If receiving the Eucharist unworthily...

...is a sin, then we are all guilty of sinning, since we are never completely worthy to receive Jesus! But that isn't the question, since Jesus's sacrifice makes us worthy!


The issue is whether Our Lord gave the Catholic church the authority to “bind and loose" – ie. The ability for remitting sins and setting laws for it's adherents, etc. The Sacrament of Confession is for the remittance of their sins, especially Mortal ones! For the sacrament to be "valid", the penitent perform the “penance”, as well as, making a firm purpose of amendment; that includes the avoidance of sin! It is the second part that raises the question as to whether an individual priest can offer “reconciliation” for a civilly divorced and remarried Catholics. What the Holy Father has written in Amoris laetitia leads some to believe that it should always be made on a “case-by-case” basis,ie. – it is a pastoral question.... Others feel that the traditional teaching on marriage in the Catholic church can't be changed by a individual priest's judgment! But it is in the individual priest's “judgment” to offer Christ's forgiveness for the penitent's sins in the first place – so I don't see were the conflict is with the Pope's writings.


The problem is that the "meaning" of the Sacrament of Marriage has been diluted, and it has been reduced to mere sentimentality in many cases -- brought on by the lack of proper teaching and catechism for at least 3 generations of church faithful, imo! Additionally, as you have properly noted: Catholic's use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation has been curtailed significantly!


But, now the confusion this has caused in the Church is palpable. Prayer and fasting, along with the action of the Holy Spirit will fix this! Meanwhile, it is left to each individual to consider their behavior, and to understand what they are doing when they receive “unworthily”. ie. In a state of mortal sin – but the proper development of the conscience required to determine one's state of one's soul has been hampered! I wonder who(Satan) is behind this “normalizing” of sinful behavior??!


Benjamin Goldstein Added Nov 14, 2017 - 4:04pm
Maybe somebody has some thoughts on this who understands more than only every third word. I'm no big help here.
Thomas Sutrina Added Nov 14, 2017 - 4:43pm
Great timing consider that within this month 500 years ago Priest Martin Luther called for a discussion of the cannons in the Roman Catholic Church.  At the time books were few so catechism was used to teach the faith to lay and priest a like.   Luther was sent on a mission to Rome as a message carrier.  There for the first time he read from a bible.  He continued studying and realized that the church needed reforms.  That discussion, a list of the questions he wanted discussed about 90 of them. 
The printing press was invented in Germany about this time and the printer took two years to set the type and print the bible.  Those bibles saved his life and prevented him like other before him being imprisoned, silenced.
I and my wife both Catholics choose to leave that church and joint the Episcopal Church.   I will leave this discussion as one that no longer chooses to debate Catholicism.
Steve Bergeron Added Nov 15, 2017 - 8:06am
When St. Paul speaks of "receiving the Eucharist unworthily," he means receiving the Eucharist with mortal sin on our souls.  Remember, there are three elements required to make a sin "mortal":  1) Serious matter (10 Commandments are a good place to start)  2) Full knowledge that what we are doing is wrong  3) Full consent of the will (no "accidental" culpable sins).  When we commit mortal sin, we "kill" our souls and God's life in our souls. We willfully turn our backs on God and abandon Him.  To receive him in Communion would be a lie and a Sacrilege because we are no longer in communion with Him.
With regard to the Sacrament of Confession, saying one's penance is not required for you to be forgiven.  If you go to Confession, and die as you walk out before you say your penance, you are still forgiven, and those sins will not be held against you.  What penance is for is to remit temporal punishment due to us when we sin.  
Before the printing press was invented, Bibles were very expensive to make, because they had to be hand-written, usually by monks, over years.  The "paper" was velum, made from the stomachs of cows and sheep.  It took an entire herd of animals to make one Bible.  So, Bibles were rare.  Add to that, the fact that the vast majority of people, up until the Industrial Revolution, were illiterate.  Literacy was not a skill needed by most people, since most work was manual labor.  Some Catholic churches at that time, had a Bible in the Church, chained down to discourage being stolen and sold, where anyone of the few who could read, had access.
Thomas Sutrina, that's a very funny post you had. (Sorry.)  The part of Bibles being printed by a press "saving Luther's life." I can see it now...  "Wait!  You cannot arrest me!  I have a printed Bible!"  "Oh, darn!  We thought we had you.  Run along, then."  LOL And that the first time Luther read from a Bible was in Rome.  Sorry, I find that hard to believe.  And why would you choose the Episcopal church to go to?  They no longer have Apostolic Succession, and, therefore, don't have five of the seven Sacraments, including the Eucharist.  The Anglicans (Episcopals) were created basically, by King Henry VIII because the Church refused him an annulment.  Henry VIII also condemned Luther roundly, before he split.  Interesting...