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If you don't mind, a Christian with some Jewish blood, a black butt, a Swiss mind, a witch at Salem for an ancestor, and Irish luck would like to interject with some of his thoughts about Jesus, whatever his name really was and whatever is true or false about what is attributed to him. I know that there are always some people out there who will take your work and then twist it to fit their audience. In Christ's case, that would be Rome, mostly.
I get the sense that some of you hate Tom for expressing his views of the Holocaust, Jewish identity, whiteness, just about anything he says, but I say, Tom, I am always appreciative of your comments and writing. You passion for your beliefs is commendatory. But I would ask you, and all of these people who feel hate in your hearts to think about what the real message of Christ was. All of this talk about Satan and Armegeddon, and all of this talk about them or those not being worthy, contradicts what Christ was all about, from my studies of the man.
The people who wrote these hostile things about killing and vengeance were not Christ. Everyone of them was a sinful man with sinful visions of life, as we all are to some degree. Let's not forget that in this life we are all condemned to sin. Who amongst you knows where your righteous love ends and your sinful love begins? And let's not forget that the Romans who codified the stories we read in The Bible had an agenda that was not the agenda of Christ. They had an empire to run. All of their concerns were with this world and how to protect their crumbling regime. Christianity appealed.
Christ did say, from what I can fathom, that he did not come to save this world, but the souls of men (people). Those souls are found in all people of all colors, races, religions, creeds, on and on, male and female. I don't think he would say that there is one of us who has ever been born on this earth that is not worthy of salvation. And I don't think Jesus would care if you advocated for him, those mindless dresser uppers who repeat precious phrases ad nauseum, if you held to the principles he found most precious, love, healing, forgiveness, peace, and charity.
Don't all of you know the parable of The Good Samaritan? Talk is cheap, actions matter. Don't be at Christ. Be in Christ. Have you ever imagined the physical pain he endured? The conflict he must have felt? This is a man who rather than let himself be saved by the sword, died on the cross and forgave all who led him to that fate. He coulod have escaped his fate by denying what he believed, just one word to Pilate, no. But he remained silent. He didn't curse and scream and plead for mercy as he was whipped and beaten by the gauntlet of detractors. As nails were hammered into his flesh and he was raised to burn in the blazing sun, he did not cry for his life. He cried for those he would not be able to save. He wondered why his father had forsaken him, maybe, from what I know that is only in the book of Mark, not the other gospels.
How can any of you not admire that man, even if he was merely a man? A man of kindness, decency, and principle, without a hypocritical bone in his body? How could the Jews and the Romans have been so cruel? Because they were cruel. Cruel to anybody who threatened their hegemony. They were poached in sin.


We live in a world poached in sin, where people are sold an idea from their earliest breaths the hedonistic idea that their comfort is all that counts and it is worthy of any action to protect that right. Happiness is not gluttony, unless you're a glutton, and I look around and all I see is gluttony with no real concern for what is happening to those people and creatures who really on our good sense. I see even less good sense than I do greed. When  did greed become a good investment strategy beyond the ramifications of actions? When did bigotry become the paint we broadly brush people of different looks and ideas become the method for protecting a homeland that prides itself on being the beacon of freedom and democracy in this world?


In Christ there are no foreign invaders, there are only souls waiting to be claimed by love. And our task is not to be perfect pupils of words that desecrate the man's legacy, but to be better stewards of our own hearts, minds, and souls, so when we look out into the eyes of others we are not seeing enemies to be destroyed, but potential friends who might share the message.


I'm not the fool my sister, and family, and ex believe me to be. I will fight to protect to protect what I believe needs protecting. I was not raised Amish, but WASP, with hockey and combativeness in my blood. But some days I wish I was, and could say honestly what that father of one of those slain, little Amish girls said at the school house where she died. "I am so thankful to the father that I do not have to judge this man's soul. My child is with God now. Please leave us in peace."


In Witness, the movie, of which I just saw this clip, the old Amish man says to the young boy, "Sometimes in life we have to fight and kill to protect those we love." When I heard that I wanted to punch the screenwriter who I assume was Jewish. That's a Jewish thought, a WASP thought, a person of this world, thought. Not Amish and I saw it as a desecration of the people I come from, who live to follow Christ in the path of peace.      


mark henry smith Added Dec 5, 2017 - 12:57pm
I hope any Jewish person would find that denial of Amish pacifism as distasteful as Holocaust denial. Sorry for the typos. I have an appointment to keep. God bless all of you. 
mark henry smith Added Dec 5, 2017 - 12:58pm
Oh. and I'm also a Buddhist.
Dave Volek Added Dec 5, 2017 - 1:12pm
Interesting article.
I would say that Tom and Billy have treated me reasonable respectfully. I hope their agenda for the world goes unfulfilled for I would be one of those on the wrong side of their society. But I think it's important that they have their soap box on WB for no other reason for the rest of us to realize that that kind of thinking is still out there. They need to be challenged in their thinking, which they do get on WB. And we should admire their courage for WB is certainly not their echo chamber.
I'm all for Christians living the life of a Christian rather than just being saved. The world will be a better place if more Christians can figure this out.
As for pacifism, I'm not in agreement. Just like we need to track down convenience store robbers and put them in jail, we also need to crack down on rogue nations and political leaders. But the world isn't yet ready to do that job well. We've made too many mistakes.
If the west decides to turn all of its swords into ploughshares, there will be entities that will think nothing of conquering us today--if they know we can't put up much of a fight.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Dec 5, 2017 - 1:14pm
I haven't read your entire article, but Kelly, Tom and you should marry each other.
Tom C. Purcell Added Dec 5, 2017 - 1:51pm
Thanks for the thoughts, Mark.   I enjoyed the reflective style in this article, the introspection. 
"Sometimes we have to fight and kill, to protect those we love."  - Godspeed the good souls of The Knight's Templar.
Dino Manalis Added Dec 5, 2017 - 2:32pm
Jesus was his name and he conveyed love and hope to humanity, unfortunately, he was crucified, the death penalty at the time, because he talked about an afterlife and many didn't like that.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Dec 5, 2017 - 2:36pm
Dino: That's wrong. All pharisees believed in an afterlife. It was very common and not the reason for his crucification.
opher goodwin Added Dec 5, 2017 - 4:31pm
Well he's obviously not that warm after two thousand years in the ground.
Tom C. Purcell Added Dec 5, 2017 - 4:38pm
Opher, is that supposed to be funny just for its blasphemy? 
opher goodwin Added Dec 5, 2017 - 4:39pm
I don't believe in blasphemy Tom - just like you don't believe in the holocaust.
Jeff Michka Added Dec 5, 2017 - 5:33pm
opher notes: I don't believe in blasphemy Tom - just like you don't believe in the holocaust. - Occasionally, it's nice reading someone who doesn't constantly bring on disappointment.  Good answer to Nazi Tom. 
Jeff Michka Added Dec 5, 2017 - 5:35pm
opher sez: Well he's obviously not that warm after two thousand years in the ground-And yeah, that is amusing an observation.  Saved me having to get into how the Easter Bunny rose from the dead.
opher goodwin Added Dec 5, 2017 - 6:13pm
Cheers Jeff. Perhaps a tad too offensive though.
mark henry smith Added Dec 5, 2017 - 6:35pm
Thanks all for participating in a discussion of someone from humble origins (wait, he was Jewish), who changed history for the good. A man who so inspired his devoted followers that all chose to follow him to cruel deaths, except one. Wouldn't that turn you off to the faith when you found out that's what it's biggest supporters get paid?
But it didn't. The way these men died, refusing to renounce their beliefs in a risen son of God, an absolutely ludicrous (not the rapper, or at least I haven't heard that song yet) idea that normal people could ascend to the realm of the Gods just for believing in some dude who had gifts. In other religions you had to do all this work.
Christianity is the poor and lazy man's religion, I can't fight for what I believe, I'm too tired, I'd rather die. Then, like everything else, the one-percenters took it over when it became popular. Have they no shame? Duh.
I'm not sure if Christ was the son of God. In one of my novels I have Marko say to his dad, who is much more Amish than he is, his story sure paints a picture of a lousy father. In our world, we'd arrest that God for child abuse. And I'm not a believer that we can just lay down our arms and play nice with the assholes who want to kill us. I've tried the love route and all that got me was embarrassing propositions.
It's guaranteed those types won't play nice. Being mean and cruel is what they do for fun. Nice for them is shooting you in the head instead of burying you in an ant hill. If they won't play nice with their own people, why would they play nice with us? Take 'em out. Send 'em back to God. Let God sort it out. Sorry, if you don't believe, that was merely a literary reference to God.
Three things I'd like you all to take away from this. One, admit that you don't know it all. I'm certainly smart enough to admit that, and I know more than a lot of you. I don't assume that what I read is true, unless it's another climate denier article by Stockdom and Mike. I don't assume I know things that I haven't seen with my own eyes, unless so many eyes from so many angles have seen it that it must be nearly true. Nearly true is good enough in human justice, but in science, that dog won't hunt. The climate denying dog just won't hunt. The holocaust denying dog won't either. The Jesus son of God denying dog does, since who can prove different? But not the facts about the man (okay, maybe we can't call them facts, but ...)
And just because I believe in God doesn't mean I wanna force you to. I don't care what you believe in terms of an almighty being as long as you don't think it's Trump. Sorry, that was a tough One. 
Two, admit that talking out our differences is a better solution than killing our way out. It not only means less suffering, but means a more sustainable outcome, because it will include consensus from both sides of the aisle, so both sides will have skin in the game, but are there only two sides? Why can't there be seven sides of an argument? That's always bothered me. Two sides of a coin, I get.
And three, and most important, it is essential that we speak truth to power, and that includes Jewish power, which wants to limit the argument to points already concluded. Such as Israel, greatest ally ever. And how Jews were instrumental in winning the Revolutionary War. And how every woman wants to get it on with a Jewish guy, or should, because they're so good with money. What's the best foreplay from a Jewish perspective? Take her shopping and promise Chinese takeout after. That's where Harvey and Charlie and Al went wrong. They were doing the shopping thing, sort of, by offering advancement, but they forgot the Chinese.
We are not a country that is supposed to believe in any sacred cows. The motto of our country should not be, The Silence of the Lambs, in non-disclosure agreements. It should be, Truth or Consequences. But I digress. 
George N Romey Added Dec 6, 2017 - 10:41am
I don't know whether Jesus was truly a deity or just a charismatic man that preached that humans being should live in respectful, loving way.  But since the man's death too many have tried to co-opt his message and mostly not in a good way.
mark henry smith Added Dec 7, 2017 - 1:39pm
Thanks George, I don't think he was the son of God anymore than any of us are, he just had a closer relationship. I think Buddha is equally worthy of our respect, and Loa Tzu. There have been so many smart people of faith who have helped us to understand our struggle in this world. Studying different messages helps us to formulate a better understanding within ourselves. Anybody who tells me that they know what happens after we leave this world should have their head examined, as should anyone who doesn't think human activity is contributing to the astonishing change in climates around the world.
Do people understand what is making these wildfires so severe? It was the rains that ended the drought and caused a massive growth of underbrush that when it died became the fuel for a disaster. Economics can have similar consequences. 
mark henry smith Added Dec 7, 2017 - 1:40pm
I should have mentioned Mohammed too, and John Lennon, and Yoko Ono, Margaret Sanger, Marie Curie, on and on.