Cowardice, silence and self-censorship

Some (biological) males (sex) are women (gender). Fact. Problems arise when they pretend and demand to be treated identically to (biological) females (sex). While the day may come when a male (sex) may become a female (sex), for now, their ability to transform is limited to gender-bending.


There should be national support for gender benders freedom to escalate their demands, in return for the latter's acceptance of anyone else's freedom to tell them where to stuff them. Given what a tiny minority of total population transpeople represent - and these strident demands come from a minority of that small minority (plus their cisgender allies, of course) - if many people feel cowed into silence through fear of being scapegoated for their 'ignorance', well, they need to get educated. Learn the ropes and which way the wind is blowing, then argue the toss.


Cowardice, silence and self-censorship are all-too-common, where Islam is concerned. The fear of Allah has been instilled, largely due to war of terror ('war on terror') rhetoric that Western states have deployed against their own people - while still engaging in, supporting and facilitating violent actions in Muslim lands - leaving them fearful of incurring Muslims wrath.


'Rape gangs in the north of England could go unpunished for years', more because the authorities largely shared the contempt some (of these) Muslims shared for troubled white working class teenage girls.


Censorship, short of state prohibition of publication unless officially pre-approved, is mostly self-censorship. Through fear of state punishment, public vilification, social exclusion, deprivation of employment, etc. Or it was. Now, social media giants and their ilk, are able to censor the public sphere at will, insofar as their platforms dominate people's access to it.


Arguing – why bother? People who really want a (political) debate online can find sites that offer more opportunities than most social situations are likely to. Why open Spiked to comments if 'no one ever changes their mind through online quarrels'? In fact, when speech is free, as it is here, insults, abuse, vilification and trolling tend to lose their power to intimidate. The playing field is evened out, so to speak, more than it's likely to be offline. It's words v words; offline, there's always a punch in the face, a kick in the goolies or a headbut to worry about.


Mircea Negres Added Dec 7, 2017 - 2:31am
South Africa is in the middle of its annual estrogen-fueled man bashing festival, aka 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Child Abuse. Well, the polygamist-in-chief (SA president Jacob Zuma) created the cabinet post of Minister of Women and abuse is made to appear as if it's something exclusively done by men and nobody saw the contradiction and sexist hypocrisy in that... For years I was the only public voice of dissent on the pages of my local paper, pointing out the under reported truth that not only do women also abuse, but they also enable abusers. Sadly, telling the truth led to absolutely zero change in the discourse. Along with broaching other uncomfortable subjects such as black racism and xenophobia, taking on the sacred cows of ignorance has made my cell phone act funny from time to time while friends and family begged me to stop writing because there was and still is reason to believe I'll get assassinated at some point. The idea doesn't bother me because I'd rather die for telling the truth than live a lie. What concerns me though, is the quality of South African hitmen, which sucks to say the least. I mean, if I'm gonna get whacked, it might as well be done by a competent hitter, you know? Freedom of speech, enshrined in the constitution as it is, has never really existed, at least in South Africa. There was always a price for speaking one's mind and by the looks of it, always will be, especially since in these days of overblown online outrage, not many people are interested in following the demands they make to their logical conclusion because that will expose them for the frauds who seek to control others that they are. 
Dr. Rupert Green Added Dec 7, 2017 - 6:26am
Yes, year ago psychologist warned of the feminization of psychology. The the views that was being "pradled" was that there was no different between male and female, just a manhole AND A JOHNSON.  Gender bender is an interesting term. Yes there is fear  to the extent that even ministers in church are silenced about what they can preach against. Indeed, the freedom of expression here is great. However, I noticed that some individuals with some real extreme MFing views are no longer here.