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Tubularsock was just sitting around his top floor corner office in his underground bunker over looking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA (see Bunker Tour for background) when he noticed that his top-flight-NSA-resistant-carrier-pigeon came flying through the space-time-continuum-tunnel.


There was nothing out of the ordinary for this to happen except it was a direct PTTC (Pentagon To Tubularsock Communiqué).


American troops are the representatives of DEMOCRACY in Afghanistan and the fact that we have been there for 16 years and still don’t understand the Afghan customs and culture have presented some problems.


U.S. troops have been told to IGNORE child rape by Afghan Security Forces because according to U.S. commanding officers’ instructions, “. . . look the other way because it’s their culture.” (as reported by UPI)


The Pentagon, it has been found after a Defense Department investigation into the matter, had no written guidance or policy telling U.S. personnel not to report such behavior (child rape), but that it was best for it to be left alone.


In addition, those Marines that did report such activities “. . . were told that nothing could be done about child sexual abuse because of Afghanistan’s status as a sovereign nation.”


Now hold on here, Afghanistan’s status as a sovereign nation?


Since when?


If Afghanistan is a sovereign nation then the U.S. broke International Law 16 years ago by attacking a sovereign nation! And those International Laws were agreed upon and the United States signed on to them.


Police! Police! Arrest someone!


Oh, International Law only applies to OTHERS when they conduct aggression on a sovereign nation. Seems fair. Because the United States respects the law!


And then ………..


The outcome of the U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General Report was to recommend that the Department of Defense determine whether child rape by Afghan security forces constitutes “gross violations of human rights that require further review by United States Forces-Afghanistan or the Gross Violation of Human Rights Forum.”


Well there you have it. It’s official. It has taken two years to prepare the report to ask the question:



Tubularsock sure wishes the DOD would have come directly to Tubularsock for the answer. Tubularsock would have given them the answer for half the price with way less paper! The report is 106 pages long.



What government can accomplish if you give then enough money and paper.

And honestly, don’t dwell on this too long.


Besides, the U.S. has been raping Afghanistan for over 16 years anyway so who has time to really worry about the children?


And we’re the good guys ………….. horse shit!





Tubularsock Added Nov 17, 2017 - 8:20pm
The cost of stupidity is mind boggling and the ability to lead a horse to water and then drown the horse is an art form that the U.S. Government has perfected. And the great thing is we all know it but somehow have no control over it. That's synthetic democracy for a plastic culture ..... America!
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 17, 2017 - 9:57pm
Tubularsock, you wrote, "If Afghanistan is a sovereign nation then the U.S. broke International Law 16 years ago by attacking a sovereign nation! And those International Laws were agreed upon and the United States signed on to them."
Don't misinterpret my comment as rationalizing or condoning child rape, but the US did have Legal Authority by UN Security Council Resolution 1386 of December 20, 2001.
The World knows, even if Americans are in denial, The United Nations Security Council denied the US Legal Authority to invade Iraq in 2003, but the US did it anyway, in violation of International Law, undermining the Global Order in place since WWII, ushering in the Law of the Jungle to the Middle East and the World.
In Canada, the legal age for sexual consent was raised from 12 to 14 in 1890, and raised from 14 to 16 in 2006.
Regardless of the Laws, I learned about the pleasure God put in the human body that could be tapped at will when I was 8, by a contemporary, and took to it like a duck to water. That was in 1952, 4 years before TV arrived in Montreal.
Nasty Added Nov 17, 2017 - 11:31pm
Tubularsock writes about child rape in Afghanistan, a good article with which I agree. The only thing USA should send to Afghanistan is Cruise Missiles.
Then the demented Rev. Cormier posts his anti-American delusion about IRAQ as a comment!
"The United Nations Security Council denied the US Legal Authority to invade Iraq in 2003."
Alzheimer's is a terrible thing!
Tubularsock Added Nov 18, 2017 - 2:30am
Now hold your horses Ray. But not for long due to their shitting but long enough to say that according to Tubularsock’s reading,
Operation Enduring Freedom was launched on October 7, 2001.
United Nations Security Council resolution 1386, was adopted unanimously on December 20, 2001. About two months AFTER the U.S. invasion! And even then 1386 only authorized the establishment for 6 months of an International Security Assistance Force to assist the Afghan Interim Authority.
So the U.S. DID NOT have U.N. “Legal Authority”!
But like you said about Iraq, the U.S. doesn’t give a shit about law unless the OTHER GUY breaks it.
As for an 8 year old having the opportunity to take advantage of God’s plan for ducks only shows why SHE invented TV so as to distract future 8 year old children. She is rather cleaver if you ask Tubularsock!
Thanks for your comment.
Tubularsock Added Nov 18, 2017 - 2:31am
Now Nasty, you be nice on the playing field.
From Tubularsock’s point of view it would be best if the U.S. stayed out of other people’s business.
Just think how peaceful the world would be if the U.S. would stop arming the crazies of the world ......... panacea in our own time.
We provide more armaments to the world than any other country in the world and those very same armaments have been known to be used against our own military. Talking about being shot by your own guns!
And we have more military bases in the world than any other country by a factor of 30!
Always glad to hear from you Nasty, thanks for your comment.
Dr. Rupert Green Added Nov 18, 2017 - 5:24am
"In Canada, the legal age for sexual consent was raised from 12 to 14 in 1890, and raised from 14 to 16 in 2006." Ray
To be safe America may need to push their age to 60.  Would limit the birth of men who may turn out as molesters. Talk about actualizing the spiting of nose and face narrative.  
Cultural Imperative.
In this current time of soul spilling, we have to out incest (cabin fever) and those whose culture requires the father to break-in his daughter.
Culture also requires that men end up with their lower head balded. Christians had a beef with that, sensing Jews had it done to defile Christian maidens. 
Africans have a way of glass-bottle slicing out the sensitivity out of females.  The first time this fellow gained access to the "privities" of an African woman, she took my monster and nary a sound nor a smile emerged. I hate that culture. But of course, in coming to America and having my first encounter with an African American woman, I developed a taste for drinking from nipple bottle. However my unsuccessful pampering of that nipple to induce arousal led to my chomping at the nipple without a flinch from the good lady. It was there I was introduced to the culture of implanted silicone.
Indeed, the deviant culture of men visiting Australia (by another name) without boarding a plane or a ship could end up catching to men who abhor it and child rape, but take vacation to countries allowing them access to little boys and girls. Talk about cross cultural understanding of underneaths.
Still, the power of culture prevails when one father would accept the rape of his daughter while another would hack the motherfucker to death. I believe the Peruvians have it figured out. Lead the llamas to the beach and as a rite of passage, have the boys bang the shit out of them. That is culture for you. Because no Llamas are in the US, those Latinos are not motivated to cross the border to get here. Perhaps America should import Llamas and send to Peru as insurance.
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 18, 2017 - 8:35am
Tubularsock, yes, you are right about the Afghanistan Timeline.
UN resolution 1386 was the result of the US effort to retroactively provide UNSC legal sanction to the illegal US invasion 16 years ago.
That retroactive measure is like the Israelis passing a Law that retroactively legalizes illegally gotten Palestinian Land.
CanaDa participated in the Afghanistan War only after the UN Resolution. CanaDa did not participate in the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 because it was illegal without UN Legal Authority. That is International Law and the Global Order. And YES, the US did undermine it
And yes, UN Resolution 1386 did authorize only a 6 Month mission in Afghanistan, but history shows once US Troops are introduced into another Nation, it's hard to get them to leave.
Nasty, the World knows, even if Americans (you) are in denial, The United Nations Security Council denied the US Legal Authority to invade Iraq in 2003, but the US did it anyway, in violation of International Law, undermining the Global Order in place since WWII, ushering in the Law of the Jungle to the Middle East and the World.
Since Nasty refers to me as "the demented Rev. Cormier," he leaves me no choice but to re-post THESE FACTS, as real and valid as any words people see here, or anywhere, that will be confirmed by anyone taking the TIME to investigate for themselves and follow the TIMELINE.
On September 13, 1976, the major daily THE KANSAS CITY TIMES published this Vision of the FUTURE: target="_blank">“He came to town for the Republican National Convention and will stay until the election in November TO DO GOD'S BIDDING: To tell the world, from Kansas City, this country has been found wanting and its days are numbered […] He gestured toward a gleaming church dome. “The gold dome is the symbol of Babylon,” he said.” […] He wanted to bring to the Public’s attention an “idea being put out subtly and deceptively” by the government that we have to get prepared for a war with Russia.”
It's taken over 40 years, but that 1976 FUTURE is NOW with the Revelation of the details GENERALLY unfolding in the spirit of the letter. The World is finally waking up to see Trump just may hasten “its days are numbered” part of the 1976 Public record.
I wasn't aware of Putin or Trump then.
The KANSAS CITY TIMES did a follow up report on ALL SOULS DAY, November 2, 1976. When the TV movie 'THE DAY AFTER' Kansas City was incinerated in a Nuclear Holocaust appeared in 1983.
Most likely, I was the only Human on Earth, including the newspaper reporters, to note target="_blank">at the END, the movie pauses at the very same picture frame THE KANSAS CITY TIMES chose for the target="_blank">ALL SOULS DAY record 7 years earlier.
Any way you look at it, that HISTORICAL FACT is a confirming SIGN for our Generations, the World has arrived at this point of Decision, of an “idea being put out subtly and deceptively” by the government that we have to get prepared for a war with Russia.”
Not too many will recognize, "this country has been found wanting and its days are numbered" as the 1st two parts, of the 3 part 'Writing on the Wall" from Daniel 5 and the Captivity of Babylon some 2600 years ago.
The whole world saw The Writing on the Wall for the 1st TIME at the same TIME, with the Global Financial Meltdown-Economic Pearl Harbour in September of 2008, even if the world does not recognize it as such.
The 3rd part of the Writing on the Wall tells of the decline of Babylon, the 1st Biblical model of the Nation that reaches Imperial Military-Economic Superpower Status, and the rise of Persia
Ancient Babylon is now Iraq, and ancient Persia is now Iran.
The US is the latest, greatest of all the Nations reaching Imperial Military-Economic Superpower Status in the 2600 year old Biblical Babylonian superstructure.
The TAIL struck the HEAD, causing the unravelling of the Earthly Babylonian superstructure - infrastructure, ushering in the Law of the Jungle to the Middle East and this World.
The Iranian Revolution happened in 1979, 2-1/2 years afte
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 18, 2017 - 9:02am
2-1/2 years after the record in the 1976 KANSAS CITY TIMES Timeline.
All the chaos in the Middle East since then, including the carnage in Syria, is the consequence of the vain attempt to reverse that God ordained, repeat of History, as a SIGN for our Generations.
Dave Volek Added Nov 18, 2017 - 11:33am
For a while I thought you had got absconded by making your phone number available for General Kelly to call. Either you were sequestered in the White House resolving all sorts of problems or you had just "disappeared" for reasons only a conspiracy theorist could create.
Well actually, it didn't seem any problems were being solved at the White House, so that left me to start building a conspiracy by writing a book called "The Disappearance of Tubularsock". A bestseller for sure, and that would force me to set up an offshore company to reduce my taxes.
Your article is very important in that it shows the difficulty of handling foreign affairs. I feel sorry for world leaders trying to sort this out. There are more compromises to principle than quills on a porcupine. At some time in the future, we will figure out what exactly we are fighting for. I'm hoping the prevention of sexual abuse is one of the principles. 
Dave Volek Added Nov 18, 2017 - 11:36am
I've been without alcohol for 23 years, and I don't miss it. But when you start preaching, I feel like having a beer! 
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 18, 2017 - 12:29pm
Dave, it's not preaching. It's pointing out FACTS and REALITIES some people fear to face because of the implications. That explains why you would drown it out with alcohol.
Dave Volek Added Nov 18, 2017 - 12:38pm
Gee Ray. I used my best anti-evangelical line on you and you didn't flinch.
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 18, 2017 - 12:43pm
lol, Dave!
Benjamin Goldstein Added Nov 18, 2017 - 2:04pm
It does nothing to help the kids, but the US forces would have been better off to just kill some Taliban in response to 9/11 and their lack of cooperation before leaving again. No need to stay and watch the ...yuck...child rape.
Dave Volek Added Nov 18, 2017 - 2:10pm
Benjamin: I'm kind of with you on this approach. Invade, destabilize the leadership, then leave. Do it again a decade later when they behave a little too badly.
In time, we need to go in with principles; for example, schooling for girls. If the people don't want that, then there's no use putting billions of $$$ into the country. Go back to invade, destabilize, and leave.
But that's just my position from a comfortable armchair and limited information and knowledge.
Dino Manalis Added Nov 18, 2017 - 4:34pm
If it's consensual, it's not rape, Afghanistan doesn't have our legal system.
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 18, 2017 - 4:47pm
Edward Miessner Added Nov 18, 2017 - 5:05pm
The US should have just done a surgical strike to go in, go after Bin Laden and get out... after it had obtained UN authorisation. As for child rape---that's just gross. Yuck!
David Ray, I've thought about what you have said about the US's days are numbered and I have only this to say: if the US were to be attacked by Russia after the manner of The Day After, it would not hesitate to launch on warning, and throw everything it's got at Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Heck, the US might even launch a nuclear first strike! That's how dire things are getting.
Edward Miessner Added Nov 18, 2017 - 5:06pm
Dino, I doubt it's consensual.
Just sayin'
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 18, 2017 - 5:12pm
Edward, that's what Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is all about.
This world is in a dangerous grip. Russia is starting to think the US is preparing for a "preemptive" strike, and North Korea is thinking the same after Trump boasted of 3 Aircraft Carriers and a nuclear powered submarine patrolling around the Korean Peninsula just last week.
Nasty Added Nov 18, 2017 - 5:29pm
Hey Tubs.
This may be a game to you, but the results are deadly serious. The ONLY hope the world has for peace, is "Peace through Strength." The world is "Nasty" and  must be put down hard, or more towers will fall.
I'm the Guy who confronts a bully in a Barroom, and USA must be the guy who puts down the Bully's of the world!
Strength ended the Cold War, Strength put down ISIS, and Strength is stopping little Rocket Man.
You need to cut some eye holes in that Tube sock, to see the a holes who pray for peace, or think man will be good if left alone.
Nasty Added Nov 18, 2017 - 5:31pm
The US, Russia, and China are the world's largest arms exporters. They took the largest slices of a growing pie: The global arms trade was 16% larger in 2010-2014 than it was in 2005-2009, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). 
China in particular saw its share of global exports explode. It became the world's third-largest exporter accounting for 5% of the arms trade in 2010-2014. In comparison, China sold 3% of the world's arms in 2005-2009. 
But China still lags far behind the export powerhouses of the US and Russia. Washington sold 31% of all global imports during the 2010-2014 period, while Moscow made up 27% of the global trade.
Lady Sekhmetnakt Added Nov 18, 2017 - 8:26pm
"Strength put down ISIS"?
Russian strength maybe. The US was too busy helping the IS (Islamic State - note: they haven't been calling themselves "ISIS" for years, it's inaccurate, but I digress). 
Russia Accuses US of Providing Cover for the 'Islamic State' Militia -
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 18, 2017 - 9:32pm
Does anyone remember Trump on the Campaign trail saying he would be so tough on ISIS and their families?
The BBC just did a report on a secret deal made to let the ISIS fighters and their families leave Raqqa for other places in Syria.
Raqqa's Dirty Secret
Tubularsock Added Nov 19, 2017 - 12:51am
Nasty, Tubularsock has a “feeling” that you have missed the fact that the bully that you seem to believe exists is US!
From WW2 forward we have been pushing everybody around to the point that they started to strike back.
We lost Korea
We lost Vietnam
We lost Afghanistan
We lost Syria
We lost ..........
And why?
Because all we offer is war which we create by arming anybody that will destabilize the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia and parts of Europe!
At one time we had principles of behavior and a model for “democracy” even if they were never “pure” at least we strove for those heights.
No longer. The bully in the bar is the United States!
We supported ISIS, the cold war never ended and the only reason Rocket Man rattles his rockets is because we constantly take an aggressive action toward him.
WE ARE THE CAUSE and that 31% war supply activity proves it!
And when the towers fell the American public couldn’t figure out “why they hate us”!
Blowback’s a bitch and yes the United States deserved it even if we did it to ourselves.
Oh, Tubularsock forgot ..... it was a man on a dialysis machine in a cave with a lap top that brought down the most powerful country on earth. Sure.
Aggression breeds aggression and violence breeds violence. If that isn't shifted then you, Nasty will never have a quiet drink in a bar again. Bottoms up!
Cheers, Nasty.
Tubularsock Added Nov 19, 2017 - 1:05am
Dave, don’t worry. General Kelly is Tubularsock’s friend and we are working on a special plan which led Kelly to wander around Arlington Cemetery looking for the correct location for, ahh .............. well Dave, Tubularsock can not speak because he is not authorized to discuss sensitive diplomatic issues.

But Tubularsock does like your idea of your new book, "The Disappearance of Tubularsock".
Tubularsock would love to help you on this but well, Tubularsock can’t find himself!
Nasty Added Nov 19, 2017 - 1:14am
That left Tubesock that makes you blind, allows those delusions. I think your facts are fuckeds. and your Wild Turkey is Absinth.
I can agree we lost Vietnam to the left wing fifth columnists that stole the Democratic party, but if you can get your head out of your Youtube for a moment, you might see that we are still fighting in Korea, Afghanistan and Syria.
If USA was the Bully you say it was, it would have nuked em, and finished the job. We are the only Super Power!
And, excuse me for being NASTY, but you are a disgusting piece of shit for even suggesting that 3000 innocent people deserved to die! If you said that to me in a bar, you would be breaking in new dentures now.
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 19, 2017 - 7:47am
Tubularsock, Nasty is particularly nasty in his comment, and while he calls you delusional, he is the blind patriot or psychopath.
While he writes, "I can agree we lost Vietnam to the left wing fifth columnists that stole the Democratic party," he's too blind or in total denial to acknowledge a 3rd World Country of peasants in Vietnam won the war against the richest Nation with the most powerful Military. Of course he'd blame it on Democrats. Despite the fact 7 million tons of bombs had been dropped on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia - more than twice the amount of bombs dropped on Europe and Asia in World War II, Nasty would not have been satisfied until the US nuked Vietnam to "win."
He calls you "a disgusting piece of shit for even suggesting that 3000 innocent people deserved to die!"
Again, Nasty is delusional. Nowhere in your comments do you suggest 3000 innocent people deserved to die. I assume he's talking about 9/11.
No, the American bully is responsible for the killing of millions of innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in this world.
Dave Volek Added Nov 19, 2017 - 8:22am
One of my entertainment in my university days was going the Park Hotel in Edmonton and watch the blue-collar guys beat on each other. Now that I'm a little bit older, it is both kind of shallow and kind of sad.
I'm the Guy who confronts a bully in a Barroom, and USA must be the guy who puts down the Bully's of the world!
If the world is perceived to be barroom of some kind, we are not going to solve too many problems. It doesn't matter if there are bullies, people who fight bullies, or knowing the difference between the two.
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 19, 2017 - 10:33am
Dave, I like the way you were more gentle with Nasty than I was.
With the 1st recorded Human murder, Cain killed his Brother Abel,  God said, What have you done? the voice of your brother's blood CRIES unto me from the ground.
God put a mark on Cain so no one would kill him, saying if anyone does, it will be 7 Times worse. Eventually someone else killed some one else and imagined for him it will be 70 times worse.
Today, there are giant money making Corporations whose Business is devising new and more terrible ways to kill People and the People don't object!
At the END, all the Human Works of History will be brought into Judgment, whether it be for the Good or Evil?
WE ARE THE GENERATION that has to choose for TODAY, moving forward.
Mr. Congeniality Added Nov 19, 2017 - 11:10am
Actually, we have a history of turning a blind eye to certain things, starting with drug trafficking in the Vietnam War and keeping a remarkably similar profile ever since. It's all a matter of priorities, in this case, "We don't care if they rape boys, as long as they help us kill the enemy." As per usual with guerilla wars, friends and enemies are often the same thing at different times.
But, in certain parts of the world, like big parts of Afghanistan, boy-fucking is considered to be different from outright homosexuality, although how they make that distinction is impossible for me to see.
Tubularsock Added Nov 19, 2017 - 11:51am
Nasty! Now wait a minute, you have crossed a line! Tubularsock’s Wild Turkey is Kentucky brewed and is as American as apple pie and you are demeaning Tubularsock and his drink!
It’s out to the back ally for you Nasty for a round of fisticuffs! Tubularsock assumes that you’ll accept the The Marquess of Queensberry Rules.
Oh shit, Tubularsock did have two sips of Absinthe and must have been influenced into violence!
Nasty .... oh stop it! “left wing fifth columnists” ...... the fucking Democraps wouldn’t know what to do with a left wing anything for Christ sake!
As far as “winning” in Korea, Afghanistan and Syria you must be kidding ........ we are still fighting there alright and we’ve lost. But some are still making money off of the body bags needed to be produced. Alway a great investment opportunity body bags many are dying to get into them! Oh poor American mercenaries, doesn’t it just break your heart, Nasty?
Tubularsock is always interested in the reaction to the 3000 innocent people that died on 9/11 and how sacred and shocking it appears to be for their loss BUT never a word about the 100’s of thousands of INNOCENT MEN, WOMAN, and CHILDREN that we BURNED TO DEATH with our napalm in Vietnam and the thousands upon thousands of INNOCENT MEN, WOMAN, and CHILDREN we drone to death ever year.
Tell me Nasty, where is your concern there?
Tubularsock did not say that he felt the 3000 innocent people deserved to die on 9/11 Tubularsock said that the United States deserved what it got.
You know, Nasty, turn about is fair play and all that!
When the Bully fights the Bully the winner is the Bully! THEN WHAT’S CHANGED?
Well off for another double shot of Turkey. Tubularsock loves the mornings!
Tubularsock Added Nov 19, 2017 - 12:15pm
Michael B. you are so correct. We have lost our values or at least our stated values when it comes to the wars we support.
Drugs flow like blood out of these places. The Afghanistan poppy crop grows every year under our “special” watch.
What Tubularsock has never understood is why our troops when they actually see what they are risking their lives for don’t just leave. So many are tricked by the recruiting methods but once you have seen you’d been screwed seems like it would be difficult to defend what you are sent to do.
Perhaps explains all the suicides on their return. Sad deal, for sure!
Thanks for the comment.
Katharine Otto Added Nov 19, 2017 - 12:28pm
Not only do you speak common sense, but you do it with such humor that I am awed.  It amazes me how paranoia has engulfed the world, such that people are desperate to destroy enemies we haven't even created yet, along with the ones we have.
Yes, I agree the US is the bully aggressor and has been since the Europeans landed on this pristine continent.  Regular people passively go along, believing our government holds the moral high ground, despite evidence.  How in the world can we pass judgment on anyone else?  
Mr. Congeniality Added Nov 19, 2017 - 1:06pm
One of my "favorite" stories from the Vietnam War was relayed by a certain U.S. Colonel who was a senior advisor to a certain South Vietnamese general. His introduction to this Vietnamese general was that general and his convoy crashing through a village with no regards whatsoever for its inhabitants or its structures. Later on, during a combat operation where a trapped unit was pleading for evacuation, the general was using the helicopters needed for this task to carry away the loot, including livestock, of the village he just "liberated." Nothing new under the Sun.
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 19, 2017 - 1:09pm
When the Bully fights the Bully the winner is the Bully! THEN WHAT’S CHANGED?
There is no such thing as a "CIVIL" War. All War without exception is the total abandonment of Civility.
In All Wars, the most brutal, merciless terrorist wins, and then whitewashes it's evil actions!
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 19, 2017 - 1:12pm
Michael B, if they turn the boy over to pleasure front side up. that's homosexual.
Jeff Michka Added Nov 19, 2017 - 3:18pm
Geezus H keyrist...What all these rabid R types not understand about having sex with know...pedophilia?  It all goes back to party and winning over right or wrong.  Winning, for the evangelicals, is all that matters to them, they've had their oppressive "morality" held at arms length for too long, so must win or die.  I'D BANK ON THE LATTER AS "BEST COURSE."
Edward Miessner Added Nov 19, 2017 - 4:18pm
Ray Joseph, I hear ya. Just this last week Newsweek came out with a cover article about what's going on inside Russia: none of the good things, mind you, like the construction of that bridge to the Crimean Penninsula but the persecution of the political opposition by Vladimir Putin through low-level thugs. There's scarce chance we can do a damn thing about it, political persecution in Russia is as old as the hills---back through Soviet days and even into the times of the Tsars, and yet Newsweek's concern-trolling propaganda hit piece strikes me as nothing so much as the mainstream media's (including the New York Times') articles on how evil the Taliban were months before Bush and Company launched their invasion of Afghanistan without prior UN permission. So our news media are angling for a third world war against Russia! Cui bono?
Tubularsock Added Nov 19, 2017 - 5:31pm
Katharine, Tubularsock thanks you for your kind words. The American paranoia is always jacked up so the next war threat keeps everyone in fear. And the beat goes on.
It is always difficult to believe that Americans are so dumb. But proof is in the pudding even if the pudding is burnt!
Tubularsock Added Nov 19, 2017 - 5:32pm
Jeff Michka, Now, let us prey ......... amen!
Nasty Added Nov 19, 2017 - 7:43pm
“Religion is for people who're afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who've already been there.”
Vine Deloria Jr.
Honesty and truth will never penetrate the delusion of a talking sock.
To try is a waste of time.
But not to worry, you nothing man
Trump keeps you safe, though you're not a fan.
It is obvious you never saw combat Michael B. Being in the Army, and being a soldier are two different things. Your fictional stories about Vietnam shows you never were there.
Unwashed sock.
You collect psychotics like a turd collects flies.
Come and delete me Cicraji, I am Nasty, when these delirious morons, insult my intelligence.
Tubularsock Added Nov 19, 2017 - 8:16pm
Nasty, “honesty and truth” Tubularsock thought you were into when you explained above about which country was selling the most war armaments to the world.
But then Nasty you missed the point of the information you provided.
“Trump keeps you safe, though you’re not a fan” is only half true.
Tubularsock is not a fan, yes but you have got to be kidding about keeping anything safe by Trump except his own tax returns.
Come on Nasty, Trump couldn’t even find Puerto Rico on a map! How could he protect any of us from anything. He can’t even protect his own employees for Christ sake!
“You collect psychotics like a turd collects flies.” But Nasty, Tubularsock would miss you when you’re gone.
You are too funny, Cheers!
Nasty Added Nov 19, 2017 - 8:45pm
How pathetic. Your point is on top of your head as your avatar shows.
USA provides 31% of Free countries means of defense against the 69% of those who would subjugate them.
You have no more right to see Trumps tax returns than you do to see Bill Gates or Elon Musk! You wouldn't understand them, even if you did.
Trump built a Golf course in Puerto Rico in 2015 you idiot. The investment went bad due to Liberal Government destroying PR tourism.
Trumps employees are better treated than Clinton staff. If in your ignorance you reter to Administration members, each is an independent who is expected to provide alternatives and support. Democrats have been successful in preventing full staffing to serve the people of America for a year now.
For years before PC, Mental institutions were known as Laughing Academy's. I understand that reality is funny to you. Psychoses does that!
You won't miss me. Reality left you a long time ago, and you revel in your delusion.
By the way, your Kentucky Bourbon- Wild Turkey, is owned and controlled by GRUPPO CAMPARI of ITALY.
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 19, 2017 - 10:42pm
Some people do live in an alternate Universe with alternate facts, all in their own mind.
Some people, in their blind Patriotism that America can do no wrong, cannot admit the US has invaded more Nations in this world since WWII than Russia ever did.
They cannot see the US has changed regimes of  more Democratically Elected governments, installing their proxy Dictatorships and arming them than the Russians ever did.
It's hard to believe these figures of New York based Business Insider;
The US was first in the value of all arms deliveries made around the world, at a value of $16.9 billion or 36.62% of the total. Russia was second last year, making $7.2 billion in such deliveries. France was third, at $7 billion in deliveries.
2015 was the eighth year in a row that the US was first in this category, and Russia was second in each of those eight years.
The US is selling twice as much of the Weapons of Death and Destruction to the World than the Russians.
The Russians spend $70 Billion on their DOD while the US is spending $700 Billion, and Russia is the threat? Even with spending $700 Billion, Americans think they need more to be safe?
It may be because the US is losing more Client States to Russia. More Nations are discovering the Russians are building better, more effective weapons at a much cheaper price.
U.S. nears $100 billion arms deal for Saudi Arabia:
Only a delusional person would think Saudi Arabia is a "Free country"
Nasty Added Nov 20, 2017 - 12:17am
You create a mythical Straw Man, and then defeat him.
NOONE but you said Saudi Arabia is FREE country.
But the new King, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is trying to modernize the Kingdom and build a new relationship with Israel. Qatar tried to wreck the relationship, so now they are being boycotted. Al Jazeera tried to expose the new relationship, and just today, I see they are going ahead.
Some of the most powerful men in SA that represent the old school, are under indictment, if you watch any real news.
USA realized after being dragged into two European world wars, that keeping the peace was cheaper than fighting European wars. Yes, it is expensive, but the death toll of allowing the world to destroy itself, was more than Americans are willing to pay.
Europe did their best to destroy the world, and now the world players are, USA, Russia(After the Soviet Union was defeated by USA) and China.
Who is your choice? You don't want USA, so who do you prefer to rule you? Russia or China?
Reality isn't as much fun, is it?
Nasty Added Nov 20, 2017 - 12:22am

Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 19, 2017 - 10:42pm

Some people do live in an alternate Universe with alternate facts, all in their own mind.
There are treatments for Alzheimer's Ray. There is no cure, but at least they can bring you back from your alternate Universe..
Flying Junior Added Nov 20, 2017 - 2:21am
What Tubularsock has never understood is why our troops when they actually see what they are risking their lives for don’t just leave. So many are tricked by the recruiting methods but once you have seen you’d been screwed seems like it would be difficult to defend what you are sent to do.
I think that Beau Bergdahl tried to leave, but he was probably just too stoned.
That brought to mind comments made by General Murtha in 2006.  I understand that millions were led to sign up in response to the 9/11 attacks.  But maybe 2004 or thereabouts wasn't the best time to enlist.  After all, it was an all-volunteer military.  It was so hard for me to understand at the time.  How could so many people be so willfully ignorant?  What possible connection to September 11th could Saddam's regime have had?  The responsibility for finding Bin Laden in Afghanistan was abdicated to the local warlords, remember?  Just give us guns and money, we'll get him!  The same guys probably helped to smuggle him into Pakistan.  U.S. resources and troops were being devoted to Iraq.  That and several billion $$$ for contractors.  I didn't cry when I heard about those guys being decapitated.  I remember a photo of troops in Iraq with a banner reading, "911 PAYBACK."
Eleven years later, I finally understand.
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 20, 2017 - 8:55am
Nasty, if I had Alzheimers, I would forget to answer the delusional garbage you post so often.
I have to admit, once in a while, you do have moments of lucidity and post the rare comment where I can agree with you.
I'll remember to point out those rare Times we agree on in the Future.
Saying I have Alzheimers is not as nasty as this comment posted to my latest article, IMAGE OF THE BEAST:
"It disappoints me to know end that a seemingly sane person like you could agree with an insane hate-monger like Ray."
Dave Volek Added Nov 20, 2017 - 4:03pm
Like Ray, I believe that you raise some interesting points despite your attitude. I can't say that I read all the articles and comments on WB, but you are first that I have seen to raise this particular point:
Who is your choice? You don't want USA, so who do you prefer to rule you? Russia or China?
If and when the US backs out of a foreign policy conundrum, the vacuum will be filled by someone else.
I think you should put together an article together on this topic and post it on WB.
Jeff Michka Added Nov 20, 2017 - 5:30pm
aTubularsock notes: after Trump boasted of 3 Aircraft Carriers and a nuclear powered submarine patrolling around the Korean Peninsula just last week-Yeah, and he talked about it when the vessels were heading west around the Cape of no Hope..the future site of the new Mar-a-lago. 
Nasty Added Nov 20, 2017 - 5:42pm
Dave. My attitude is designed to make people ANGRY. The responses I received when I first joined WB, were from Ideologues deeply committed to their position. Autumn bases her recommendations on LIKES. That means sycophants choose popularity.
The only way to loosen the grip of ideology, is to make people challenge me. In the process, they must do some research to refute my facts. Emotion is easier to invoke than Reason.
The nice Guys, quickly fade away from this site.
With Great Power, comes great responsibility, and as a result, great mistakes are part of the result. The USA makes some big mistakes, and changes philosophy every 8 years. The whole damn country is in election turmoil constantly. News and events have been replaced with campaigns, and the NASTYness that goes with them. False investigations, sexual innuendo, dubious mistakes of the past, motivation, are all used to discredit the other person and his political view.
We make perfect, the enemy of good, and it has rendered USA impotent! So much so that lesser nations feel empowered to commit mischief, not fearing retaliation. USA is the only Super Power remaining, because Reagan was willing to out spend the other challenger around the world.
Well Soviet sympathizers, have been demeaning the USA ever since. But like the last Presidential Election the choice comes down to the lesser of two impethree choices. No one else is up to the task.rfect choices. In the WORLD, it is
I think I just started that article you requested!
Nasty Added Nov 20, 2017 - 5:53pm
That garbled last paragraph should read:
Well Soviet sympathizers, have been demeaning the USA ever since. But like the last Presidential Election the choice comes down to the lesser of two imperfect choices. In the WORLD it comes down to three choices., USA, China or Russia No one else is up to the task. USA, is currently the only Super Power, but all criticism wants USA to back away from the world and stay home, leaving the world to the other Two.
I think I just started that article you requested!
Dave Volek Added Nov 20, 2017 - 6:16pm
I would add a couple of versions of Islam into the fray as well. They might not have the military, but their goal is to somehow dominate the world as well.
Tubularsock Added Nov 20, 2017 - 9:19pm
Nasty, you said, “By the way, your Kentucky Bourbon-Wild Turkey, is owned and controlled by GRUPPO CAMPARI of ITALY.”
And Tubularsock’s response is, And the Statue of Liberty was built in France.
So your point was, Nasty? Besides attempting to demean Tubularsock’s bourbon of choice!
Tubularsock will share some great Afghani hash with you provided by the American CIA. We can smoke a bowl and it might just open your mind, Nasty. Followed by a double shot of WT neat and we’d be off to the races.
Tubularsock didn’t know Gates and Musk were President of the United States. Little Donnie is and it is our right to see his tax returns. Not that he is any bigger crook than Killery but what a din we’d hear from the Republican’ts if Killery refused to show hers.
That is just another hypocrisy of the system!
Trump’s golf course in Puerto Rico went bankrupt and Donnie left the taxpayers of PR on the hook for $33 million. The guy’s a weasel!
It had nothing to do with a “Liberal Government destroying PR tourism”. You play loose with facts, Nasty.
Tubularsock Added Nov 20, 2017 - 9:23pm
Now Nasty, let Tubularsock explain something to you and because you are a Dump supporter Tubularsock will make it simple.
Our foreign policy and the way it is implemented creates more problems than it solves. We are a Super Power but rather than setting an example of the advantages of the American system (at least in theory) we browbeat and thus in the process create more enemies along the way.
Russia and China are just slicker than we are and they appear less aggressive.
The end resolute is we sell out on ourselves and our values with an end result of being the aggressors. This style of engagement results in creating more enemies from friends.
Regime change is one of our problems. People in other countries will change their own governments if the U.S. would provide AN EXAMPLE but all we do is attempt to overthrow an existing government and thus create the exact problem we say we are attempting to resolve.
If Russian or China did what we are doing WE’D say they were aggressive BUT WHEN WE ARE AGGRESSIVE we call it bringing peace!
Get fucking real Nasty!
Nasty Added Nov 21, 2017 - 6:18am
Hey Tube Suck.
It is your hashish induced psychosis that produces delusions of grandeur.
Dave Volek Added Nov 21, 2017 - 8:56am
Tubularsock & Nasty
You guys are opening up more cans of worms! I see a plethora of paradoxes here.
If the US stops interfering with other nations, Russia, China, and some Islamic entities will fill in the power vacuum. If we are to take the route of choosing the best of several evils, I would prefer the US is the world policeman.
Of course, it would be better for the UN to create its own police force, but at this time, neither USA, Russia, China, nor the aspiring Islamic entities would want that. These four would prefer the current nebulous relationship with the US is kind of in control but kind of screwing up and maybe the top dog will change in a decade or maybe not. Whatever happens is better than letting the world citizens decide through the UN. 
If America is to stop screwing up internationally, it needs to get its own house in order. Right now, it is not the good example for other countries to emulate. We could argue that it may have never been the good example, but the luster is no longer there.
It think it's time for America to do some introspection of itself. Tubularsock, you are a player in this process. Nasty, I'm not sure where you fit in.
Edward Miessner Added Nov 21, 2017 - 12:35pm
Dave, I believe America has never been the good example for other nations to follow. I would recommend you read the following three books written by Morris Berman on the subject, Twilight of American CultureDark Ages America, and When America Failed. The writings of Gore Vidal and H. L. Mencken are good, too. They make the case much better than I could.
"It think it's time for America to do some introspection of itself."
I doubt America is ever going to do that. We have based ourselves on a negative identity (we're certainly not such-and-such) ever since it was founded, and maybe before. As Morris Berman states, and I believe he's right, Americans don't do introspection because they won't like what they see at the core of it all: a void that demands to be filled.
Nasty Added Nov 21, 2017 - 2:03pm
Dave Volek & Edward Miessner
You both speak as if there is some Ideal Society, A Utopia that all should aspire to. But like Trump, you never describe what is Great. But you want to make America perfect. The left wants a Great America, where all are cared for and respected as Equal. The right wants a Great America where each is free to pursue their own ability.
And therein lies the paradox! There are many standards of Greatness. When we go global, this paradox is multiplied. In Islam, for example, Greatness is Allah, and man can only be Great if he submits to God.
There can be no introspection, when we cannot agree on measurement. We all think our way is the best way! The best we can hope for is détente.
Our commonality is lost to our differences. Until we RESPECT the right to chose, even when we abhor the practice of others, we will be in a state of chaos.
Col. Potter said there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. And the wrong way is to try and make the other fellow do it the right way!
Tubularsock Added Nov 21, 2017 - 2:19pm
There must be an imposter going about using your name!
Tubularsock AGREES with your position here. So are you the REAL Nasty or the imposter? Now tell the truth!
Dave Volek Added Nov 21, 2017 - 2:57pm
As someone trying to promote a book on alternative governance, I have run across quite a few Americans who believe the American Constitution is the best social engineering document ever (but don't use the words "social engineering"). And I have run across quite a few Americans who believe that the US has strayed from that document--and when it comes back, the US will be great again. Too many Americans fail to realized that the Constitution was created with flawed men with not-so-pure agendas. And this inability to look at history is holding the world back.
Going back to Tubularsock's original article, there comes a time when we have to take a stand on various world issues. We may not send the troops in to set people straight, but we need to let "those cultures" that what they are doing just ain't right. We can't turn a blind eye just because it is another culture and they do things differently. Here are a few items on my list:
1. Education of girls
2. No more female genital mutilation
3. No more slavery
4. No more discrimination based on race or religion
I think you get the idea.
Fortunately, there are all sorts of activist groups working around the world, getting into the face of those who believe these items are a necessary part of their culture. But when the world gets united behind certain principles, we will move faster in this regard.
And, of course, we westerners need to clean our own act in certain areas.
Nasty Added Nov 21, 2017 - 3:22pm
Enter your comment here...
Nasty Added Nov 21, 2017 - 3:25pm
To most of the delusion here, I am the imposter.  When someone seeks truth, I am REAL. In other words YOU decide if I am the Imposter or Real.
I have lived many lives, so I can play many roles. In the end nothing changes!
I explained why I am Nasty, in a comment to Dave.
Nasty Added Nov 21, 2017 - 3:55pm
I wasted my time being REAL with you. You slip right back to your "My way or the Highway attitude." As long as people insist on controlling the belief of others, nothing will change.
1. Education of girls
Our society is being torn apart at this very moment by EDUCATED women. Careers destroyed over sexuality and having women in the workplace. Only women can nurture children, and education has taught them, that is slavery.

2. No more female genital mutilation
It is OK to cut off the end of a boy's penis, but not a clitoris! It is OK for a delusional male to surgically change his genitalia, but not a girl.

3. No more slavery
Millions trapped in menial jobs they hate just to survive. The largest prison population in the developed world!

4. No more discrimination based on race or religion
We must accept a religion that will kill or convert us for thinking differently. We must accept people who scorn our values and desecrate our society in the belief they are victims.
I think you get the idea.
I got the idea a long time ago that only your values have value. But after living in other societies, I realize how wrong you are!
Tubularsock Added Nov 21, 2017 - 4:05pm
In the 1980’s Tubularsock was listing to a speech presented by Dick Gregory and Tubularsock found it to be so true. Tubularsock has brought this up at other times but it fits in this current discussion.
Dick Gregory said, ““I don’t know why America always thinks she has to run all around the world forcing people to take our way of governance at the barrel of a gun. When you’ve got something really good, you don’t have to force it on people. They will steal it!”
Now of course that is assuming that the intention of the United States power structure is really interested in spreading democracy except as a phony rhetoric.
In the 1960’s Tubularsock thought that just maybe we were interested in making democracy work but today Tubularsock sees it is the farthest goal in our mind.
CONTROL is what this country is pushing. Over other countries and over our own citizens. We have LOST any true notion of democracy.
Just ask the NSA, the CIA, and the Justice Department.
We have lost the concept and it disappears in proportion to the amount of FEAR that is generated in the population. That is what 9/11 was all about. And it worked.
Nasty Added Nov 21, 2017 - 5:05pm
Dick Gregory could not get over his perceived victimization, and saw the world as a victim of the USA also.
The truth as I see it is that   America was suckered into WWI, in the belief that our Anglo Saxon fathers, and our dear friends who supported our revolution and gave us the statue of Liberty were being threatened by a
Tyrannical German Monarch. 
When the truth was known that Germany was the victim of many lies, and we saw how France and England treated Germany after, we said Never Again, and were determined to stay home and let Europe handle their own affairs.
When Germany was hell bent on retaliation, and made a victim of Jews, we resisted the temptation to get involved in Foreign affairs, except as a supplier. When Japan feared US involvement and launched a preemptive strike on Pearl Harbor, it brought home the understanding, that America must be proactive in the world, or it will come to America eventually.
After the total destruction of the Axis, the true intention of USA, to keep the world peaceful and prosperous was exhibited in the Marshall Plan. To foster world peace the United Nations was formed to Police the world.
The result was the Korean War.
Again, America was forced into policing the world. This resulted in the great error of Vietnam!
But the Dick Gregory delusion that America wanted to tell others how to live persisted, and what should have ended in a few years, turned into a slaughter of millions for 20 years.
When the PEACE People took control of what used to be the workers party, and elected Clinton to make nice with the world, the world attacked  again on 9-11. Here we go again. Back to policing the world. We had Iraq and Afghanistan under control.
Again the cycle of appeasement, Obama surrendered America's victory, and we are fighting the same warm all over again.
Now we have a guy, who sees that America must STAY involved, to prevent devastating Wars that we will get dragged into sooner or later.
Peace through strength is the only solution!
Nasty Added Nov 21, 2017 - 5:14pm
P.S. Democracy is the tyranny of the majority and has never worked anywhere.
America knew this from the beginning, and made election of POTUS by Electoral College, not popular vote!
Ray Joseph Cormier Added Nov 21, 2017 - 5:45pm
>>Democracy is the tyranny of the majority and has never worked anywhere.<<
True Democracies give equal rights to Minorities in Law and Practice.
No, the tyranny of Democracy is the MINORITY of the ultra wealthy who have brainwashed the ignorant masses to think they live in a Democratic system, when in fact and reality, it is an Oligarchy-Plutocracy.
Tubularsock Added Nov 21, 2017 - 6:44pm
Nasty, "except as a supplier". Seems like involvement to Tubularsock.
Much of what you said has merit but WE NEVER ". . . had Iraq and Afghanistan under control" and still don't. Much like the Vietcong,
those who live there have a greater cause than that of the oppressors. 
Nasty Added Nov 21, 2017 - 9:24pm
Not into delusion today, so I will ignore the last two comments.
Tubularsock Added Nov 22, 2017 - 12:24am
Come on Nasty, your a Dump follower so you live in delusion. That is why you are such a fun loving guy!
Edward Miessner Added Nov 22, 2017 - 11:29am
Nasty, don't put words into my mouth!
Have you ever heard of the saying, "The perfect is the enemy of the good." And America's other problem is, it is always striving for the perfect. Which means I agree with the rest of what you said. Including a collective introspection being impossible when we can't agree on the standard of measurement to go by. Individual introspection is certainly possible but generally we Americans don't even do that even! Because individually as well as collectively there is a void at the center of our character (ever hear an evangelical tell someone, Jesus will fill the emptiness in your heart?).
Which means America is in or is destined for a terminal decline and fall. I'm convinced it's the former.
Edward Miessner Added Nov 22, 2017 - 11:39am
Dave, "Too many Americans fail to realized that the target="_blank">Constitution was created with flawed men with not-so-pure agendas. And this inability to look at history is holding the world back." You certainly have that right! And I read somewhere that there was fraud and/or voter suppression involved when some of the states held popular referenda and tallied the votes. Maybe in other states' conventions also. Unfortunately I don't remember the link where this was all documented.
And you are also right, British-Americans had it pretty damn good... until those at the top decided to rebel and hive off from the mother country. But there is also a sense of a negative identity at the very beginning of the founding of the original colonies from Britain, especially those in New England, i.e., "We are not like those Indian savages" and "We are not like those immoral, dissolute people in Merrie Olde England / Old Europe."

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