JFK had affair with TEENAGER Mimi Alford WHILE he was President. Where's the liberal outrage?

With all the sex scandals in the news recently, you would think the media would include an occasional reference to John F. Kennedy's known affairs, especially since they include celebrity names like Marilyn Monroe, and also teenagers like Mimi Alford.  But then again JFK was the left-wing's demigod, so I guess the kind of outrage they express when Republicans do the same deeds doesn't apply to Democratic leadership.  We have to go back a few years for this insightful New York Post article about JFK's affair as described in Alford's book:


"In the summer of 1962, Alford was a slender, golden-haired 19-year-old debutante whose finishing-school polish and blueblood connections had landed her a job in the White House press office.

Four days into her internship, she was invited by an aide to go for a midday swim in the White House pool, where the handsome, 45-year-old president swam daily to ease chronic back pain. JFK slid into the pool and floated up to her.

“It’s Mimi, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“And you’re in the press office this summer, right?”

“Yes, sir, I am,” she replied.

Lightning had struck. Later that day, Mimi was invited by Dave Powers, the president’s “first friend” and later the longtime curator of the Kennedy Library in Boston, to an after-work party. When she arrived at the White House residence, Powers and two other young female staffers were waiting. Powers poured, and frequently refilled, her glass with daiquiris until the commander-in-chief arrived.

The president invited her for a personal tour. She got up, expecting the rest of the group to follow. They didn’t. He took her to “Mrs. Kennedy’s room.”

“I noticed he was moving closer and closer. I could feel his breath on my neck. He put his hand on my shoulder,” she recounts.

The next thing she knew, he was standing above her, looking directly into her eyes and guiding her to the edge of the bed..."

You can read much more, with sordid details and insights into JFK, including how Alford says he asked her to pleasure other men, flew her around the country, and made her inhale amyl nitrate in the article cited above.

If this had been Richard Nixon we would never hear the end of it.  Where is the liberal outrage?  Oh, that's right, JFK was a democrat.  Media bias says: Shhhhhhhh.


David Montaigne Added Nov 14, 2017 - 7:31am
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Dino Manalis Added Nov 14, 2017 - 8:44am
 JFK was loved by everyone, it's politically motivated, but Roy Moore apparently took advantage of those teen-aged girls.  He should apologize!
Ari Silverstein Added Nov 14, 2017 - 11:01am
I agree that liberals will look the other way when one of there is accused of misconduct.  The same can be said of conservatives. It should be noted, the JFK story you shared was with a consenting adult and the Roy Moore allegations are with a minor.  Because it involved a minor, the Roy Moore accusations are for doing something illegal and make it the people’s business.  Whereas the JFK story is none of our business. The issue I have is with the timing of the allegations, the amount of time since they supposedly happened and the fact they are only allegations. It’s dirty politics and by both liberals and the media. 
George N Romey Added Nov 14, 2017 - 11:39am
I won't defend JFK.  But if we began to lock up all men that had sexual relations with teenagers you would be shocked who would be on that list.  Again, I think its disgusting, just as I think it was disgusting that Bill Clinton took advantage of a young, impressionable and likely immature women. 
Thomas Sutrina Added Nov 14, 2017 - 8:02pm
Ari S.,  this is fake news, "Roy Moore accusations are for doing something illegal and make it the people’s business. "  It would be hard to convict anyone that doesn't man handle the girl and only tells her not to tell her parents.   If he raped her or very close to that it would be a different story.   Didn't happen by her words.  
Judge Moore obviously was a creep in his 30's, but what did he do?  He was going to a bible study group when he met his wife that was divorced and had children.  They have been married close to him being 40 which is about 40 years ago.  So it is obvious to me that he grew up, transitioned from a teenage mind to an adult mind.  Took responsibility and change is actions.   We forgive alcoholics, drug addicts, etc. when they change their actions.  I think 40 years is plenty of time to show a change in his actions.  
Tamara Wilhite Added Nov 15, 2017 - 4:37pm
Thank you for bringing this up.
Thomas Sutrina Added Nov 15, 2017 - 9:44pm
The GOP attach Conservatives harder then Democrats.  We have an endless list of things done to people in his party.  I belief Mitch McConnell would match Hillary in the things he would do.  Recall that Hillary hired consultants that trained actors and actresses with the women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct.  One accusation fell threw because their are witnesses on a plane.  Considering that McConnell was willing to spend I believe $8 Million to get Senator Luther Strange on the ballot.  A few dollars for Bird Dogs to accuse Moore would be a cheap investment.  
Saint Paul is not remembered for persecuting Christians.  The citizens of Alabama clearly thinks he has actions to stand in the gap that caused him to loose his seat was correct because afterward they elected him for the same seat.  Judge Ray Moore is not off the hook.  He needs to define his road to Damascus or if it did not occur  regardless the people of Alabama need him to provide an independent case to verify his character.  
wsucram15 Added Nov 16, 2017 - 3:08am
OMG..justify anything.
Well Ive been told many times that if JFK were alive, he would be a Republican...so own that.
Jeffry Gilbert Added Nov 16, 2017 - 5:51am
Alford was 19.
Gibson was 17.
Both were above the age of consent. 
All that banging on about being a country of laws. Where's the crime?
Thomas Sutrina Added Nov 16, 2017 - 8:11am
Jeffry,  those two were added as political theater to make the 14 yr old allegation credible.   The new accuser I am sure spent time with her attorney before  the press conference.  So there should be no holes in her statement.  But it is full of holes.  1) never mention the divorce of her mother and Roy Moore involvement.  Not done be accident.  2) signature on the year book is identical to the signature on the divorce papers that Roy Moore signed.  The hole is that his assistance initial, put there by the assistant on the divorce papers are on the year book signature.   So the assistant had to approve the year book.  That is the implication.    
That year book is the only he said she said evidence that was from the time period if not forged.  When it went the case went.
Jeffry Gilbert Added Nov 16, 2017 - 8:44am
I'll bet Gloria Alred is right in the middle of this.