Now ask where did they get so much money??

Every dime was appropriated in Stimulus that never reached the middle class, shovel ready jobs that never got started, foreign aid that never went to the countries requesting it! 4 Trillion dollars the Obama Administration has yet to account for, from the State Dept., DOD, DOJ, Federal Reserve, IRS, Social Security! Also don't forget that every Government aid package and Federal Grant allows a 10% Administrative fee to whatever Bureaucracy tends the Aid and or Grant! 10% of a Billion dollars is 100 million.


Kind of makes you want to be the Administrator of Government money doesn't it! This is how Liberal Politicians and Bureaucrats enter office as poppers yet leave office as Millionaires and lets not forget the Pelosi gift to corrupt politicians, from the 111th Congress allowing insider trading that got Martha Stewart 5yrs in jail! Corruption follows the Democrat Party like a fungus that has no cure and everything they touch gets entangled in their web of lies! This is why no Republican should ever be enticed by gifts from Liberal Elites, as there are always strings attached and if they get busted, they make a deal and give up the duped Republican to face criminal charges, while they drive away unscathed!


Dave Volek Added Dec 6, 2017 - 12:40am
I can't speak for what is happening in the US. But I was on our local recycling board in 2008 when the recession hit. Our facility was a rag-tag operation in a too small building. We could not increase our production. But a previous board had prepared blueprints for a new building, so that when the conditions were right, we wouldn't be wasting time. 
When the federal government announced its stimulus package, the blueprints were ready, and two civic governments chipped in. We built a new $1m facility, with lots of expansion potential. The contractor  got to keep his business going for better times. Many tradespeople got to work at the construction site. Everyone took a little hit on their usual profit/wages, but they were happy to be working.
The building should last 50 years. This was a useful stimulus project.
Ari Silverstein Added Dec 6, 2017 - 8:33am
It would be convenient to think Democrats are simply taking the money.  However, it doesn’t work like that.  First of all, it costs money to administer programs that distribute money.  Or did you think all those people behind desks at your local welfare office don’t have families to feed.  Second, Democrats are far too intelligent to get caught with their hand in the cookie jar.  So with the Stimulus they did things like shore up municipal pension funds, with the knowledge that those same workers are likely to contribute generously to their reelection campaign. 
Bill H. Added Dec 6, 2017 - 11:59am
If you haven't noticed, what you describe is rampant in both parties.
Step out of your bubble and see some reality for a change.
Our current leader is a prime example of what you are ranting about.