/Female relationships have always been complex. It is rarely a matter of Yes/No, except in paid sex, or sex clubs. The mating game has always been one of getting the other to comply. It used to be called seduction.
But the balance of authority, has swung from the dominant Male, to the Female, due to Liberal courts and sympathetic police and prosecutors. The mere accusation of misconduct is enough to put a man in jail, and that is wrong!
This timidity excuse for not reporting bad behavior may be true in some cases, but that is a part of life. Men are also intimidated. If you will not defend yourself, no one else can either.
The LAW cannot deal fairly with a matter so complex as human sexuality. It is never fair or equal. But this RUSH TO JUDGEMENT only adds to the problem.
Force is no longer required, to constitute RAPE. Merely completing  consensual sex, if the woman changes her mind at the last moment is ruled rape! A woman's age whether known or unknown is enough to get you in jail, even if she is a prostitute. 
Digress Added Nov 12, 2017 - 2:25am
At least us liberals arrest and lock up our sick assholes.
Is Bill Clinton in jail?  All these perverts in Hollywood, criminal rappers, Antifa and BLM are ALL LIBERALS. Oh yea, I forgot Code Pink.
Thanks for the laugh!
The Burghal Hidage Added Nov 12, 2017 - 9:02am
If I may... I believe what Blues is trying to say here is this. Yes, there are victims, but there is a difference between being a victim of circumstances and voluntarily assuming a mantle of victimhood.  The difference between those two classes of people is that those who are actual victims need to be empowered to fight against their victimization. Those who put on the victim's coat are seeking empowerment from their victim status.
Passion Blues Added Nov 12, 2017 - 9:03am
NTH - precisely, all I was saying is that the "victim" alone is responsible for how  they handle the situation. I don't condemn the victim, I'll leave that for the justice system. 
Dr. Rupert Green Added Nov 12, 2017 - 4:52pm
When this is all done, nary a man will want to approach a woman regarding accessing her box. Then the new order will unfold. It is safer for a man to approach another man, thus wreaking vengeance on those who heretofore made marriage an institution between a man and a woman.
This hue and cry is also advancing the pussification of men. Still good and man appreciative women like you, Passion, have to be begging a man from a different country to jump on a plane and go do some oil change and other preventative maintenance.
"Wishing to book an appointment with my Mechanic: 
Not only am I due, but more importantly, I am in need of an Oil change, an alignment, and a tune up."
Mike Haluska Added Nov 13, 2017 - 12:24pm
Jeanne - you're a lawyer!  You would a person with power and authority get away with:
"Monica Lewinsky was young, however it was a consensual relationship.  To my knowledge, she has never stated other wise."
What about the other hard working, educated women working at the White House?  You don't think it is grossly unfair to them that Lewinsky got promoted immediately AFTER she started her "consensual affair"?  By the way, affairs are almost always "consensual" - and ALWAYS turn into a harassment lawsuit once the bimbo is dropped from favor!!!
Just another case of excusing the behavior of the Clintons - there is simply no low they can sink to that you won't defend them.
Don Added Nov 22, 2017 - 2:23pm
This was an awesome  post which I just came across while tracking back Passion Blues post today.  A lot of on target stuff and I especially liked Passion Blues and Digresses' comments
Don Added Nov 22, 2017 - 2:30pm
Many years after I left the first college I taught in, I received a phone call late one night.  The woman on the phone informed me that I would be glad to know that she had me out of her system and that she was over me.  
I was clueless as to who she was, but apparently she had been holding on to a romantic fantasy all these years that there was something going on between me and her. 
She was right when she said I would be glad to know.
Passion Blues Added Nov 23, 2017 - 6:24am
Don - Thank you for the positive notes on my posts, I am truly honest with them. I'm not always popular with my lifestyle and ideas, but I am real!
Years later she is finally over you? Wow sir, quite impressive. I bet your just dying to know what was going on in her head all those years. It's always nice to know that someone is/was thinking of you while they masturbate!
mark henry smith Added Nov 25, 2017 - 3:44pm
The assumptions some people make make me wish I could share a piece of my mind with them, but that appears to be impossible with stupid people. These men are all liberals? That has to be the most asinine comment I've ever heard. How can even the most myopic, misogynistic, moron look past O'Reilly, Ahrs, Stinky Ahrs was his nickname, on and on.
You nincompoops who think this is a liberal or conservative issue ought to be forced to sniff your own butts for as long as it takes for you to realize where your stinky ideas come from. Thank you for the wonderful post. PB